Life On Other Planes

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Q: We all know the basic day-to-day activities that people in physical existence endure. I'm wondering what the common activities are for people living on the astral, causal, and any other planes of existence. I have not seen much information about this in the Michael books.

MICHAEL: On the astral plane, there is much study, especially for those who are between lifetimes, because physical incarnation itself is a form of practical study, so research relative to what has been encountered and what might be expected in the future can be useful. Many souls also help those still on the physical plane either as guides or more generally helping maintain the learning environment so that the "school" continues to be available as long as it's needed.

The causal plane is not so much a place of study as it is one of exploring
the nature of thought forms themselves and how they create reality. There continues to be interaction with the physical plane as well as with students on the astral, especially emphasizing helping evolve belief systems.

The higher planes are no so much about doing as being; in that, they are
more feminine, and the lower planes, more masculine. Those who dwell on the higher planes don't interact with the lower planes directly as much as provide the "machinery" for their evolution.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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