Mental Illness

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What does Michael think about the mentally ill. Are they more sensitive to subtleties around them? What makes them talk to themselves, get paranoid, and have delusions? Do people suffering from multiple personality disorder exhibit past life personalities?

There are more causes for what your current culture would deem "mental illness" than we can effectively cite within the limitations of this session. In most cases, however, the mentally ill are those fragments who suffer from either biological or neurochemical irregularities in the brain. Hypersensitive fragments exposed to environmental stress or severe psychological trauma can also exhibit signs of mental illness.

In extremely rare cases, some fragments may possess psychic sensitivities so great that they are unable to discern between physical and astral realities. This chaotic blend of the two realms usually results in total madness.
Fragments who talk to themselves or experience delusions are usually just manifesting the inherent symptoms of their illness. On the other hand, those who have the ability to reach beyond the veil of the physical are often interacting with actual discarnates from the lower planes of the astral.

While it's true that genetics can play a role in developing a mental illness, many fragments choose these lifetimes for the challenges they bring. Certain kinds of mania can also boost levels of creativity and insight, and although choosing a lifetime like this could be considered walking on a tightrope, some artistic or scientific-minded souls have chosen such incarnations in hopes of giving themselves an edge.

Multiple personalities, on the other hand, are often sub-personalities or conflicting parts of self that seek to express themselves. These are not actual fragments from a past life coming through, but shadows, if you will, of previous overleaves or certain aspects from past lives that haven't been thoroughly assimilated.

Channeled by David Gregg
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