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Artistry, for example, usually suggests more the emotional center, but there is clearly an intellectual and physical component to it. Some artists use their intellectual center more than others. All use their body to some extent.

Art generally speaks more to the emotions, but some people access it more intellectually or tactilely. We are using artistry as a prime example of wholeness because many of you are feeling an opening into greater artistry. Your society is a bit elitist about art; many won't go near it because they feel they have little talent, and if they can't be "good," let alone great, they don't want to risk the judgment of others. However, in some cultures, art is seen as being for everyone to both enjoy and practice. Perhaps it would be well to approach it as you do with children, encouraging their expression without being too concerned about their technical proficiency.

Artistic expression can balance one's life like almost no other activity. Ask yourself what you would do if you could in the artistic realm. Whatever comes to mind is likely to be something essence is longing to express itself through. If you think you long to be a concert pianist but cannot play piano, you might simply reinterpret the longing as a desire to make music. Ask yourself what forms of expression now available to you call to you. Perhaps singing in a chorus or attending a drumming circle. Perhaps you long to dance but judge your body and/or your skills. Consider putting on music you like and dancing alone, for the time being, in your private place.

Human beings are, by nature, artistic beings. The ability to manipulate the environment implies doing so with maximum choice and flair. That's artistry. There can be artistry in every aspect of life, including business, food preparation, and so forth. Every conversation is a chance to create, to express yourself with originality and vividness. However, the areas normally considered to be artistic focus on creativity as opposed to just getting the job done, so they are ideal for self-expression. There have been great musicians, painters, etc., of all seven roles, so don't think that you are limited if you aren't an artisan or a sage. If you *are* an artisan or a sage, and you don't have a creative outlet in your life, you are likely to suffer the most for that lack.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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