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1998 - Week 1

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Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 09:45:41 -0500
Subject: The Kennedys and Family Karma

Dear Michael Listers,

Another member of the Kennedy family has died. I asked The Michaels whether there is such a thing as "Family Karma". Here is their response to me.


"We would prefer to call this "Group Karma" rather than family karma since the word family, as most of you use it, denotes a fairly close blood or marriage relationship, and Group Karma has a wider and deeper meaning applied to the phenomenon being asked about here.

"Karmic energy can be look upon as the energy of fulfillment; whether of desires, agreements, unconscious speech or thought patterns, or of conscious meditations. The members of the Kennedy family do have a common agreement regarding the demonstration of the irrelevance of financial and material abundance to the quality-of-life and longevity. This is indeed an extremely important lesson for most humans living in physical earth life and, one that usually is not really taken to heart until post incarnation. Financial and Material Abundance do not guarantee Emotional and Mental Peace of Mind. The Kennedy souls elected to demonstrate this lesson, not only as an experience for their own individual and group soul growth, but also as a demonstration for world humanity. This agreement is helped along by the continued highly competitive imprinting, derived from their deceased patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, being continually passed down through their generations.

"Other examples of group karma can be found in The Masada Suicides and The Guyana Tragedy. In yet another example of group karma you have the Native Americans who have chosen to reincarnate during a time and place when many of those are becoming fairly wealthy from gambling enterprises. And what is also interesting is that many these of same reincarnated Native Americans had a previous opportunity to enjoy the white mans wealth in the 19th century when the land that they were in possession of was found to be oil rich. Most of these latter did not "get" the point of the lesson back then, and now chose to try again in this the 20th century.

"Many of you who have formed meaningful and growthful relationships via this Michael-Teachings list are part of a Group Karma. Kenneth Broom was greatly aggrieved beyond his own comprehension when the loss of his computer deprived him of contact with this list.

"The old Brooklyn Dodgers were part of a group karma involving the fans as well as the baseball players.

"Many members of several present-day aggrieved ethnic minorities were once members of a class who considered themselves elite and above those whom they tortured and enslaved... as well as vice versa

"If you look around yourselves there are many examples of Group Karma to be perceived."


Many have been, and are, deeply touched by the travails of the Kennedy family, yet few are sufficiently aware of the deep lessons they have given us... sufficiently aware enough to make changes in their own attitudes about money and survival and fulfillment.

Peace and Light to You and Yours,
Kenneth Broom, Columbia, MD, USA
aka I.A.M. Research
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7th Level Old Scholar, Observation, Acceptance, Idealist,
Emotional Part of Intellectual Center, Impatience. (INFP)
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