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1998 - Week 26

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:43:51 +0800
Subject: Re: Voodoo doll and OTTERLY too!

Dave wrote on 26/6/98 2:04 am:


> but,... would anyone REALLY want to wring my neck? (tee hee)


Would certain member(s) of Seth List count? :-)

J J Tan

Put aside your concerns.
Silent your mind.
Stop the world.

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:43:57 +0800
Subject: Re: CF Choice before birth?

Victoria wrote on 26/6/98 4:36 am:


> Hi All,
> It is my understanding that the chief features are chosen in response to
>physical plane experiences during childhood, and not before a particular
>incarnation. Now I might agree that essence could have something in mind, as
>Im sure it always does, but Michael has said that children 'try on' various
>overleaves during the early years, including the centers which are chosen at
>the 2nd Monad and the Chief Features which are fixated at the beginning of the
>3rd monad. So I guess to me it would not be exactly accurate to say that the
>CF's are chosen before incarnating. Considered, perhaps, as part of the larger
>life plan, but not 'in place' yet.
> Best regards.


I would like to add that I remember "trying on" different CF in those stages of my life. i.e. My own validation.

J J Tan

Put aside your concerns.
Silent your mind.
Stop the world.

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 01:38:18 EDT
Subject: Re: RE: "mainstreaming"

In a message dated 98-06-27 15:36:41 EDT, Otterly writes:


an accident! I don't think this guy knew it would be a cult classic! Now they make
curtains and toilet seats based on this. I, personally, found the Celestine
Prophecy to be something far from what the "mainstream" found it.


I thought "The Celephane Prophecy" was much better.


Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 10:26:04 +0800
Subject: Re: RE: Philip's Overleaves and archetypes--and

Otterly Blue wrote on 25/6/98 8:48 pm:


>for Michael. It seems that everyone on this list channels Michael, so maybe
>this is nothing to you, but I have a good feeling about your work.
>Keep it up.


Hey, the only channeling I know how is displayed on my TV remote control. I wish Michael could appear on the tube, though. ;->

J J Tan

Put aside your concerns.
Silent your mind.
Stop the world.

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 22:25:24 -0300 (ADT)
Subject: Re: RE: Choosing CF & Lori our love

Ok Lori,
   I just gotta comment, but only a little. I want to put forward how I perceive us as beings. Don't throw things afterwards though OK?
   My point of view is that we are energy matrixes which are complex but which have some fairly simple laws to follow. Energy which freely moves feels good and energy which is restricted in some way hurts. When we interact with other energy beings (that is to say everything) we perceive only what resonates with our own being at some level of awareness. if it resonates with a part that flows freely, we have pleasure together. If it hits something stuck inside us, we experience pain. it is our own pain we feel being energized by the contact. It may very well bear the same interpretation for the other, but it may not. For instance what you feel as impatience on the part of your "next" child may well be your own CF totally. You might do well to suspend judgement on that for a while. Other energies imapcting your own are there by resonance with you and subject to change as you change.
   Anyway, after a full life including raising three kids as a full time father (thank you very much) and experiencing the most amazing run of loss in the last three years (that is to say pretty much everything i ever held dear), I have to say this view of things holds water better than any I've encountered. I can more clearly than ever see that the pain in my life has had nothing to do with anyone but myself. I have chosen to encounter and resonate with some events and not others because of my own fear structure and am slowly learning to make each experience more proactive. With each sudden shift in my life, I am learning to root out the fears from deeper levels of my awareness and release them so that they no longer resonate with the energies of others. Then, when I deal withother people, things or non-physical beings, I can carry away from those experiences what helps me to grow. When i work on someone's energy field in a healing modality, I can observe my emotional response to the energy which passes through me and see my feelings as my own and follow them to the origins. Touching the child inside me with all his childish anxiety and offering healing to him is getting easier daily. the more devastating the pain of loss and grief, the deeper into my own psyche I can access and heal. Each experience is carefully designed for my burgeoning awareness of who I really am.
   I can't for the life of me figure out where this all started. i apologize for rambling but... the point is to illustrate that each encounter with the energy around us provides growth for the soul. Making these events acts of awareness accelerates the growth. Making them personal and tragic and overwhelming slows the growth. It is just energy in motion after all. My experience of high centers has shown that our "normal" perception of ourselves is just not a big deal "up there". Love to Michael or an ascended master or an angel, is pure energy moving freely and a source of great joy, but not personal or particularly meaningful beyond its essential divinity.

Just another old priest on a rant!

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98 09:42:35 -0700
Subject: Re: Response to Phil--Overleaves and Archetypes


>Phil: The thesis I want to present is that the archetypes are an
>ideal, conceptual "template" or "pattern" that has a mathematically and
>logically exact existence in the mind of the Tao...v >
>Gloria: Yuk. I don't see it that way. My sense is that the term
>"archetypes" at best invokes a crude concept for these "patterns," and
>that, rather than having a mathematically exact existence at Tao, they
>are fluid patterns--resilient, resonant, continuously fluctuating as
>they flow out of the container that is the Tao--to us, and back again,
>to the Tao. Patterns which move to an ever-responsive rhythm within a
>fathomless creative source.
>Phil: The Overleaves as expressed in the mere human personality are a
>crude, dim and distorted shadow of the pure abstract archetypes.
>Gloria: I don't think so. I believe they are very reflective of the
>spectrum of expression of these "archetypes." And I'm sorry you see
>the human personality in such mere terms, as there is much about the
>human personality that is extraordinary. It is a wondrous thing to me,
>that despite the thick dimensionality and proclivity for forgetfulness
>of this dimensional existence, we nevertheless have all capability of
>recalling our Selves, and acting from that Self-knowledge.


You two may be arguing apples and oranges. I hate to see either side on this "arguement" as wrong since both ideas have a great deal of merit. Both the nitty gritty details of the human experience and any theoretical mathematical foundation to our being can both valuable and one does not exclude the other. (Then again, I can easily work crude, dim and distorted into valuable commodities on the Human Experience Exchange - H.E.E. - hee, hee, hee....)

It seems to me quite likely that there could be a mathematical language behind All That Is and closer to home, a mathematical statements inside each overleaf. Mathematics is not a human invention applied to nature but a discovery about nature.

Could it be that each overleaf is at some level a mathematical expression and we are involved in the solution and yes, you get the right answer when you become awaken in a higher center.


Ted, the artisan and most ordinal skeptic.

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 23:24:12 -0400
Subject: Thought for food from Marianne Williamson

Dear Michael Listers,

Below is an extract given to me, from Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love".



"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

"It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

"We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

"Actually who are you not to be?

"Your playing small doesn't serve the world.

"There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so
that other people won't feel insecure around you.

"We were born to make manifest the glory of
GOD that is within us.

"It's not just in some of us... it's in everyone.

"And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously
give others the permission to do the same.

"As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others."


So shine on, Phil and Troy, and all of us.


Peace and Light to You and Yours,
Kenneth Broom, The Happy Scholar, INFP
   7th level Old Scholar/Server, Observation, Acceptance, Idealist,
   Higher Emotional & Higher Intellectual, Impatience/Stubbornness,
aka I.A.M. Research, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 01:40:32 EDT

In a message dated 98-06-27 17:42:22 EDT, Ted writes:


Started out as hunter-gatherers? For those of us who are a bit more
Darwinian in their story of our origins.....started out as randomly
colliding organic molecules in a tidal pool.....and on and on. (Darwin
may have been on to something but I personally think he could have
abandoned the random in random selection)


Damn, Ted. You're batting average is outstanding! In fact, it's TOO good. So just like the baseball trades, the Fifth entity feels you may ask for too large a salary next year when you file for free agency. Therefore, we are trading you, (along with a minor league deva to be named later), to the 2nd entity for Lori Tostado, and the league leading home-run hitter, and average poet, Shakespeare. Just leave your uniform in the locker when you go out. ;-p

Dave - This is my theory, and it's mine, mine, mine....

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98 17:29:16 -0700

By far a great theory....

One question

Do I get to keep my number, my pension plan, my health plan, and my lucrative Vegemite Bar contract????

Gotta go make copies ---


Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98 19:27:57 UT
Subject: RE: Barry McGenius

Barry said:


As a psychologist, my own route down this path is to see a way to
integrate/correlate the Michael system with the field of transpersonal
psychology . . . what's MISSING in transpersonal theory is an appreciation of
how individual consciousness evolves in stages over many lives (i.e. through
reincarnation), as well as a meaningful understanding of what Phil calls the
seven archetypes.


Jody says: sounds like Good Work, Barry . . . maybe your True Work???

Ed said:


IMHO Michael said in Yarbro that theirs is a teaching for old souls,
and (my addition) in general, "mystery schools" of the past, which involved
discarnate sources and metaphysical and esoteric subject matter,
likewise were for old souls generally.


and Barry said:


Oops, I've obviously gatecrashed the wrong party. Well, I'll just be going now...


Jody says: I just read in somebody's book that Michael calls anyone at midcycle Mature or above "older souls." So we don't have to feel like we're standing outside with our noses pressed to the window, Barry me boy!

Then Barry said:


Speaking of CFs, I would suggest that the function of a Chief
Feature is to increase the experience of SEPARATION, which is after all one of
the things we come here to experience and live through . . . what the CF also
does is create the experience of being a separate MIND. This "forces" the
individual to "think for himself", to consciously call upon their
own inner resources and confront outer reality.

In order to transcend ego, you need an ego to transcend. So I'd say CF's
job is to reinforce the development of ego, which fosters a sense of
self-responsibility. At the 4th monad, soul says to ego "Thanks, but
I'll take over from here". (And ego, of course, says "Get lost").


Jody says: Sounds about right. Thanks for the clear thoughts.

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98 19:40:47 UT
Subject: Centering

I just have to write this out to make sure my thinking is clear on this.

Our center is how we best/most easily process input, while our part of center is how we express it back out to the world. I'm in the emotional part of intellectual center, so while I may think about stuff deeply and logically, when I come to express myself it's usually in personal, rather emotional terms (perfect for my job, where I read medical journals and then distill the information for lay readers).

The "trap" comes in when we don't loop through our primary center before expressing ourselves. If I'm operating out of the trap, I go straight to emotional reaction without thinking - usually not a good idea, for me! I have an emotionally-centered, intellectual part of center friend who just killed a relationship by reacting out of her intellect to an emotional outburst from another friend - which was seen as cold & uncaring by the second friend. Violent or abusive people may be in the moving part of emotional center; instead of taking the time to say "hey, I'm angry, that's why I feel like hitting something," if they're in the trap they'll just go ahead and hit.

Now I'm thinking - in answer to Lori's long-ago question - that obsessive behavior must come in part from being in a trap.

Okay, now I'm clear on that, gotta go think about archetypes for a bit. Anyone else out there into the Tarot?

Gears spinning -

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:46:22 EDT
Subject: Mainstreaming/Mystery Schools.

Otterly wrote:


I don't understand how or why we would want to worry about "mainstreaming"
the teaching. I know someone would stand to make a lot more money, or at
least those with the impetus to write or speak.


There is, imo, enormous value in practical (day-to-day) applications of the body of work that we label "the michael teachings". Matter of fact, even the M's tell us, that that is precisely what the information given us is intended to assist. It is not a spiritual path, no "salvation to be distributed", just solid "you're here to live this life, go out and grow and contribute to the whole (and here's a little information that might help".

Look at, for instance, the education system we have. Stamp them, cut them out, send them off. This homogenous approach to education is failing to greater degrees as the years go by. How much of that is due to an insistance of "sameness" of a young soul society? So a mature world approaches and change will occur. If those of us so inclined can promote an understanding of how at least "role" affects the ability of children to learn we can possibly aid those who will be doing the changing in a positive way. This would in turn lead to happier, more effective fragments populating a world that needs tremendous help.

It is highly unlikely that the "mainstream" will openly embrace anything that is "channeled" no matter how well we attempt to explain what that means. "Conversations with God" is not an unknown concept and was therefore accepted. "Conversations with Causal Plane Entities" will get most doors slammed instantly. So, many of us will write under our own names and not give the M's a credit. This is not a short term plan, do you see that? This projects out a hundred or more years. There is a bigger picture, more long term that just what we will accomplish today or tomorrow. Causation is progressive. Starts small, rolls downhill, picks up momentum.

Barry has a part of the key. To make psychology flexible enough to work under "new rules" and train a new set of "holistic" psychologists, who in turn will make their own progress. This would work with educational approaches, which are comfortable with the psych basis. There won't be much money to be made in this, that I can see. Ground breaking is rarely profitable... but it will contribute to a "forward movement of societal growth" This applies in many, many, different areas, besides education.

I think it is important to understand that we are, as Michael students, this age's version of a "mystery school". The school has many different faces, many diverse applications. There will be those who channel or work with the school's students [the late mature/old souls who are ready for the straight up work], there will be those who channel technical information to create a pool of "suggestions" for science, those who work in healing, those who work in education, etc.. "Mainstreaming" does not mean that we will be changing what we now know as the teaching. It only means that the school grows as well as the students, and begins to promote of portion of itself outside the school.


"But who would be the Authority? What would all the Michael Channels do?
Will we have to develop a Secret Society to figure a way to infiltrate the
media and lives of people with new information from Michael?


Troy, you are amazing, where do you come up with stuff like this?! :D You know we don't need an AUTHORITY. This work is based in individuality and validation. We can, as a group determine what works and what doesn't but it still comes down to personal perspective. That's why it works for mature/old souls. We can also all go our own way. The mainstream information passing will most likely begin in clinical or research or university settings.
Possibly in the media, but it's still "come and get it" information. It is NOT coercive. Let's see a show of hands from anyone willing to create karma!
Right, I didn't think so.


And are we in any position to be concerned about "saving lost souls"?


Never have been, never will be, there are no "lost souls" to be saved, etc., etc., etc. But this begs the question of: are we in any position to assist those around us in understanding and growth if we are asked to do so.

Anyway, it is a daunting task to consider if you think you need to change everything to a Michael perspective within a few years. I don't think any of us will really see the change. We will be a part of the change in our next incarnation. We will lay the groundwork, do some teaching, some training, pass it on and keep it alive. My life task is to "disseminate my perspective in writing". There is no way I can share perspective that would not have Michael running very strongly through it. Also, my agreements in this lifetime are of a facilitating nature and so "mainstreaming" is something that sits on a back burner in my thoughts most of the time. How do I take what I know *out* to the world?

Barry! The one problem I am running into here, in "mainstreaming" is how to make the reincarnational aspect palatable to this judeo/christian society. Have you worked on this angle, or have any ideas? I can see modifying Jungian archetypes to more readily express Role, but the other is a difficult concept. We may need a few more "Bridey Murpheys" in order to get the population at large comfortable with the concept.


Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 19:32:57 EDT
Subject: Re: Mainstreaming/Mystery Schools.

About making reincarnation or past lives palatable -- I wouldn't bother trying to finesse it, I feel fairly confident that most people who are the least bit interested in anything that mainstreamed Michael might include will accept past lives as a possibility, or as a reality. I believe that if you just state the multi-lifetime reality as a fact that doesn't need to be proven, you'll do fine.

Younger souls do NOT want to know about past lives (or soul ages) and won't come near anyone teaching this stuff. Mature and old souls are ready to hear it. I don't think we should regard it as too far out; it's not. It also isn't good to perpetuate the fear-based and distorted Judaeo-Christian misinformation on past lives.

All the best, Ed

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 98 16:49:22 -0700
Subject: Re: "mainstreaming"


>I thought "The Celephane Prophecy" was much better.


And please let us not forget "The Cellulite Prophecy"........


Date: Mon, 29 Jun 98 16:49:24 -0700
Subject: Re: Voodoo doll and OTTERLY too!


>> but,... would anyone REALLY want to wring my neck? (tee hee)
>Would certain member(s) of Seth List count? :-)
>J J Tan




Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 18:55:00 -0700

Dave wrote:


>Damn, Ted. You're batting average is outstanding! In fact, it's TOO
>good. So just like the baseball trades, the Fifth entity feels you may ask for too
>large a salary next year when you file for free agency. Therefore, we are
>trading you, (along with a minor league deva to be named later), to the 2nd
>entity for Lori Tostado, and the league leading home-run hitter, and average
>poet, Shakespeare. Just leave your uniform in the locker when you go out.


Eh? You wanna trade me out of the second entity? Well, OK, but only if you find someone to trade out of the fourth entity for Gloria!!
;-p She's my bud!

Lori Tostado

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 22:07:21 EDT
Subject: Misinformation

Ed wrote:


It also isn't good to perpetuate the fear-based and distorted Judaeo-
Christian misinformation on past lives.


Ed, what are saying here? Did I make a statement that led you to believe that this would be one of my objectives?


Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 23:42:51 EDT
Subject: Re: Misinformation

Dear Kathy -- No, no, nothing you said. I was speaking of real or imaginary thinking that "mainstream" acceptable teachings don't mention channeling, or past lives or reincarnation (which have been stripped out of the mainstream religions). My intended meaning was that if we avoid openly, boldly dealing with that stuff (which older soul people really need to know about if they don't already) we are contributing to the hold the dead hand of the past has over our culture.


Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 20:37:17 +0800
Subject: Re: RE: Choosing CF & Lori our love

At 06:56 PM 6/26/98 -0000, Otterly Blue wrote:


>We, by nature, I believe, look for the good in all things. This includes
>our CF's. Though WE can use them to our advantage when we are conscious of
>them, I still have to say that the moment you are conscious of them, and
>able to transform your experience into one of empowerment, it is no longer a
>CF! That would be like saying the color BLACK is still BLACK even when I
>exchange it or alter it to Red, or Blue, etc. It may be technically true
>that all colors are present in all colors, but we don't live there. We live
>where we recognize the differences and though we can learn to love them all,
>they are not the same things to us.


Hi, I would just like to comment on this part... with some thoughts that are not original (from me). :-) I remember in Hoodwin's book, "Journey of a Soul" he mentioned that he channeled a few people's overleaves without a Chief Feature. It was particularly confusing because one particular client of his was acting (or speaking?) in a arrogant manner. Upon confirmation from Michael, it was said that the client choose to behave arrogant because that is the most effective way in his business life, but he does not have the element of the fear (vulnerability) of arrogance. I think Michael further elaborated that (my paraphrase) Chief Features are "bad" if we are not conscious of it acting out. It is like the centering and the "part", or "trap". It is when we are not conscious of it, that it becomes a "trap", and in as much the same way, when we are not conscious of it, the Chief Feature is the trap that ensnares us.

When we are aware of it, Chief Features can be less of a "shield" (when it was fear-based), but more or a "mask" (in the sense of stage drama).

"Nature abhors vacuum"... in our human societies, people around us subconsciously expects everyone else to have Chief Features of some sort. Well, especially in a society like Singapore, and most probably all other cosmopolitan centers in the world as well. The "void" of acting without Chief Feature can sometimes attract unnecessary attentions, sometimes nice, sometimes disruptive (if not destructive). Conscious use of Chief Feature, in this aspect, (and in my view) can be helpful.

So I guess the most important element is to be conscious. :-) Or, to use Castaneda's term, "stalking yourself".


J J Tan

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 03:50:50 EDT
Subject: Re: The Bard traded to the 4th for...

In a message dated 98-06-30 02:04:50 EDT, Lori writes:


Eh? You wanna trade me out of the second entity? Well, OK, but only if
you find someone to trade out of the fourth entity for Gloria!!
;-p She's my bud!


Actually, Gloria was my next selection, but I didn't think the 4th entity would part with her unless we had some excellent buying power, like Shakespeare. So you beat me to the punch, sis....;-p

Dave - With Lori & Gloria, the 5th will take the series! :-)

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 04:18:51 EDT
Subject: Re: Voodoo doll and OTTERLY too!

In a message dated 98-06-29 21:41:49 EDT, Ted writes:


>Dave wrote on 26/6/98 2:04 am:
>> but,... would anyone REALLY want to wring my neck? (tee hee)
>Would certain member(s) of Seth List count? :-)
> J J Tan




Yeah, but that wasn't my quote, JJ. You quoted Otterly...;-p


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:58:16 -0500
Subject: space structure chart

Achtung! Pet Theory Dept.

It was a dark and stormy night . . . Well actually it was probably a bright and sunny day-in August of 1981-- when I set down with "Messages From Michael" and a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler to make an overleaf chart for the first time. Using the drafting skills I have from my engineering occupation, I drew a grid of boxes on the paper. I then filled in the boxes with the appropriate overleaves, and I titled the rows and columns as given in the book.
The way the information was presented in the book the grid is asymmetrical in terms of the way the columns and rows were arranged and named. During the next few days and weeks as I pondered the chart, my Higher Intellectual Center kicked in. It has a strong bias for beauty, of which symmetry is one attribute. The chart practically begged me for a symmetrical arrangement, both in terms of layout and in having titles on all columns and rows and pairs thereof. The Windows Metafile (.WMF) attached to this file shows you the present state of that ponderation. I really hope you have the means to view it as a graphics image. If not, let me know and I will try some other way. I have computer programs that can translate between various graphics file formats. For now, here is a brief verbal description of some of what it looks like. There is a grid of 7 x 7 = 49 boxes for the personality traits. The seven vertical columns are headed up with the title, "Processes in Personality". There are four divisions of these seven into the three pairs of (Ordinal and Cardinal, or negative and positive) Action, Inspiration, and Expression, the Neutral being Assimilation. This information was given in MFM. Shortly after I first set up the chart, it was perfectly obvious to me that a title should be given to each of the seven columns. I pondered, and eventually came up with: under Action is -Termination- and +Origination+; under Inspiration is -Involution- and +Evolution+; under Expression is -Analysis- and +Synthesis+; under Assimilation is Assimilation (go figure).
The horizontal rows all have titles of overleaves as given in MFM: Level, Center, Attitude, Role, Feature, Mode and Goal. These seven rows are headed up with the title, "Aspects of Personality." Shortly after I first set up the chart, it was perfectly obvious to me that +Mode+ and -Goal- were a Cardinal and Ordinal (positive and negative) pair that could be headed up with that word "Action" again; +Role+ and -Chief Feature- were a positive and negative pair that could be headed up with that word "Inspiration" again; +Center+ and -Attitude- were a positive and negative pair that could be headed up with that word "Expression" again; =Level= was the neutral that could be headed up with that word "Assimilation" again.
Eventually I also came up with names for the seven levels rather than numbers. They are: Resolution and Activation under "Action", Foundation and Exaltation under "Inspiration", Production and Exploration under "Expression", and Composition under "Assimilation". I also came up with alternate names for some of the traits: "Higher Intellectual" became "Conceptual", "Higher Emotional" became "Impressional", "Stagnation" became "Equilibrium", "Retardation" became "Reduction", "Repression" became "Reservation", "Sexual" became "Kinetic", Moving" became "Vital", Self-deprecation became "Lowliness", "Instinctive" became "Systemic", and "Self-destruction" became "Renunciation".
That is all I want to say for now. Your "homework assignment", dear Michael students-should you choose to accept it-is to study this chart and write a report to share with the rest of the "class" about what insights you had or what channeling you did while pondering this symmetrical arrangement. Of course I will also share the insights that I have tumbled to over the years. If this first exercise goes well, after we extract some learning from the "Space Structure" chart, I would like to go on to a "Time Structure" chart. Only after that might we go into the mathematical derivation of the archetypes, and the cosmic ramifications thereof. Is this fun or what!



PS: Some of you have made comments or asked questions regarding my postings. Unfortunately I honestly do not have time to pursue a line of discussion with each of you individually. I suspect that answers to many of them will show up among your own insights to follow, or in the natural course of our group discussions to follow. If you do not find an adequate reply eventually, please remind me later. Thanks, gang!

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:11:31 -0700
Subject: spiritweb down-time

Hi everyone,

I've been informed that the down-time we've been experiencing with Spiritweb is due to the system being hacked, and Rene has had to re-install the whole system from scratch. He said there may be more down-times to come in the next days. So if you're experiencing problems posting to the M-list, you can send them to me and I can try posting for you since I haven't had a problem on my end so far.
Please just put something about "Post to Michael list" in the subject line for me though so I know it's for the list. :)

Lori Tostado

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:46:02 -0500
Subject: Aaron's channeling

Channeled by Aaron Christeaan, Michael Chat Room. June 29, 1998

Weather Report
This is a transition week from emotional review, to being in the [lower] moving center. Specifically, that means integrating into your body and 'beingness', the intentions you have been creating and processing on an emotional level.
Relationships will undergo changes these next few weeks, some radically. Where some increased intimacy or distance was needed, you will see those changes showing up in the moving center in action (or inaction). You will be bringing in some people who you are close to in other parallels, who you may not know well here, and also letting go of people who have been long term close circle people, who are moving away from you, karmically on different paths. Try not to take this process to personally, because it doesn't necessarily mean anything 'about YOU' but rather about the bigger tapestry of relating weaving new patterns.
Some of these shifts will bring up strong emotions, and strong feelings, and your will may be tested. Try to remain authentic and true to yourself, avoid ingratiation or denial if possible!
Sometimes true compassion means setting firm boundaries, and it may look like not giving the other person what they want. Realize that they are empowered to create their own universe, and that you will assist them in that process by empowering yourSELF.

*************** Questions on the Weather Report ***************
Q: What exactly is meant by "ingratiation"?
A: "Ingratiation" is the negative pole of [the goal of] acceptance.
Which means unconsciously agreeing to please someone, trying to make them happy. Another word for it is groveling at the expense of telling the truth. We unconsciously, through imprinting, want to please others because that is how we were trained as kids. For all of you: You will feel your BODIES changing, new energies flooding thru. You might even feel like a different person!
Q: Would we quickly recognize someone from another parallel? Would it feel different than other "close" encounters?
A: It would feel like a very strong attraction or connection. What is different, is that once you start talking and relating, you feel as if you have known each other in THIS LIFE. You catch up with each other very quickly. That is different than the feeling of knowing someone from another life. You think: "where did we meet before". Feels good.

*************** Lesson for the Week ***************
"Integrating New Energies into the Body"
We have talked several times about MAN having three bodies:
intellectual, emotional and physical. Under some systems there are more bodies, but most everything you need to know can be understood from a 3-body system. When you go through a "nexus" such the one at the beginning of May, your essence introduces new KNOWLEDGE, new systems of understanding, new challenges and lessons, which it downloads into your instinctive center. Out of this download of info, you find yourself attracting new situations, in order to manifest the patterns here on the physical plane. For most people, though this pattern is subjective, you will first notice your thinking and perceptions altered. You notice things seem slightly different. Once these patterns settle into the intellectual body, you begin attracting emotional situations to FEEL OUT how these new thoughts will manifest. This affects who you hang out with, are attracted to, who you want to work more closely with, etc.
This can include non-sentient matter such as plants and animals, trips, jobs, and hobbies. After you have a few months to TRY OUT the emotional contexts, you start BELIEVING in yourself, in this new YOU. Often new levels of self-discovery, self-understanding, and risk-taking accompany this shift. You have greater levels of self-esteem and courage to BE who you really want to BE. The universe is continually giving you opportunities to increase your level of abundance and having-ness, and that includes HAVING more precisely the experiences, which promote the growth, and desires you are pursuing. Even when things do not seem to be going your WAY, this principle still holds true. In other words, even by NOT getting what you think you want, you are nonetheless on the path to greater self-understanding, abundance and prosperity.
Once you really FEEL inside yourself this new level of truth, then you move to the power chakra, and start experiencing this new you in the BODY, in actual physical experience, and it becomes part of your BEINGNESS. Once you have spent a few years at this new level of beingness, you start to take for granted that this is "just the way you are!" You may even forget having been different. So right now, all of you are moving into establishing the next level of BEINGNESS.
As you can imagine, this affects the degree to which you can manifest your ESSENCE, and manifest your DESIRE. When souls become more adept, their desires become fewer, and yet the time between desire and manifestation becomes shorter. If you focus your desire (which we sometimes call the ENGINE of creativity) on one simple thing, it shows up a lot more quickly, as opposed to scattering yourself with many desires. Someone said that masters were people who desired only ONE thing, and didn't stop desiring it, even when obstacles showed up in their path.
Hint #1: Find new ways to MOVE your body, and new FORMS of expression, this will accelerate your integration process.
Hint # 2: All desire is based upon the desire to experience unity of spirit, and union with the Tao.

Questions and Answers
Q: In becoming authentic and true to yourself and in setting firm boundaries (back to avoiding ingratiation and denial) is it essential or important to put these truths to the other person in words or in action? I feel as though you were speaking to me about my relationship.
A: First, tell the truth to yourself. Secondly, find a way to communicate that truth, which speaks to your own experience, rather than projecting it onto the other person. Say things like, "My experience is . . ." or, "What I am learning is . . ." If you are able to couch your words this way, you are unlikely to fall into either ingratiation, lying, or trying to make the other person be a certain way. Avoid ultimatums but create boundaries nonetheless. As you both find more legitimate forms of expression you will individuate, and have greater feelings of self-esteem without having to give up what is good in the relationship. Sometimes setting boundaries is painful. Remember that the pain is inside yourself -- the OTHER person is not causing the problem. If they are being a WAY that doesn't work for you, don't try to change them; just step aside and let yourself react in a new way, or separate yourself from the behavior by physically removing yourself, or by communicating more clearly, or by just observing the pain that comes up for you, without judgment, or without trying to make it different. Q: My arthritis (especially left index finger) is horrible. Is it all the shifting? What can I do?
A: This kind of pain is due to putting stress at a deep close-to-the-bone level -- hidden, in other words. Pain is a form of touch. Ask your finger what expression it needs. For you, this has to do with your power of expression in a male sense, getting what you want in the physical world, the power to be demanding (pointing with your finger), so it runs pretty deep.
Q: I feel like I'm being "corded" in the middle of my back. Could it be due to shifting? Is there a way for me to tell who's doing the cording?
A: Cording, yes, and also a place where you are wanting to strengthen your power. If you have someone to manipulate your back, (like chiropractic) this helps. If not, release the cords in water (shower or bath) at least once a day. If it is a cord, the pain should subside immediately. If your back is structurally off balance, then you will need some more attention. Sometimes, as you remove the cord, the person's face or name will pop up. We cannot 'see' who it is, but it doesn't really matter, because the lesson is for you to let go, not about the other person's behavior or neediness. Once you know who is thinking of you, or who wants some of your energy, then just give them an occasional "good hit" of energy, and send a spirit guide to assist them, rather than channeling the support energy through your own body.
(Outside Comment: For more info on cording/de-cording, see Jose Steven's book, "Tao to Earth", Chapter 11.)
Q: I feel I have been doing a lot of clearing lately. When will it end? Will that help to move it?
A: The clearing will continue for awhile, especially because you are entering this body-centered phase, and your body is used to 'holding' patterns of stability for the people around you. Part of your lesson now is being willing to let other people be the anchor. You can truly find yourself, and find a new expression of stability within yourself. That is hard to let go of, because you think things will fall apart if you aren't there being the kingpin. However, some degree of falling apart is happening anyway -- and for the good of all. Many people in the group will be experiencing this same FEAR of letting go, so this is a good question. To truly let go of a pattern means being willing to let it disintegrate so that something else can take its place. You would rather put something NEW or more stable into place, and then gradually let go of the old, but it doesn't work that way!
Q: So is my body seemingly falling apart eventually for the better pattern?
A: A lot of what people experience as pain in the body, is the tearing apart of old holding patterns, and letting go of what is familiar.
Sometimes it helps to remember that WHAT YOU REALLY ARE is just pure energy of SELF, without body. So that body goes through periods like this where it becomes PLASTIC (Comment: plastic, with nerve endings!) and is molded by the force of CONSCIOUSNESS. Rather than body holding consciousness, just let body be nothing. This is a difficult one for solid types! (Comment: and for those of us with Stubbornness).
However, this is a time of great healing on the planet, because everyone is opening to new patterns of expression, so there is a tremendous degree of support there for change. Think of pain as: How am I being touched right now? The energy you are receiving into the body is touching you in a painful way. How could you shift that relationship to a truer one? Everything you experience comes through the senses. Feelings in the body are what we call sensations. You don't need to know what it is; just know that you have a relationship to it. You can receive sensation passively, like, "I am in pain", or you can receive it actively: "What is this sensation telling me?" The point is not the message or thought, but rather the process of inquiry. Similarly, you can have an experience of weather, like feeling bummed when it rains, or you can have a relationship with weather, it affects you, and you affect it. So the question is: Who is this PAIN person? Is pain a thing? Like people say, "my arthritis". It is not YOU. Try to relax into the pain, and let it WORK on you, remember what MOVES is not STUCK. You [erroneously] try to avoid pain, to escape it, rather than moving through it. This is not to say that some people are not truly in PAIN. This is far from the case, for many people experience extreme pain everyday. However, they are still in relationship to their senses. Another way to look at the body is: "How can I BE with the body -- without censoring, editing, denying or repressing it? How can I deal with and express the INTENSITY of having this body?" That is a real issue. We don't know if there is any way to avoid the intensity of physicality. However, when you don't RESIST intensity, it leads you to the next growth step.

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:31:44 EDT
Subject: Mature Priests and CF's

Hi All!!
      I am mainly a lurker on this list but I have been having such a hard time with my daughter that I have decided to "de-lurk" in order to ask some questions. I am a 7th level mature scholar while my daughter is a mature priest. I have not seen many questions in general about family members so either you all have no children or you all are really great parents.
      As I said I am a scholar while my daughter is a priest. I am having a rough time with my daughter. It seems I bring out the worst in her and she brings out the worst in me. So, in a true scholarly way I have been trying to understand where she is coming from and perhaps I am hoping that our relationship will get better based on that understanding. I have not found much reading material on priests and I have a hard time understanding them. Can anyone either give me a synopsis or point me in the right direction to where I can get some reading material about priests.
      When I search my higher self for answers I get the notion that my daughter is different and special. Starting at 18 months she learned how to pray regularly. We had never prayed in front of her and she observed it from a family sitting next to us in a restaurant. It seemed that she was intensely attracted to it, picked it up immediately, and continued it. She doesnt pray constantly or regularly but that one event has stayed with her. I also hear her at night when everyone is asleep "talking to her friends." When I asked what they looked like she said they are beautiful and they come from Africa- China.
      But my daughter came into this life very fearful and full of rage. And this is the part that I have a hard time controlling. She takes it out on everyone/thing around her and I am tired of being kicked, hit, and spit upon. She came into this life afraid, angry, and confused. And when I look for answers I know that she chose me to be the person to help her, tell her that she is safe, and give her unconditional love.
      But she also feels foreign to me in the sense that I feel I dont know her well. Her older sister and I have spent many lives together and her younger brother is a part of my entity and I feel I know them intimately. But I really dont feel I know Rachel--my mature priest well. I love her dearly and I feel this strong urge to protect, help, and love her. But I am at a loss as to how to do that. All of these feelings of mine and her basic personality have been present since the very beginning.
      My question is how valid will her overleaves be at such a young age? (3) How much of this could be explained by her overleaves? And I also have a more basic question. I have a CF of Impatience and whenever I am having a bad day with my daughter I feel the negative poles of my CF working overtime. How do you, when you are in a challenging situation, move to the positive poles of the chief feature? Is there some lever you pull or button you can push?!!! : ) Any advice on ways to help yourself move to the more positive poles of the Chief Feature?



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