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Soul Age

Each channel is getting information that is worth examining, and all students should bear this in mind, even where there are contradictions, both apparent and real. It is important for each channel to examine discrepancies between their work and that of others with an open mind in case there are questions that could be asked that would bridge the gaps. Furthermore, there is much growth in dealing maturely with disagreements wherever they appear--these should not be shied away from, neither should they be given too much importance; they are simply part of the work.

There is a charge around soul age in many students that equates older with being higher up in the spiritual pecking order, and of course this is not the case; however, if this is part of the belief structure, it will be impossible for there to be too many late-level old souls, because that would create a conflict in the spiritual "power structure." It is similar to the fear that too many king souls would create conflict, with the kings butting heads and trying to take over one another's "territory." Therefore, channeling is sometimes edited to comply with these fears. On the other hand, there is the belief in other students that if one is a serious student, one must be old, and if one is very serious, one must be late old. This, too, of course, is not the case, but when it is part of the channel's belief structure, it can temper the channeling. So there is need for all of our students to examine their beliefs about soul age. Some people feel that older souls are wiser. This is not necessarily the case, either--wisdom is a function of validated observation, at whatever soul age, and of a willingness to face the truth no matter how uncomplimentary it might be. Some late-level old souls have not yet come to this, even though the potential for it is great. In fact, the older the soul, the greater the pressure one feels to face the truth, but one can turn away at any age.

The last-level old souls who become homeless are often those who have turned away; they feel the pressure to see, but fear has gotten the upper hand. The sensitivity increases, which increases the pain; then alcohol and/or drugs may be used to dull the pain. These are unfortunate people. The "realized masters" are those who have allowed the truth to burn away what is false, but these are not necessarily striking people; they often live simply and quietly, even those who are cardinally cast. What most characterizes the latter is their kindness and concern for the well-being of others. This is not to say that they all revile physicality. Some choose to live very simply because they do not wish to expend the energy necessary to have more materially, although they will usually put a priority on having good quality.

We do not impose, and we are usually not willing to force our way through psychic barriers, which is why rigid beliefs about soul age, for instance, can cause the information to be in error.

Children have relatively few blocks to love and many exhibit what you would characterize as wisdom. In an adult who has not learned to hate and be selfish, you might see this same kind of wisdom, but it may not be conscious and well-planted from much experience and development of consciousness, and therefore can be lost under trying circumstances. The wisdom of age can stand the test of external harshness when the person has validated it.

What percentage of the world's population is 7th old?

Just under 1 percent.

So about 40 million people worldwide?

Maybe about 45 million.

In what manner is soul age level determined? What determines the stratification criteria and how much soul-age coin each experience is worth?

Soul ages, like other Michael teachings traits, are translations into human language of naturally occurring phenomena. The levels are the same, basically, as those an individual passes through from birth to death, although the language of soul ages is not needed here because the development of a human life closely follows the years logged in.

If one has eyes to see, one can observe the addition of a new layer of soul development that we call a soul age level. The soul has "bumped up" a notch in experience.

Intensity of experience determines whether it is sufficient to cause a movement in soul age level. Generally, it is cumulative intensity of experience that does the job. Some people choose to take their time with lower intensity experiences; therefore, it will take more of them to generate a level increase.

A person has not necessarily made sense of the experience that has caused the "bump," but in time, with reflection, the understanding usually comes.

If one has eyes to see..." then what exactly would one see?

One would see layers of energy being added to essence.

How does the "duration" of the experience's intensity affect movement to a new level?

Duration must simply be long enough for the fragment to "get it," whatever "it" is at that level, which is different from fragment to fragment, depending on the "curriculum" chosen.

Would the term "Intensity Time" (intensity multiplied by duration) be valid as a quantitative expression of the "Essence Value" (value to essence) of an experience?

The essential "flash" of understanding can occur in a moment; that is the climax of the learning experience. How much experience it takes to get to the climax varies. One factor is the amount of resistance to overcome. Sexual climax would be a good analogy.

Are there other factors (other than intensity and time) that determine the Essence Value of an experience?

All experiences are valuable to essence, although being stuck slows down experience and is frustrating to essence. Otherwise, the value is there, although some experiences are more peripheral to what essence wants to accomplish, and some are more central. Too much experience on the periphery (or on tangents, if you will) eventually leads to a need to get back to dealing with the central tasks.

For example, if you set out to do something, but the phone rings and you have a long, interesting conversation, you don't regret it, but if that happens all day, eventually you'll turn off the phone bell so you can get some work done.

There are plenty of life experiences that are worthwhile but do not directly lead to soul age advancement. Essence is not in a big hurry to advance in soul age; advancement is simply what occurs along the way while living life. Essence is here in physicality to be physical; that is all.

To illustrate, not everything you did in college led directly to receiving your degree. Many of the relationships you formed and things you learned outside of your core classes were as valuable to you, or more so, than what gave you your degree. It was the experience that mattered.

Would an older fragment spend more Intensity Time in the positive poles of his overleaves than a younger fragment would?

Generally, yes. However, older souls can become wounded or thrown off course in ways that cause them to grow through pain more than through joy for a time. On the other hand, because they have greater resources, they usually recover from these setbacks more quickly than younger souls might under similar circumstances.

If two or more people share an experience, is the Essence Value of that experience shared equally among them, or does each person get the full Essence Value of the experience?

Everyone's experience is his/her own.

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