Incomplete Internal Monads

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MICHAEL: People typically have at least a few leftover threads from their internal monads, even if they basically completed them in the positive poles, so going back and revisiting them is not uncommon. When the monad was left incomplete or finished in the negative pole, it means that the personality made a choice to "bail ship," to turn away from the issues and give up. It generally takes a major life shake-up to motivate a person to go back and restart the work of a monad. If there is motivation, it can usually be done simply by facing the issues head-on.

Q. Also, what are the primary lessons of the 3rd and 4th monads that most students tend to miss?

MICHAEL: For the third internal monad, the biggest missed lesson is unconditional love and acceptance of their parents, warts and all. For the fourth, it is having gratitude for the discarded imprinting.

Channeled by: Shepherd Hoodwin
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