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Opening Comments


<Michael>We have advised in the past the object lesson of focusing on or photographing your Chief Features. Utilizing this same technique one can also begin to identify the other personality traits chosen by a fragment. We wish to remind all that taking such pictures “in the moment” in which a specific overleaf is in play that you may do the same. This is a means of validating overleaves to oneself as the first part of the exercise.

The experience, over time, aids in identifying them and your polar experience or placement in regard to your thoughts and actions. This makes it of great benefit, because, as you have surmised, it aids you in targeting an area where personal work may be assessed for, identified and selected.

The experience is often easier, or appears to be, when studying other fragments because of the objectivity. It can also be difficult as the interplay of influences can create the appearance of an incorrect choice. For example, a Mature soul Sage, in the 4th level of assimilation, with Scholarly casting, ET, in Observation Mode, with a Goal of Stagnation will appear to be a scholar among other things. Errors inevitably will be made, but in time, the experience can be used to create a template for observation. Self-validation, and connection to higher-self will eventually produce results. This is not just a game, although making it a game lends an attraction to it. Playful Knowledge obtained in playful endeavors are as profitable as those obtained through serous study. These suggestions are not offered as a means of labeling people as is done with one astrological sign, personality test categories etc., over another as that tends to reduce comprehension and distorts the perception.

Techniques, such as these, allow the student and fragment to more easily participate in agape towards others by gaining a deeper understanding of who they are themselves, who others are and what that presents as opportunity to alter one’s perceptions in revealing ways. There are those of you better able to perform these techniques than others in identifying these aspects of self and others. Some will be have recognition of only a couple overleaf choices in the specific. Others may have greater success. Over time, the knowledge can be a useful tool. For it is indeed the goal of essence to experience agape and express it by virtue of its connection through the fragment on the physical plane. Understanding on this level aids in the experience with results that are often greater than one might presume. Again, these are signposts offered to those who choose to use them and not a requirement.

By doing so, by perceiving the validity of these personality traits and understanding their interactions is to understand the physical plane in a large aspect. We will begin.

Q & A

<Rachelle> I'm wanting to know who my father is, is it the man named on my birth-certificate my biological father? If it is the other man (not on my birth-certificate) should I pursue a relationship of any kind with him? I don't want to cause any unnecessary disruptions in his life....

<Michael>It is our understanding that you know who your true father is, which is the very energy that hastened you to ask this question. Your question is not a demonstration of intellectual centering but in sliding to the emotional center each time you considered and explored this reality, which you have done, and which prompted your pursuit of this.

Whether you should pursue one course of action versus another, we remind you that we do not answer questions such as this as they are about choice, the pure choice available to you on the physical plane. While some students might wish so, we will not tell you what to do. We will not tell you that you should or should not do a thing. All of life is choice. If you know your own father to be some one an assessment of the heart as to how to proceed is the place to begin.

You ask if you should pursue a relationship of any kind with him. Should you? What will Rachelle choose to do? Is it possible he feels the same way? Is it possible he feels differently? The world is the stage for asking and pursuing such questions. You hold the reins in your hands. What do you choose to do?

Will you choose to deny each other some of other form of relationship and the experience? Or, will you choose to avoid creating unnecessary interruptions?

<Rachelle> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Brenda, you're next...

<BrendaB> what do you advise doing if you are pretty sure that you completed the third internal monad in the negative pole? I'm 35 now, single mother of a 2&1/2 year old, meanwhile my father is pressuring me to go back to school and get a degree (my relationship with him still fits very much into the parent/child dynamic). I loathe the idea of idea of returning to school, but need to find some means of being self-supporting. Am I just being stubborn and unreal? How do you go back and fix big life mess-ups?

<Michael>First of all let us confirm for you that your belief is incorrect about exiting the 3rd IM in the negative. The relationship with your father is one of parent child and the two of you have danced this dance together before in 3 separate past lives. You are also struggling with the earliest phases in the 4th IM which is often highlighted by scathing reviews of self and past choices in the present life.

The first step in repairing those “big life mess-ups” as you call them is to obtain a less judgmental view of yourself in having made them and with confusing the results with poor choice making. We would recommend balancing your overleaves as a first possible step in recovering yourself from your perceptions of failure. Review, comprehend, forgive and learn from choices you have made. In this process you will also determine which were your purest choices. Loving and being loved by people in relationship does not always the produce the result one perceives it should be. We have already spoken to you about unfulfilled expectations and the kinds of reactions and judgments a fragment can have in their regard.

As you are in the 4th IM your views could alternate between points of view spanning one 3 week period, or 3 month period as an example. These shifts will depend upon the circumstances current in the life and a fragments frequency as to how often they occur and their duration.

You will find yourself perceiving the same past actions from different points of view, from both poles, and the neutral for a rich experience. It can serve the fragment or distort the perceptions. The 4th IM can be rather daunting and self-punishment suits a number of overleaf combinations more than others.

<BrendaB> thank-you for that bit of clarity. I will try to revise my self-image accordingly and act in thus-ness onward.

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Cylex, you're next...

<cylex> Is it worth meditating everyday in this life? If so, how much should I be meditating? I would also like to know, if there are any messages from my Guides?

<Michael>We also wished to recommend the Hands Across and Hands through methods to aid you.

Meditating every day, every minute, every hour for the purpose of achieving a state of Nirvana, as one possible goal, is a choice. Choosing renunciation of any kind is a choice. The methods each and every student may choose, as well as alterations to those methods are also a matter of choice. We often suggest a fragment asks themselves what it is they seek to obtain by what ever practice they choose to engage in. You will all evolve without meditating for even a second in an entire life. Therefore, we will not tell you that you should do this or that or choose one way over. All of you have been ascetics in one life or another. There are no requirements for this.

And yes, there are things to be gained from this practice as you are more likely to find your self in an astral hallway confronting another aspect of yourself we have called the higher self. It is another means of being receptive to guides and the truth that can come from essence, your own essence. Do you need any clarification regarding what we have just said?

<cylex> yes please what does hands across mean?

<Michael>These methods can be found in print already. Simply ask another student to direct you where to find it. (I believe this material is available in MMfM). You need only be open to receive them. You already act on them or choose not to regularly, you simply haven't identified them as such.

<cylex> ok

<DaveGregg> Magster, you're next...

<magster> what will be the outcome of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the wildlife there and to those people whose livelihood is diminished? What is the purpose for humanity of this spill?

<Michael>We believe we understand the spirit of your inquest. Suffice it to say there will be sizeable ecological damage to this body of water for many years to come. Your civilization and its creation and use of plastic and its carelessness in terms of managing that waste has already created floating islands several miles in length. The spillage of this fossil fuel creates far greater damage however.

Your scientists are already well aware that as the leaks continue the impact only increases. Several species, both known and unknown in the region will be added to the lists of those already lost in this abundant corner of the physical plane you reside upon. It is rapidly losing its ability to continue to be abundant to your way of life and thinking as you know it.

Remember that lives are changed daily, eliminated by disasters, and those inflicted in the creation of karmic ribbons. It was and has been so for many planets now and in the past. There is nothing new to this, save that it has happened again. Through negligence, and willful acts you test the boundaries of where you live and you use resources up, often with little concern for the outcome. The results will be less significant in some ways and more significant in others when compared with those causing other regions to be temporarily uninhabitable for long periods, and when measured in the lifespan of humans. Look to the nuclear waste still being buried for an example.

There is no purpose. Humans created the damage, humans will have to live with the results of the damage. Most of those who were negligent don’t live where the spill is occurring. Animal and plant life will suffer another of your accidents. Again, there is no purpose, save the one you give it. Decide for yourself what disasters such as this are meant to be. Decide as a sentient species what you intend to do about it. You live in and on aspects of the physical plane, where accidents are caused by creatures of reason and events will occur because of the nature of the physical plane. They are the principle aspect making it a part of the experience. What we are about to say is not a gesture to let you off easy. There is nothing to let you off for. No judgment is made. Instead we offer observations. Accidents resulting from negligence of sentient species have occurred throughout the universe and throughout time as you know it. Similar events will continue to occur in the future, if not on your earth, then elsewhere. There have been purposeful actions and accidents that have occurred with far more disastrous results, you simply need to ask your cetaceans for confirmation.

The efforts to intervene have proven to be an extension of that negligence. Deeper than the obvious aspects of destruction occurring to the biological creatures living in that region, the released oil is causing severe reductions in the oxygen content of the waters of your Gulf. The ecology and economy will most likely suffer on a similar level of magnitude.

<magster> Thank you.

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Cori, you're next...

<cori> I would like to know about any past lives, I am especially interested in knowing of any life I may have had in either Rome or Greece due to a vivid dream concerning me swimming in a pool towards someone I love very much but could not see his face.

<Michael>There are numerous lives lived in and around the area of the Mediterranean Sea as it is now called. All of you have spent significant lives in that region as well as in others throughout the world. You have all lived and died in regions filled with other fragments and in other places where other fragments are more separated by distance. Of the lives you are asking about there is one in particular that was mostly lived in Roma and in nearby Naples.

The vision of the poolside relates to one of those chance memories that surface and did have to do with a swimming pool and a beloved fragment named Crassius. Your name was Eudora. You were cousins and were intensely attracted to one another. The flush of love burned high in the both of you.

Frequent landslides, and earthquakes portending a volcanic reaction led the both of you and your families to move away. It turned out to be unnecessary, but it was a measure taken anyway. The both of you were wed and saw the creation of a family with 3 children. It was a resting life having followed a series of others that had been a trial for you. You have met this fragment in this life years ago.

<cori> How can i remember this fragment? Do you have a name?

<Michael>This fragment was someone you simply had an unplanned conversation with to pass the time. They are older than you by some 20 years or more and are relegated now to a wheel chair due to infirmities suffered from a car accident in which they were at fault. There was a warmth you could not put your finger on but it lingered and from time to time. This fragments face has come to mind no more than 4 or 5 times in the past. END

<cori> Thank you

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Dlstone, you're next...

<dlstone71749> This is a question about human origins. In Gina Lake's channeled book "The Extraterrestrial Vision" a mid-causal entity named Theodore states that "Human beings did not evolve naturally on Earth. They evolved from genetic engineering of ape-like primates by beings visiting your Earth ..." Can Michael verify this statement or explain why it is incorrect?

<Michael>Questions such as these arise from time to time. Various channels, even channels who purport to channel us, and who occasionally do, have woven complete histories of vast knowledge around the evolution of the species that is now regarded as the human race. Even this channel has been entertained by reading such material. The truth of the matter is, this civilization arose out of the muck and mire that resulted from your planet being in a specific zone in this universe in its place in your solar system.

You evolved naturally with many the development of more horizontal species of bipedal creatures of reason than are alive today. The Theodore in question is an astral fragment and not mid-causal. There is little relevance to this channeled work.

It is your choice to accept or reject it.

<DaveGregg> Helenread, you're next...

<helenread25> hi, my question is in regard to settling the karma of abandonment. Leaving a fragment , my father, in wartime Russia to freeze and starve to death Rafael Huerta-Sanches as he is known to me now. How will I know when the karma has been settled?

<Michael>There is a knowing that comes with such things that is occasionally known to only one of the fragments in such a balancing of a karmic debt. Occasionally one fragment can become so attached to the feelings of ill will, or the feelings that one can never do enough to bring about a rebalance. So it can become difficult for both parties to know when the debt is paid.

This channel, for example shot a man with an arrow during a raid set in the 30 Years War. The first shot disabled the man, which is, often in battle in times back then, sufficient enough to warrant moving on to the next enemy soldier. This second arrow, shot at closer range served to damage the jaw of that other fragment.

The second fragment succeeded in completing the repayment, but continued out of nobility, love, out of a sense of duty and devotion to continue to make payment by virtue of their care.

It was, therefore unnecessary. The wounded fragment spent his life in misery as damage and infection to the jaw was extensive. In a subsequent life the fragment who caused the karmic ribbon was the teenaged daughter to the woman, who was the man wounded hundreds of years earlier, who now lived in Paris and who suffered from cancer of the jaw. The years spent foregoing her own marriage and her own life to tend to her dying mother was significant.

<helenread25> I just want him to know how sorry I am.

<Michael>You are nearing completion of the repayment and can achieve some of it energetically as well as with words, displays of affection, compassion, understanding and your actions. Helping this other fragment understand that is not necessarily your responsibility however. This is often where further karma can be created unintentionally by words and actions taken in the “heat” of things.

<helenread25> Thank you

<DaveGregg> Martha, you're next...

<Martha> Michael recently mentioned elsewhere that I have had a couple lifetimes on Antarctic expeditions without much other info. Can you elaborate?

<Michael>The Akashic records indicate a visit round the Cape of Good Hope with a Captain named Lemair (sp?) in the 1600’s, and Durmond in the 1800’s, and with Robert Scott again in the early 1900’s. With the French, you were a scientist of some capability, in the second, a ships first mate, and a common seaman with Scott. END

<Martha> thank you.

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Brian, you're next...

<Brian_W> After receiving my current True’s, I am curious. What were the limitations experienced in previous lives and personalities that prevented me from comprehending intimacy and what limitations that I am currently unaware of have I placed on myself in this lifetime in comprehending intimacy?

<Michael>In brief there are no limitations placed on you from previous lives of any note or substance. The template you have developed in a sense of self-defense and survival, along with rigid beliefs that you can handle everything the way you have is your first obstacle. Quite simply you don’t want to be hurt. No one does.

Finding ways to become vulnerable without huge rigid expectations surrounding intimacy would be the first things we could offer you as a means of applying energies to, to know yourself and to change who and how you are as you claim you wish to.

These are the issues that underlie your difficult experiences and worthy of your attention. At present you are living your life as a young man based on several sets of belief. Some of those beliefes were adopted for survival and others out of fear of being hurt or vulnerable. These are the issues within the framework of personality that are before you. You appear to be stoic at times and stubborn at others often missing the cues given by higher self.

There is nothing unusual about this. In time you will learn to surrender some of these requirements, or you won’t. In time, as you near your thirties and forties you will come to grips with these issues again as you enter the 4th IM where even greater work will be done.

<Brian_W> Thank you.

<Michael>You are welcome.

<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> It has been channeled that I have task companions with roles of King and Warrior. Did I have plans to actually meet these individuals? Have I? Where? Do I currently know them?

<Michael>It is the King’s energy that draws you the most, as he is beating his drum resonantly in energetic realms and connections to the astral plane in dreams. King’s do attempt to draw to them their minions across time and space. The Warrior calls to you out of the several engagements as comrades-in-arms you have shared. You know neither of them and on the current vector you are on there is little likelihood that you will meet them in this current incarnation.

<Bobby> thanks :-)

<DaveGregg> Lucy, you're next...

<Lucy> I am curious about what I have been in previous lives, and any marking events that have taken place. I was also wondering also about my soul age (if possible). Thank you

<Michael>You are currently in the Mature Soul age 5th level. As for previous lives in which you experienced “marking events” let us say this. You have lived lives as a farmer, as a butcher, as a wayfarer and husband and wife. Do you mean lives in which you could find yourself in history? Those too exist, as they do for each one of you.

<Lucy> yes, i would like to hear of anything in history worth mention.. what places have i been?

<Michael>There are a few lives you are drawn to from your past remembrances that involved a sense of sacrifice and a part of you wonders whether that is to be a keynote in this life as well. We offer you the choice in letting go of this should you choose to. You are here Lucy to live this life. You have current outstanding karmic ribbons owed and due to be paid you, and others you will seek one day to repay. You are on a vector to be repaid for a wrongful death. This other individual, should you meet with them, will find themselves stepping on their own feet trying to repay this debt and you will most likely be amused by this behavior thinking it is overdone.

<Lucy> can i know anything more of the wrongful death?

<Michael>One life lived was that of Albrecht Wallenstein in which you led troops for the Holy Roman Emperor. A Bohemian and Protestant by birth you converted to Catholicism. You married a woman named Isabella and had two children, of whom only one survived. You were wealthy and created the province you named as Friedland. At a famous battle you defended the Desnau (sp?) Bridge against superior forces.

Falling out of favor for your arrogance with your superiors you regained your status to serve in the battle of Loozen (sp?). Later, as Wallenstein, you engaged in intrigues that brought about your downfall once more and you were killed by dragoons in your bedroom on the orders of Ferdinand.

<Lucy> thanks! :)

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Hao, you're next...

<hao> Hello Michael and Michaels. I ask the question on behalf of a friend of mine. Her name is De wei, Guo. She met a male for the first time on April 10 this year and they both had a feeling that they already know each other since long time ago. My friend wants to know if there are any past life relationship or current life agreement between them. The male's name is Meng yu, Zhai. Thank you.

<Michael>There is no current agreement between these two save that of body type attraction and energetic attraction. Previous lives involve three of note in which these two served the same Military Governor of Britain in the Sudan. Both of you were soldiers from that life and thus have created the bond of comrades-at-arms. This aspect has aided these two to have a strong sense of belonging and in choosing to desire to want to take care of each other.

In another life, the two were married and wed, and the survivors of the second world war in the previous century. The town was called Orel, and it was overrun by the German army in the early 1940’s. You both survived harsh conditions taking your two children to safety. The young man was the wife and your young friend was the husband. From this memory there is also the sense of an enduring and patient love.

There are 8 lives altogether, but these play the most important influence on what they feel for each other today. They met, in this incarnation on the same date they did in Eastern Asia prior to the outbreak of that conflict.

<hao> By "Both of you were soldiers" and "you both survived harsh conditions", do you mean they actually?

<Michael>In the first life mentioned they were soldiers together. In their second lives of import, they suffered harsh conditions attempting to keep fed and sheltered during harsh winter conditions.

<hao> Got it, thank you so much!

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Neids, you're next...

<neids27> Michael just said that we all have lives where we can find ourselves in history. I would like to know of such a one for myself. I have heard of a fragment that was able to read journal entries of a previous life. Knowing that might not be possible for me, but I am interested in anything I can “get my hands on.”

The only “famous” person I was channeled as was Helen Lorraine Allison (the only 1st class child passenger to die on the Titanic). She was only 2 years of age when she died so not much I can read up on, so to speak. My real name is Heidi Hessler

<Michael>As a woman by the name of Chisholm you were born in England at the beginning of the 19th century and traveled to Australia. In a life geared to repaying numerous karmic ribbons you worked to improve the lives of hundreds of other migrants to that continent.

Your efforts aided many to be able to move there and begin what lives they could and you chose not to judge them harshly for their societal brandings as convicts, nor their families. You literally repaid some 37 karmic debts and created philanthropic karma for hundreds more before your death. END

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you have the final question...


<Geraldine> I'm going for whackdoodle tonight. Can you give me the differences between those who were in Lemuria and those who were in Atlantis?

<Michael>Here is another area where this is room for contention. This channel in particular would love to believe that there was a place called Atlantis and another place called Lemuria. Whenever this channel has been asked this, or has asked on his own behalf, there is nothing that comes back, as well as in the questions asked above about interference and seeding from aliens.

<Michael>While there are many who would accommodate you in these beliefs we cannot in any way validate the existence of these civilizations and cultures. The fragment that is your channel this evening has indulged himself in reading reams of new age material about such mysteries and others. In closing, we have nothing to offer you in this regard. END.

<Geraldine> thank you, Michael :)

<Michael>You are welcome

<DaveGregg> Dianne you’re next...

<dianne44> The girl P.P., do we have a past life connection?

<Michael>Yes, and I will proceed in a moment. You have several past life encounters with the woman known as Paige. The farthest back in time occurred in what is now Oran. The two of you were friends amidst a wandering nomadic race involved in simply surviving life in the desert in the 7th Century ACE. In lives led in and around the Riviera you were partners in businesses involving trade with the rest of the Mediterranean circa the 1600’s.

Later as father and daughter in a village of Argentina that no longer exists in the early 1800’s. Your mother died and your father, who is now Paige, and you helped each other survive the long years together managing what could be called a small plantation. You did not find anyone worthy of marrying and continued to live out your days in charge of a small estate after your father died. Over these lives and a few other more minor, ones you have developed an emotional bond that is pleasant and serene.

<dianne44> that explains a lot, thanks you very much!!!

<Michael>As it stands I am going to forego any closing remarks. Sorry the channel is tired.


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