Feminine Intuition

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Fideelia: In our culture many people believe that women are more intuitive than men -- feminine intuition, they claim. Does feminine intuition exist? And if so, how would you describe it? Moreover, what is intuition and how does it differ from female intuition?

A: Intuition is intuition. It is not solely the domain of souls in female bodies. We might define it as the ability to know more than what the five senses tell you. Intuition is not merely of the emotional center, but emotions carry a great deal of information. Someone cut off from emotions is likely to have trouble receiving intuitive knowledge. However, there are other sources of intuition, such as through a bodily and/or psychic sense of energy.

The most accurate intuition involves all levels of perception. Some males are quite intuitive in your culture, but generally not through their emotions. They often perceive through "gut feelings." The reason women are thought to be more intuitive in your culture is that males are enculturated to deny emotions. This is less true today than in the past, but there is still a cultural imperative for men to be "strong." What that boils down to is that society says, "Men need to be tough and protect us all. If that means killing, so be it."

Of course, in the hunter/gatherer tradition, hunting meant killing animals for food. It also meant killing other men to protect the tribe. It is possible to kill when necessary and still maintain open, healthy emotions, but in general, killing is traumatic, and society has often found it easier to deal with that by teaching males to detach from all emotions. That leaves them without a main source of intuitive information, although, as we say, there can be others. This is the main reason that women are considered to have better intuition. However, there is also a structural reason. The feminine correlates with the inner world, and the masculine, the outer.

Since emotions are content and thoughts are form, males are considered more intellectual and women, more emotional. Of course, you each know of exceptions to this, but it generally holds. A soul in a female body will naturally be more attuned to inner realities; in a male body, the same soul will be more attuned to outer realities.

Among souls, some naturally attune more to one than the other, but the body's sex will emphasize inner or outer, and will move the soul's focus to the "left" or the "right." That's the main reason there are exceptions to the generalities about men and women. Imprinting is another. All souls evolve toward greater intuition, even if some people's personalities block it more in some lifetimes. Even those who refuse to acknowledge any truths beyond the intellectual have intuitions--they just don't fully engage with them. You, no doubt, have heard many people say that they wished they'd followed a particular impulse or feeling. At the time, they dismissed it. You have also no doubt heard of people who were not normally all that intuitive who trusted an impulse that saved their lives. Oftentimes, the impulse was one of their spiritual guides "yelling" at them to avoid an accident or a doomed airplane. Your guides work with you to help you complete your life tasks.

Channeled by: Shepherd Hoodwin
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