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Opening Comments

<MICHAEL> As we begin this evening with you we wish to pose for your consideration the following thoughts. There has been much said about premonition and there are often fragments who desire to have answers about the future. We have presented our refusal to deliver predictions and premonitions as they could and would interfere with choice and free will. On the astral, as we have said, you choose and even select dates on which you wish to be born and circumstances you wish to be born in, as well as geography.

This requires the ability, once you consider it again, to see into the future while planning future lives to associate your fragmentation with. As you know, the you that does this is relatively devoid of personality choices and guided by essence you make choices as to where and when.

This requires to many degrees the ability to see into the future and see future possibilities more clearly than you can in the fragmented states. Further, your purpose in doing so is the fulfillment of incarnating again and again to evolve. Consider how different your motives would be regarding future sight from the position of the physical plane. Know that, that it is possible and does happen and occasionally there are those among you who via what you would call intuition and other gifts are able to perceive future snippets of what may come to pass. Your personality here will note with interest on those occasions where such snippets have revealed a future which comes to pass. Sometimes more closely related to the premonition and at other times more remotely.

Those who fragment relinquish large areas of consciousness and awareness on returning to the physical plane. The future, in this drama of life and evolution is meant to remain opaque. We did not say that using gifts to perceive the future are to be forbidden. Nor will we tell you such. It simply is what it is. It is simply another aspect of being ensouled and having connection to the physical.

As always, we will do our best to elucidate information, offer suggestions, present clarity as best we can. We prefer to validate what you are doing and where you perceive yourself as you work either with or without these teachings to attempt to know yourselves.

With that said, it is time to take questions.

Q & A 


<Brian_W> Hi Michael and Michael, could you please tell me about my Task Companions and the task that is meant to be completed, beyond that they are a Sage and Server?

<Michael_Toth> Hello Brian, we see the Sage as your Task Companion and the Server as a Traveling Companion who has agreed to the tole of Traveling Companion in a sequence covering 3 lives and a span of 600 years. The task that you and your task companion have devolved upon was originally chosen in regard to a different direction. However, both you and your TC have also discovered that there is the appearance of similar vectors to a theme begun several lifetimes ago that has to do with constancy regardless of the circumstances surrounding you and both, on the fly agreed to see this same theme through in this life as well because of the nature of the circumstances and other fragments involved and now extant on the physical plane. Within this goal of constancy is caveat of sliding to stubbornness and the choice to refuse to give in to circumstances that are challenging to personality. On one hand it can be determined that resistance can be futile and of little use. Suggested is that reassessments could prove useful in learning how to better finesse the events in your life rather than holding the line.

The nature of the sequence begun with the traveling companion is that the two of you, whether in physical contact or not will either act as guides or will present what appears sage advice, aimed at creating the circumstance by which growth is accomplished.

Back to the Task Companion, the decision therefore came on the fly for both fragments while in your formative years and your TC's teen aged years to abandon the original agreement for the task at hand.

<Brian_W> So this personality knew my TC during my teenage years, but the original agreement was abandoned?

<Michael_Toth> No, we did not say that, contact with one's TC need not be in the physical, or with physical awareness. But the two of you work closely on the astral, through the times you are sleeping to make soft decisions about what proceeds. Everything is negotiable. Agreements, Monads, sequences with Traveling Companions, tasks with Task Companions. Think of it as the two individual scientists who have the same ideas for the creation of an invention and yet, unknown to each other, either living down the street or on the other side of the world come to the same conclusions without ever having met, written or spoke to each other about what proceeded from those ideas. The means for this does not require physical contact of any kind, nor does it deny it.

<Brian_W> Okay, thank you. Now I'm curious, what was the original agreement?

<Michael_Toth> The original agreement was to pursue tasks associated with self-exploration on a rockier path of growth than the vectors now chosen. The both of you also have a number of karmic ribbons that may play roles should the vectors associated with them be attained would clean the slate in both directions as in karma owed and karma repaid.

<Brian_W> Thank you
<Michael_Toth> You are welcome
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby2> Tonight, I'm not really coming to you with a question. Rather, I'm coming with a tremendous thank you. This very date marks a very traumatic and emotionally upsetting event that took place in my life 3 years ago. Over this last three years, I think I've come along way. A great deal of the success there I attribute to your teachings. It hasn't been easy mind you. There were times where I didn't think I would survive this event, literally. I've learned that no matter where I am, I am fine. No matter how bad things seem/feel, I am fine. I like "me" just as I am. From here, I can always continue to evolve and grow. So again, I want to thank you for helping me get through this and not completely self destructing. I don't consider it any coincidence that 3 years ago, I would find myself here, tonight, and at this point of acceptance and at peace after what I experienced. If I could express how I feel after this journey in a song, it would be Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. If you have anything to add to this, I look forward to it.

<Michael_Toth> We have done nothing more than present to you and others the sign posts we believed because of our similar experiences on the physical plane. That being said we are also in recognition of your choice in demonstrating gratitude. While numerous religions are proponents of remembering to offer gratitude it is another one of the physical plane truths if you will that choosing gratitude over forgetfulness of what you do have is often the catalyst to perceptions following events you might not reach. At the same time forgetfulness creates its marks upon perception as well. We are advocating neither one over the other save to remind you that you need not learn only from the harsh realities of life through fear, but that you can also choose to learn from joy and love, and that gratitude is simply an extension of joy and love. From this the fragment again makes another choice, whether subtle or grand that impacts on how one perceives what has passed and what follows, as well as on what is now, and who one is. You have certainly learned a number of sustaining thoughts, realizations and processes as a result of your recent experiences, and we would say over even a greater span of years than the last 3 or 5 and beyond. Growth will be experienced in that manner in all of its facets. We acknowledge your higher choice and its relevance and influence on your growth.

<Bobby2> thanks, again :-)
<DaveGregg> Wilma, you're next...

<Wilma> What are the crystal skulls? And where did they come from?

<Michael_Toth> These icons in crystal have evolved from the racial myths and memories of such various cultures. The skulls that keep appearing as found objects with various stories associated with them are creations from your current time on the physical plane. To our knowledge there was only one culture that, based again on the myth that one such true skull existed and was capable of communication with fragments on the physical plane that attempted to create such a skull from materials in nearby and quite ancient and crude mines where crystals of such size and shape could be obtained. That skull has still not been found. Exercises in dating those extant is and has been faulty. This original was created by a long ago tribe in the Andes region of South America and were known as the Ko-oakla-tan and there are few traces of their lineage or existence to date.

<Wilma> What one culture and how were they made? by hand, by laser or other?

<Michael_Toth> There are those crafted by instruments of today's invention, those made in the past were more naturally crafted by nature itself, such as the face seen in an iceberg which imitates that of a female with a tear drop forming from the corner of what appears to to be an eye. There are clever people on your world attempting all manner of hoaxes. The other that bore a resemblance and it was a rare find in indeed was partly embellished by hand tools, but nature did the greater part of the work.

<Wilma> My chart was done about 20 years ago before the 4 truths were commonly cited. Time to update it. Thank you so much for all this, much to think about..

<Michael_Toth> We can add the following.

Choices that you make regarding life task or true work are what they are. The truth is that you can facilitate achieving this work by whichever choices you make. You of course mean, "Can I achieve them better or faster". We wish to remind all present again that better is a qualitative measurement as is time. Both also have quantitative returns in terms of the work and the realities involved.

There is no one way to achieve the life task and true work, which to a degree sets it apart from the other three. Are you choosing to listen to Higher Self and Essence while negotiating this? You can be resistant to trusting inner messages at times and at others, so open to them. Seek the path you are on, you could achieve your life task and true work whether you became unemployed, opened an ice cream stand or chose to fly and airplane. It is typical however, for CF to sing its seductive song beguiling you into thinking you are failing at such pursuits.

You have chosen your path, we suspect that you already know its worth and value to you in this life. Remember again that you are not bound by rules to pursue such ways of living. Remember again, that it is from higher thinking that has led you to pursue it such as you have.

<Wilma> Actually, I'm happier now than I've been in a long time at semi-employed. Thank you truly once again.
<DaveGregg> Chris, you're next...

<Chris_L> Perhaps this is part 2 of Wilma's question ;) Could Michael offer any comments on the evidence for a global civilization possibly pre-dating the last ice-age 10-12000ybp? Art historian Dona Klaus has presented some fascinating archaeological evidence from South America and around the world, incl. humanoid bone fragments 3-5x our size with egg-shaped skulls, various tools made of a fine slate/stone material that have images/languages not known among any indigenous cultures but that have similarities to the pre-Sanskrit cuneiform scripts of ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient world maps that seem to identify (now) missing land masses in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Could any of this perhaps be evidence for Plato's leMUrian civilization?

<Michael_Toth> We will say that in regard to the material you have mentioned, and in regard to your ending question that there is far more that happened and that occurred than your present day anthropologists have been able to bring to light and surface. There were far more variations of your species alive and interacting with the current line that survived and continued to manifest. There were far more appearances of civilization and society with language and writing involved. Your "family" tree as it is is far more robust and variated then is currently understood or accepted. In answer. Were these artifacts from that far back significant and a demonstration of this place you refer to as Lemur? No. Are they representative of the various growth spurts experienced by other "relations" of our shared past as humans? Yes. Are they indicative of intelligence and sophistication of a level unknown by most species at the time. Again the answer is yes. The Sumerians were certainly not the first, and often many of the other spurts in civilization as you would refer to it occurred even early than 10 to 20000 BCE. A reference to Shakespeare's Horatio here is somehow pertinent.

<Chris_L> I guess science really needs to shift the paradigm that limits our collective history from extending beyond 6000 years ago. Thanks so much.

<Michael_Toth> This would be an advantage were they to do so.

<DaveGregg> Timeflyer, you're next...

<Timeflyer> Hello Michael - May I please know what my chief feature is and what part of it I'm in? Also, are pets on the astral plane and do they make agreements with us? I know I asked two questions so real brief answers will be fine. Thank you so much.

<Michael_Toth> On the nature of pets on the astral and do they make agreements with fragments incarnate on the physical plane. We will explore again this area of pets. The simplest way to explain this is that yes pets do make arrangements or agreements to interact with humans on the physical plane. Do they do so in the specific with known fragments in advance of the decision? We answer that they do not.

Pet Central as we have referred to it in the past is the aspect of the Tao that provide experience for levels of itself in a creature of non-reason form. Do we have incredible relationships interacting with these animals that fragments either tame, subdue or are have already been "tamed" altered by continuous long term interaction with what you refer to as the human race? Fragments can should that fragment be open to them, should they choose to have this experience. The fragment who is the channel has had significant relationships with creatures of no-reason and has explored these issues himself throughout his life. Simply, animals are not just here for local color however and interaction on the physical plane. There is far more involved. It could as well be asked by Animal Hive Soul Central that humans are on the physical plane interacting with Hive- Soul Creatures of No Reason as local color. neither of which is true. The Tao and the creation of all that exists is many faceted and offers growth and evolution to everything within that creation. There are many things to be learned by both aspects of the Tao much as there is a great deal to be learned could one do so from the intelligent energies that become a star or a planet.

It appears that you are in the neutral pole of Impatience which you chose as your means of survival at an earlier time. It appears that you are frequently choosing to slide to several others as this particular CF is becoming of less use to you. It appears that you are attempting to renegotiate a permanent slide to another and we wait with interest as you eventually come to that conclusion and then grapple with that change and how you accomplish it. But it has been wearing on you for nearly a decade at this point, and even in the face of impatience being just that you have made some bumpy roads smoother by being willing to consider such a thing.

<Timeflyer> Thank you dear Michael and Michael for your guidance and to all of you on this board.
<Michael_Toth> You are welcome
<DaveGregg> Tom P, you're next...

<Tom_P> So, is the Earth an intelligent energy? If so, is it attempting the human race to becoming their own planets, so to speak?

<Michael_Toth> There is a consciousness to your planet as there is to most everything in your known world or universe. Is it an intelligence you would comprehend and understand? We hardly think so. At present few of you can conceive what sentience could mean in a dolphin or whale, it is hardly a stretch to imagine that the information and understanding of a pile of hardened matter would come really to you as knowledge of any kind. We are unclear of what you are asking in regard to the second part of your question. Could you please rephrase?

<Tom_P> Is it attempting to teach the human race?

<Michael_Toth> There is no alignment or agreement with the fragments in human and cetaceous form to do one thing or another. If your species makes the planet untenable for life as you know it the energy that is this third stone from the sun will experience its existence differently. Humans, though their influences on their environment is more pervasive than ever before are still something even smaller than the virus is in terms of size to human bodies. Energies that are planets and stars, as such incarnate and have experiences on the physical plane even as they represent the physical plane to humans.

Imagine what something over five billion years old must be thinking with time and space occupying a completely different experience than that to which you are accustomed to. Its relevance is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and the awesome orderliness of the Tao. But evolution is evolution and it manifests in untold forms yet to be discovered and most likely never appreciated by those creatures of reason who are aware mostly of their own existence. This is not a condemnation by any means. There are aspects of light for example that your current biological eyes could have chosen to visualize the physical plane with, but by virtue of a larger more fulfilling experience with greater amounts of information to make decisions of survival and relationship.

The inputs, the evolution is vastly different in experience and comprehension and there is little to recommend to any fragment in terms of understanding and comprehension that can be any more valid than to them. Is the universe alive? Every aspect of it in some way shape and form, even the most inanimate.

<Tom_P> Wow, humbling. Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Gerry, you're next...

<Gerry_Pate> I would like to know about the time frame and location of my life just before this one.

<Michael_Toth> Hello Gerry. it appears that this fragment was male, born to British realm parents of some stature and education working in the foreign office as a clerk. The time period was the middle to late 1800's BCE and involved a relatively simple life led, by choice in convulsive times of change as the human family began the collective new ways of thinking that spawned what you now refer to as globalization. There was an agreeable marriage producing three children consisting of two boys and a girl with lots of exciting foreign travel. In this past life your essence perceives a good deal of success as that personality achieved a level of consciousness not often found among those around itself. Extinguishment of the CF feature came at the age of 57. The last child of that union, the boy produced an air that died within your lifetime. There are distant memories that occasionally arise with the glimpse of a sun on a table top shaded by an umbrella that cause a peacefulness to this day. It is a memory of that time and a connection with the peace that existed within.

<Gerry_Pate> Very interesting. Thank you very much.
<Michael_Toth> You are welcome.
<DaveGregg> Suzenchan, you're next...

<suzenchan> Some years ago through Jose Stevens you said that a "messiah" will appear not in one human form in years to come but several. is that still true.

<Michael_Toth> We are not aware of any communication in which we have given to anyone of that nature. We have not prophesized a messiah of any kind. Are there those among you who will bring change, knowledge and wisdom. Yes, every one of you has the ability to do so. And everyone of you does often on levels you do not perceive. Each and every one of you influences the experiences either directly or indirectly of all other fragments and life currently extant on the physical plane.

<Kathryn41> Could Jose have meant the Infinite Soul?

<suzenchan> Jose may have said that. He was talking of perhaps 10 individuals who would come forth, not necessarily in the US, who would have the level of a Christ.

<Michael_Toth> The fragment Jose Stevens could have been referring to the appearance of the Infinite Soul which we have made mention of to many channels. It is less likely than it had been that the appearance of the Infinite Soul will manifest and we are as unaware of when and how, as much as you are if and when it will or won't occur. The Infinite Soul has its own agendas and we are as mystified today as we were in the past as to its plans. You must remember that there are things we know as little about as you do as there is evolution ahead of us. We note, however, the rise this specific appearance has and in the debates that have issued from discussions about it. The knowledge of such a thing on some levels could change things, could influence decisions and choices. It will be what it will be when it will be. No sooner and no later. We simply do not know.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you have the final question...

<Geraldine> I've previously asked about prehistorical Infinite Souls. Some were given that spanned back into millions of years. We've been told that the Infinite Soul manifests from an entire Cadre on the Causal. Yet, only one Energy Ring of 12 cadres has cycled off and several of these IS manifestations seem to predate the evolution of these cadres. Who or what was working to help evolving humans in these early years?

<Michael_Toth> Hello Geraldine. We can confirm what fragmentary influence a cadre has on the manifestation of an Infinite Soul. In regard to there being one known energy ring to supply fodder for incarnation and evolution. It is here that the critical knowledge of what transpires in this known universe is little known or thought of. At present there a a very large number of sentient creatures of reason species living out their lives throughout your star system referred to as the Milky Way Galaxy. As agreements are made between fragments on the physical plane to share notes from a class in literature or to point out the directions of the nearest washroom there are and have been many and numerous ways that other energy rings other elements of the Tao that come together and engage in the process of evolution in myriad ways. There are more entities, cadres, and so on involved in the evolution that has begun on earth. The information involves other cadres and rings that participated in this experience begun some two or three million years ago that you are now a part of. We understand the desire to complete a history of things on that scale. Suffice it to say that the entities most responsible for bringing similar truths about life, and incarnation bore names that would not be understandable by you in your languages today. These energies were not necessarily from the same line of fragmentation of the Tao that we were, but their experiences and the relativeness of their body types were similar enough that truth is truth.

<Geraldine> Thank you -- so even beginners have some help -- I like that :)

<Michael_Toth> The baton was passed, and as can often be the case in what must appear as chaos and chaotic there is still an orderliness. Time did not begin in regard to fragmentation of the Tao simply because this universe you are in began 14 billion years ago. The Tao is much older and so is evolution.

Closing Comments

<Michael_Toth> We bring this evening to a close by reminding you of how diverse life truly is in its manifestations of life everywhere and often under circumstances and conditions you would find remarkable and others unlivable and repulsive. Life as it is in your know part of the universe, specifically is possible because of numerous zones of universal laws that exist in conjunction with the other laws responsible for supporting what occurred on your earth. Should any one of these laws cease to exist life would become swiftly untenable and evolution for those on your planet would have to "pick up the pieces" elsewhere as have the cetaceans among you today. Remember this, when you begin to perceive the differences and how vast they can be in terms of life simply as it currently exists where  you live. There are numerous versions of life still undiscovered on your planet alone, alone the diversity, as we have said elsewhere on your planet is often greater than on other worlds. Many of the laws that we have mentioned that exist in your world do exist in other solar systems in your galaxy and others throughout what you would refer to as the universe. There are, as we have suggested earlier more things than your philosophies suggest even close by if light years can be referred to as close by.

It is this very diversity that makes life all the more meaningful whether it be among your species or among the hosts of other species that also are part of the game of evolution. It is this very diversity that is so attractive to essence in incarnating in addition to the evolutionary process itself.

<Michael_Toth> We bid you a good evening.

<suzenchan> Thank you once again. Mind-expanding!
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Michael - it was a great session tonight:-)
<Bobby3> Thanks Michael.
<DaveGregg> Fine job. Thanks, Michael :-)
<Gerry_Pate> Very enlightening session. Thank you.


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