Music As Universal Language

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Glenn: Please comment on how we may utilize music as a universal language to communicate with other fragments. Is music the language of emotions and the soul? How may we best articulate it?

A: Music is already being used quite effectively. While at times it is more commercial than artistic, we do not judge the mechanics of the expression -- it is what it is.

We agree that music is a universal solvent, if you will, that can indeed dissolve cultural differences and reveal interesting commonalities that exist between others. And it is true that music carries within its relentless pulse the rhythm of the soul. But it's through the beauty of individual expression that music truly soars.

In its highest form, music incorporates the three centers: intellectual, emotional, and moving. When this triad is properly balanced, it could be said that music has reached it's pinnacle of expression.

The understanding that comes from comparing and contrasting the centers is one missing component in music that could connect other fragments together. Music that communicates at higher levels typically involves an expression of these centers. By immersing yourself in music, either through listening or performance, there's an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for how the centers operate.

Using music and the centers as a vehicle of expression not only helps in understanding the mechanics of the centers, but also helps in understanding how people use their centers on a daily basis. Anytime you can comprehend the inner workings of another soul, even in seemingly insignificant ways, you are a step closer to discovering the commonalities that tie humanity together. It all begins with one person.

Using music as a portal to the higher centers is another effective way to connect to others, since you are momentarily perceiving them from the perspective of your higher self. To those of you who can access the higher centers through music, we suggest that you try to observe the people around you while you're in these euphoric states. Notice how your perspective about them starts to change. For a brief moment you will literally see people through the eyes of essence. This in itself can be enlightening for many. Allowing yourself to realize, for example, how judgmental your views about others have been, and how much of your daily world is being twisted and distorted by the filtering lens of false personality, can be a transformative experience.

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