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1997 - Week 34


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 97 10:22:31 -0400
Subject: Michael Line 2-11

Michael Line 2-11

(Michael is a causal entity composed of 1050 warriors and kings. )

Greetings again,

It seems that the passage of what you perceive as time has given the
channel an opportunity to again move into one of the many directions that
we offer. As we have said in the past, connection with us does not limit
the type or kind of information that a channel receives; whether you are
interested in herbal medicine, ancient religions or Pleiadian beam ships
we will help you access from the collective akashic record that
information which you seek. However, the main body of our teaching is the
overleaf personality system which we will refer to when necessary. As an
entity this is our primary contribution to aid you in your ascension
process. If you are new to the overleaves we recommend that you make a
request to know more. By doing so you will be led in the right direction.

To briefly summarize the basics of our teaching, the overleaves are the
energetic shells that drive what you call personality. There are seven
categories as follows: role, goal, attitude, mode, chief feature, center,
and body type. Each categorie has seven types, for example, there are
seven roles: artisan, sage, warrior, king, server, priest and scholar.

An overleaf set can look something like this:

Role: King

Goal: Submission

Mode: Power

Attitude: Stoic

Center: Moving, Emotional part

Body type: Lunar

Chief Feature: Greed, secondary Martrydom

(The above set belongs to a 5th level, baby soul, Alabama Highway

Or another set can look like this:

Role: Server; Goal: Discrimination; Mode: Caution; Attitude: Cynic;

Center: Emotional intellectual part; Body type: Jupiter/ Venus; Chief

Feature: Arrogance. (This set belongs to a 2nd level, young soul, dentist
in Ankara, Turkey)

(Channeler's note - I am getting a 'Michael Nudge' that these folk really

Also, The University of California at Davis has 30 fragments with the
following overleaf set:

Role: Scholar; Goal: Flow; Mode: Observation; Attitude: Pragmatist;

Center: Intellectual, moving part; Various body types.

We have many excellent channels who have done well in categorizing and
organizing the overleaves in an understandable way.

Our greater purpose is to help all of humanity move through the
transition that is popularly called the ascension. No, the ascension does
not mean that you will be taken up in space ships, not unless you really
want to. We do not put extra terrestrial contact out of the realm of the
reality that you create for yourselves. If you need to travel into space
to realize who you are then it can be arranged. The Universe is unlimited
in its possibilities of what it can be and beings with the ability to
travel from star system to star system are not beyond the common range of
possibilities and are more common than popularly portrayed. Humanity will
come more and more in realizing this possibility of inter stellar contact
within the span of a generation - if it so chooses to take advantage of
it. We will say that human kind has received the necessary construction
of thought to make it so. The thought simply says, "this is possible, if
you think it enough you will apply your creative powers to its

Many of you have noticed how the stories of extra terrestrial races have
gained acceptance by the popular media. We will neither deny no confirm
that there is a deliberate plot to feed the public with ET information to
soften them for a big announcement. We do not want to encourage too much
fascination with stories of conspiracy, but we do want you to be aware of
the manipulation of information that takes place within the media.

Media, in all its forms is more a reflection of chief feature than it is
of your truth. The media is supported by your fears. However beneath the
hyperbole and melodrama of the media's messages, lies a higher level
agenda of essence that is saying, "look at the possibilities of what you
can be, you are not an isolated, limited being on a small rock of a
planet in a cold, dark Universe." This message, which relates to the
increased awareness of possible extra terrestrial life, can be included
among the many messages that essence is bringing to you to guide you
through the ascension process.

Essence is by far creative in it's nature. We will say its most basic
reward is its opportunity to individualize itself, make choice and be a
participant in creating the universe. What we have to say here is
important - essence must move. It cannot remain static. Essence will not
stay still for you. The ascension is a doorway for essence to become more
of you and if you are not opening your doorway then it may be forced open
for you. We will say here, in no uncertain terms, that the expansion of
the universe is the creative drive of essence. You cannot resist, for
very long that is.

Your energy is dynamic; your doors are opening and it may or may not be a
rough ride depending on your acceptance of it. In the next issue we will
offer you some tips to make this acceptance somewhat easier. We can also
call these tips an ascension mind frame. Most of you of course have
already established a system for navigating the ascension. You have
developed affirmations, meditations, rituals, prayers, and beliefs that
are now helping body and personality channel the energy of essence. You
may however find some amusement in comparing the following with your own.

Next issue: Ascension tips


Ted Fontaine

Kenneth Broom wrote: > This is one of the heaviest lessons my entity mates kept warning > about. > They said "Do not linger in the negative pole of the observation > mode." > Don't let life live you. You "live" life. This turned out to be the > most > important lesson of my life. To proactively design and create your > life > keeps you from having to correct so many unintended mistakes. >>

Good point. Some mystics claim that in an "enlightened state" one should remain "active but undirected" so that the universe/absolute/Tao can direct you, and that one should become "free of desire." I heard a tape recently of JP VanHulle channeling Michael that said, to wit, that Old Souls are always worrying about "getting it wrong." Michael through JP said that the whole point is to (I'm heavily paraphrasing), keep moving, stay in the game, IOW. This reminds me of the beginning of Peck's Road Less Traveled, something about "Who ever said life was supposed to be without problems?" What I love about writing fiction (my "calling," if you will) is that it is teaching me so much about the karma game. There is no plot, no story, without conflict. <G> 

Kate -- 
Kate McMurry

Dear Kenneth, You really do feel like a brother :-). 

We probably could speak telepathically to each other, that's how familiar it feels like talking to you. 

Kenneth Broom wrote: > Also part of being an old scholar. Now, notice the nature of the doors > > that are beginning to be opened to you. Notice the question askers. > and > their agenda. Are they asking you questions that you haven't yet > asked? > The members of the lists here that I am a member of are very helpful > in > posing questions that I did not know that I already knew the answers > to. > An inquisitory method of teaching and learning rather than an > expository > method. You are absolutely right! My pleasure in talking to other seekers on the path is mainly for this reason. They word their questions differently than me and make me see even more facettes of any given situation as well as inspire me to ask different questions and make links where I didn't before. > > > And... and... try blessing and teaching and counseling your other > selves > in your other incarnations. I think they would appreciate it. > 

Thank you for reminding me of this. I haven't thought of it in a few years. I have absorbed a few other incarnations of mine during my crisis about 3-6 years ago, including one parallel lifetime of my present self which fragmented and took another path than the rest of me in my early twenties. I guess it took me all these years to digest what I had absorbed. But now, it seems like I could do some more of that. Thanks again, Kenneth, and bless you. 

Love, Danielle

Subject: emotions, feeling, and overleaves... 

Hi Aida and everyone, 

You asked for some input from other roles. A bit belatedly here.....I'm an artisan, true with a lot of scholar influences, but I definitely input from many levels. Sometimes it takes me longer to consider what it is I really want to share or to sort out all of what I'm feeling or taking in....even though the initial input through feelings is pretty instantaneous.

Interestingly, my use of the centers seems to reflect my roles. I feel first and then process it through the intellect. To me the feeling/sensing corresponds with my artisan nature and the way that I sort it afterwards, corresponds to my scholar nature. 

A while ago, there was a lot of discussion about emotions, some of the exchanges seemed even to have stirred up some emotions. I know I felt a lot about all the exchanges too. There was a lot reflecting internal battles, I think, and the depression mentioned, more than anything else. 

Some of what I sensed/felt about issues that came up.... 

I really sense a difference between feelings and emotions. Through the way something "feels" I intuit a lot of information often with very subtle differentiations. Emotional states seem different from this feeling into the nature of something. It may just be a difference of degree, but it seems like more than that. I think that is what a lot of the classic traditions are referring to when they talk of letting the emotions come to rest or quieting the mind. There's a whole different way of just knowing when the mind is calm and a way of feeling/intuiting/sensing when the emotions calm. 

Like doorways into different states of being or consciousness. As with so many insights, they are often used at some point like a battering ram, rather than just an awareness. Letting emotions come to rest isn't about stuffing them down, just what can happen when they are calm. My mother and sister both died this year and truely feeling all that brought up was amazingly deep, powerful and in the end, freeing. At the same time, I can recognize how intense emotions influenced my clarity on everything and aren't an excuse for imposing behavior on others. 

When the mind is full of chatter, it blocks our ability to simply know. It's part of our truest nature to be able to simply know about something when we focus on it and are quiet inside enough to be clear. 

Appreciate all the sharing about depression. Somewhere I remember it being called the only true old soul disease. What others have said, lack of appreciation, being so out of step with our culture and perhaps feeling, as a result, that we are not as true to ourselves as we could be with all the feelings that causes us to have about ourselves. As well as often taking longer to pull together all we have going for us, or interact with the society in a way that keeps the basics going with some ease, without that feeling of selling ourselves out. There's a lot to balance and come to terms with, often without much support or understanding, until we find others like us.... which is a joy. 

Also through all the sharing here, have come to appreciate more how all the different attitudes we bring here, tend to have a balancing effect. We tend to think of our overleaves as givens to some degree, but wasn't there something said somewhere about eventually being able to have freer access to all the overleaves and be able to use them when we choose, in situations that call for them? Maybe the given overleaves are just tendencies, sometimes to balance excesses of the past, sometimes just preferences of ways we approach things....when some of the attitudes are left out of the mix, internally or externally, the result seems to get sort of skewed. Makes our blind spots clear to hear from others bringing in the focus of a particular attitude different from our own. And sure stirs things up sometimes! 

Love to all, Brin

Subject: Michael & illness 

What are Michael's views on illness? 

I have a friend who is currently suffering from "fibra myalgia" which is a disorder that affects the muscles, causing chronic discomfort and sometimes severe pain. My friend is a warm, caring individual who does a tremendous amount of good for others, and it bothers me that she suffers so with this personal demon. Out of curiosity, I've been experimenting with automatic writing and tried to get some answers on this topic. I received the following replies to my questions. What I'm wondering is do these replies sound like they represent accepted metaphysical truths, or was I receiving bogus information? Any Michael insights would be appreciated as well on this subject. 

Dave : What is my friend learning from her illness? 

Answer: She is discovering new areas in which to explore her creative impulses. She literally creates her illness with the wave of a magician's wand. She is solely responsible for her experiences, and can renege on their manifestations at any time, but she is unaware of this. Her illness will demonstrate to her that she is the sole proprietor of her affliction, and when she no longer desires to entertain such a game, her unruly tenant will seek shelter elsewhere. 

Dave: Does she have past emotions that play a part in her current condition? 

Answer: Yes. Emotions are creative in themselves. They are the building blocks of reality, and if used recklessly, they can result in a weakness in the infrastructure. Care must be taken to ensure that these building blocks create a structure that reflects the building in which we wish to reside. 


Hey Dave!! 

That's great the channeling you did for your friend. I also have a friend who has fibromyalgia. She's another scholar/artisan like me and she and I have had or do have almost all the same physical problems this life, it's rather strange--but I do not have fibromyalgia, but some back problems which show me where I still need some emotional healing. Your channeling sounds pretty accurate to me. It's just that stopping the "game" isn't always as easy as just choosing to stop--because the lesson isn't gotten. That's why it keeps coming back.

 Blessings, Lori 

| \|/ . Lori Tostado ---o--- Lorazz@CRL.com /|\ | . http://members.spiritweb.org/michael-teachings/ The Michael Teachings

Dear Brin, 

I read your post with great interest. Could you please explain to a scholar how it feels to "input from many levels"? Does that mean you receive information from those levels which we know as spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, or are these some Michael-specific levels? And what would that mean for a scholar who "inputs from one level" only? 

Love, Danielle

Subject: Troy Tolley's First Post

Hey to all of you out there... 

I'm new to this forum and I hope my post gets there. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm an EAST COAST Michael channel, all alone over here but a few (I see a lot of Shepherd groupies). 

My name's TROY, but you can call me OTTERLY. I've been channeling MIchael for about ten years and have been pretty much the blacksheep of the clan since I started so young and din't really pay much attention to the business aspects of it. All clients have come through word of mouth over the years. When I cam to NEW YORK and was exposed to Shepherd's channeling I was a little thrown since I had never really been exposed to the "politics" inherent in "the business" and his channeling style was (and still is!) extremely foreign to what I know as channeling from the other Michael channels. So I kind of laid low and went with that I knew as Michael. Maybe some of you remember me from standing in for Shepherd at one point while he was away...I was a fledgling.! ..what a fiasco? I know I remember ED... And I remember SETH COHN (SP?). I urged Shepherd to introduce me to SETH at one time (I only knew you through your transcriptions) because I felt a resonance, but Shepherd dissuaded that,... maybe now it's OK. I've been watching the post s for a while and see a lot of religious talk and heirarchial debates; is this common? I haven't seen much Michael stuff in fact. Well, I 'll keep peeking. ALso, If any of you have any questions you'd like posed to MIchael through me, I'd be happy to respond! I'm going to RALEIGH, for work for a while (that's where I origianlly blossomed--THanks in WHOLE to HOLLY COLEMAN!!!). Here are my overleaves for those interested per HOLLY COLEMAN all those years ago (by the way, she's an excellent channel and person!!! SO is Ted FONTAINE!!) 6th OLD SAGE/ARTISAN, Cadre1/Entity2 (Michael's system, not Sheperd's), Acceptance/Passion/Idealist/Selfdep/ARROGANCE/Emotional/int. part/VENUS... I look forward to! hearing from you all and interacting. 

be loved... otterly

Subject: re: cadre numbers 

Hi Everyone, 

Barbara, that's a simple and clear explanation of how the cadre numbering began...and why so many of us are in cadre one. Then my understanding is Shepherd began getting information (and meeting a few) from entities older than cadre one, causing him to renumber cadre one to cadre three, with his new one and two currently mostly incarnate in the Orient. I know it causes people a lot of confusion. I think the additional information through Shepherd has been interesting. Would be fascinating to know about cadres that have come before us. When I am drawn to moments in history am I simply being drawn to the resonances of what someone in my cadre or entity did and feel the pull or a more profound impact because of it? 

As for the entity numbering though, I thought the entity numbers within each cadre had a greater significance than just who showed up first, (although the nature of some of the early numbered, cardinal fragments within those entities does include boldness and getting out and doing it first perhaps in their nature).

I really enjoy hearing about cadre and entity numbers. I'm in cadre one, entity four (cadre three by Shepherd).

Michael talks about artisans having to do with structure. In a lot of ways that information threw me, because I love free form and freedom of movement for the flexibility to pull in from lots of sources to create. Then I recently understood some of what was meant by artisans relationship with structure (other than the structure involved in any new creation--maybe it's just so close, it's like the air I breathe). I continually am drawn to notice the structural interrelationships between people, things, and so on, like an on going awareness of the weave of the fabric of which we're all apart, the different colors of threads running through cadences and entities and cadres, both within and between and I'm sure in all the multidimensional ways we're willing or able to become aware of. This is especially true as I meet (in person especially) and interact with more people in our cadre. I can feel the resonances, the strains of similarities that run through us. Really enjoy feeling this weave of the fabric. Yes, I've heard and I deeply know we are all one, but its a pleasure to see how it carries through in so many ways. That we're never really alone, and could never be. 

Recently met someone else in entity four. She's a priest. In spite of the different roles, it was fascinating how much was similar in our core outlook, experience and interests. It seemed like a lot of our core challenges were very similar too. It was the strangest feeling being together, like looking in a mirror. We both felt it. There was also a powerful electrical resonance. And while physically we look somewhat different, in some deeper way there's a lot even physically that is the same. So hard to put it into words. (Maybe we are in the same cadence or a near cadence or ....(?), cause I'm not sure the similarities are always this strong.) We don't have much way to acknowledge all this except maybe just to feel it and to know. But it gave me a powerful sense of having others working together with me on the deepest parts of life. Like a solid reverberation of the closeness of my entity and the entities in our cadre and the way it ripples out and is profoundly intertwined. -------

Lori, really enjoyed the information you put up on the web page about the positive and negative poles of different emotional states and what we can do not to get stuck....thanks. 

Best to all, Brin 

Danielle, working on an answer for you.... :)

Subject: artisan multi-input 

Hi Danielle, 

You asked what it feels like for an artisan to imput from many levels. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of fluidity in this, so I'll just share my experience and perceptions of how it feels for me.... (My guess is it might vary with centering and how much essence is being accessed among other things.) 

As I go through the day, I'm aware of the near environment....(Michael talks about the artisans aura being very diffuse. So I actually feel into what is close by and what is coming up.) Within that I'm aware of the consciousness (like the life force glowing out) of everything around me, the intent, both in terms of probability and also the highest potential I am aware of (how I might choose to interact with all of it). So, for instance, I might feel sense the life force/light first of a kitty mostly hidden behind something across the street and feel the intent that it's about to dart in front of my car so that I can change my path or stop or slow down or whatever to harmonize with the environment. When there's not some active need to respond quickly like that, which actually is pretty rare, I might simultaneously be aware of intuitions or knowings about what's taking place, or even that someone I love has stopped to think of me, perhaps far away. 

So what's happening (both near environment and a sense of the what's going on in the world too), the probable outcomes (what would currently happen if everything kept moving the same way), the highest possibilities (what could happen with a little tweaking or more love or whatever), an ongoing sense of harmonizing (which could just be part of my focus in the menu of things that can be created), and knowings and intuitions. 

When creating something, maybe it's the awareness of all the pieces and their innate natures, the way they have been put together or not before, how they could go together, the current relationship between all the aspects, and the new creation aimed for. 

When reading, it might be the actual words and their meanings, the true intent of the words, maybe even the feelings implicit in the words, other related works and where the quotes are that relate (both the placement in the book and where the book is or could be found)....Have a friend that is a priest essence who does body work who remembers movements the way I remember feeling imprints. It's fun when we share memories of the same event to get such a different slant on it, often coming to the same sense of the meaning of the experience, just through different means. 

To a scholar, it might seem like an artisan is unfocused, when really we're just noticing many things simultaneously and how they interrelate and can form new creations. I wonder if artisans often play a kind of peace maker role because of this? (Maybe just because our energy field is diffuse and a lot of things take place within it that we feel directly.) A scholar would probably just choose to focus on each input one at a time. (As a scholar friend said to me and an artisan friend talking the other day, "Can't you just talk about one thing at a time?" I think we thought we were.... 

I can't really say that it corresponds with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels and so on, but maybe it can. In Shepherd's Journeys book, Ed was quoted as suggesting that the five inputs correspond with current reality, the state of the work in progress, the muse or vision of what is to be created, random unconscious stimulation that allows for creativity and the application of the imagination, "What would happen if I try this here?" I think there's probably a lot of truth in this when the focus is a creative act. However, I think the random unconscious stimulation is more conscious than unconscious, which creates all the tracks to begin with.... 

Would love to hear other artisan's experiences here. 

Gosh, I thought this would be easier to explain. It may just sound confusing, but it doesn't feel that way inside. It's sort of like the difference between something being more diffuse or more focused to begin with. Even within the diffusion there can be clarity and a different kind of focus. This is from someone who also has high female energy (65 to 70%) and about mid range frequency (55 or so).

Best to all, 

Subject: Just a pondering question... 

To the members of the list I would like to ask a question. I'm a very new student to the Michael Teachings having only become aware (at least in this reality) a little over two years ago. I was introduced through the Yarbro books and when I started reading them I wasn't really sure what it was that I WAS reading. When I realized that what I was reading wasn't a fictional story I felt a physical sensation of an enormous weight being lifted off of me. I can still remember the moment. There was no question in my mind but that I had found a way of looking at life that I could wear (I like the analogy of putting things on a seeing how they feel to me) very comfortably. 

Now the question. The Michael Teachings have been around now for around 27 years. I am just curious why there aren't droves of people reading and studying this material? Is there a reason why these teachings haven't become more open in the public? I do realize that the human pool of folks who might be interested is depleted by all those infant, baby and young souls not looking, but that still leaves a lot of people. Is this just still to new??? 

Diane Smith

Subject: Artisan multi-channel 

To Brin -- I continue to marvel at your clear, soft and smooth-as-silk writing voice. 

To me probably the most intriguing unanswered question in all of Michael is how and why it happens that souls (essences) can be so intrinsically different in their nature that we have the different channels of input, and also that we go through whole cycles of lives, apparently, able to experience only one number of channels, whatever our native role reflects. 

We can experience anything without limit among all the possible human creations, except a different number of channels, it seems to me. 

Is the number of channels parameter something that is in the brain wiring somewhere that, in a normal default way, very strongly aligns with the natural role's style with regard to channels, so that it could only be changed by doing some yoga-like highly focused process that changes the brain wiring? Are we physically born with 5 or more and very soon learn to permanently shut some down, if we're not artisans? Do psychedelics turn on, or reopen, multiple channels, or do they affect some other similar brain wiring process? 

Are the number of channels the same in planes other than the physical? Does anyone have experience they can remember on that? 

Does the fact that the number of channels -- 1, 2, 3, 5 -- are prime and Fibonacci numbers suggest something along the lines of adding up the accumulated number of the axes....like if the 2 of inspiration (server and priest) is from adding its orientation to the 1 of the solid action orientation (warrior and king), and expression (artisan and sage) adds its orientation to the 2 of the inspiration to get 3 and 5? Does anyone see some glimmer of something here and can they take it farther? 

Why don't, as far as I know of, any other past spiritual/metaphysical sources describe this difference between souls that we see as roles or as channels of input? 

Eagerly looking forward to hearing what others get.... 

All the best, Ed

Subject: Re: pondering question 

As to why the Michael teachings aren't better known....Diane's opened up Pandora's box here! 

Here is a brief summary of some history as I know of and/or (mostly) have heard it. The original group, which began in 1973 with Sarah Chambers (Cronepower@aol.com) as the main channel, and various later evolutions of it (with other channels) which provided the material for Yarbro's books, were and still are very much concerned about staying hidden. (This is not to say that is true of everyone ever involved in the groups, but it is my impression that since Yarbro became involved, they have always agreed to maintain a considerable level of secrecy.) 

This meant that until about the mid -1980s whatever material they got was completely unknown except in their tiny circle except to the degree it was published, after much delay, in Yarbro's books. People like me who discovered the Michael books had nowhere to go for more information and likely as not it dropped out of their awareness. 

Yarbro in her later books strongly asserted that the channels in her group were the only valid Michael channels and that anyone else claiming to be channeling Michael should be regarded as fake. 

In the early and mid-1980s JP van Hulle began channeling Michael herself. She had been involved with the main group. Soon she was doing it a lot of the time, and she and quite a few other people, including others whom she trained, had an active group largely centered in the Lafayette and Orinda area east of the Berkeley and Oakland hills. Many books began appearing in the late '80s published by channels from this group. The main nexus or starting point for all this activity is the Michael Educational Foundation. 

M. C. Clark for several years in the mid-80s published a quarterly magazine, The Michael Connection, with articles, information and ads for the various channels. When she had a baby, there wasn't time for the magazine. If there are back issues available, either the MEF would have them or could connect people with M. C. Clark. In one of the issues there is a fine article by Phil Gerring that covered the early history of the Orinda group in detail. 

Because Yarbro has never supported the work of the other channels in any way, never said anything other than they are frauds, the unfortunate situation arose that the probably hundreds of thousands of readers of "Messages From Michael" are unaware of the newer non-Yarbro books unless by chance they encounter the newer ones in a bookstore. Until the last couple of years they were pretty hard to find away from the Bay Area, and even now, usually the people shelving the books in bookstores don't know that it would be useful to put them all in one place. Only someone who knows the books knows they should be together.

 If Yarbro would ever come to her senses and get out of her negative poles, she, or whoever owns the rights to her books, could do very well by advertising and selling the other books to her readers. Most people who discover the Yarbro books would love to gobble up the others if they only knew about them. 

In the last couple of years the lines of communications have been opening up all over, and maybe one of these years the Yarbro folks will come out in the open and join the good fun. Let's all create that future. 

All the best, Ed Hamerstrom

Subject: Emotions and Attitudes 2 

Lori -- If attitudes relate to intellectual center and modes relate to moving center, are there more such relationships? Which overleaf goes with emotional center? (Presumably not much is left but goals?) All the best, Ed

MetaSyn@aol.com wrote: > > Lori -- If attitudes relate to intellectual center and modes relate to moving > center, are there more such relationships? Which overleaf goes with > emotional center? (Presumably not much is left but goals?)

 That's a good question. What I'm getting is that the Chief Features are more what relate to the emotional center, moreso than the Goals. The Goals would be more the integrating factor of all the other overleaves, as in, what they all come back to fulfill. Hmmm....more to ponder! 

Love, Lori

Subject: Illness, MS cause and treatment 

Dear Dave -- If fibromyalgia is anything in the family of MS (or if any reader knows of someone with that condition), there is a fine website with loads of wonderful true radical data on MS and related conditions. See: www.2cowherd.net/q/ms.htm for all his links. The most exciting of these to me is: www.2cowherd.net/q/embry.htm

Embry is a Canadian geologist whose son came down with MS. He did a lot of research and figured out all the truths which the medical establishment doesn't want to look at. He proved that epidemiological facts clearly rule out any possible cause for MS other than the conventional western diet high in animal products. The disease is an extreme case of food allergy where the exposure to the allergen has been so prolonged that the body's defenses break down. He goes into the technical details of all that. Anyone at all interested in health and how the body works could enjoy this paper! 

The best remedy is to abstain from meat, dairy, eggs, legumes and yeast since these are usually the problem substances. Embry's son recovered completely, as have many other people you can hear of in this website. Dave Q., who maintains the site, went from wheelchair-bound to where he bicycles 20 miles a day now. Since MS is one of the most seemingly hopeless and depressing conditions in our culture, I urge you all to spread this info around far and wide.

 All the best, Ed

otterly wrote: > Hey to all of you out there... I'm new to this forum and I hope my post gets there.

 Hi Otterly! Glad you made it.... :^) 

I'm not as familiar with Shepherd's channelings as some here are, but I hear he's a fellow 2nd entitier of mine. I sent him an e-mail about how to join this list and hoped he would but never heard back. His material has been a hot topic around here. 

 >>I've been watching the post s for a while and see a lot of religious talk and heirarchial debates; is this common? I haven't seen much Michael stuff in fact. Well, I 'll keep peeking.>>

I'm curious to know why you think there's been a lot of "religious talk and heirachical debates." I guess I just didn't see them like that--more just as spiritual discussions, where we've pulled in other things that seemed to relate to the Michael information, like when Seth was saying how he found RUOW validating the Michael material, and vice-versa..... 

Thanks for your intro! 

Love, Lori

Hi guys, 

Ed's right about the Michael books - the only ones I know are the three Yarbro books and one (Earth To Tao) that I found completely by accident (maybe not) in a local new age shop. Only have the Yarbro books because my mother-in-law kindly let us borrow them - they're long out of print here and rare as green wombats .....The Earth To Tao book changed things as I was aware of them in the Yarbro books - slaves became 'servers', rejection became 're-evaluation' - what the difference is, I'm not certain....Gave me a lot of insights though....

I've noticed that a lot of the stuff discussed on this list contains other terms that are quite unfamiliar to me. Even though I've gone through the Michael Web page, I'm still none the wiser as to the idea behind some of these terms. For example: 

1. What is the precise concept behind "perspective"? Say for instance that John Lennon was in 'teaching' perspective (if I recall correctly) - what does it mean? From what I've seen on the web page, it appears to be related to soul age; 'old soul' = 'teaching' perspective. If this is so, then why make the change - it becomes overly complex where complexity isn't needed? If not, what's it all about? 

2. Kate sent in her overleaves - neat idea, I thought - let's share overleaf information. Only what do these terms mean? i) Bleedthrough? (sounds a bit like a recording studio term!). ii) Sage casting? iii) Imprint - seems fairly obvious but I'd like some elaboration iv) Focussed? On what? v) Creative? What do the percentages mean on these two terms? vi) Frequency? vii) Slide? viii) Body - how do you determine what kind of body you drive from the list Michael gives when you're not sure? ix) How do you determine that the body is "Venusian" or "Saturnian" or anything else? x) Orientation? I would give my overleaves here but I've lost the information, so I'll go from memory: Scholar, 3rd level old Chief feature; self deprecation I remember the words power, rejection, realist coming into it somewhere..... 

3. My vague recollection of cadres in the Yarbro books seems completely different to the usage I find on this list - in fact, it's so confusing that I'm not sure that they're the same concept...... 

4. Lori posted what was a very interesting Michael channelling a couple of days ago - second part forthcoming shortly? 

5. Fibonacci numbers - can someone explain this to a non-mathematician - in the Michael context? Sorry about overly long post (self-dep...sigh...), 

Love Sonny

Subject: Replying to Sonny in part.. 

Dear Sonny -- I'll reply to some of your questions as the sprit moves me.... 

1) Fibonacci Series: this is a series of numbers where adding two consecutive ones gets the next one. They begin 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89. The ratio between successive ones approaches the "golden mean", about 1.61 or so. There are all sorts of important geometric and mathematical connections. The ratio appears often in nature. 

2) You should probably get The Michael Handbook and Tao To Earth next. A lot of additional inormation was channeled in the '80s and '90s that isn't in the Yarbro books. A few of the words were changed: Rejection, the goal, became Discrimination. Retardation became Re-evaluation. Stagnation became Flow, though I think some people use Relaxation, which I think is erroneous because relaxation is a reaction to something, and the neutral goal just is what it is. (Relaxation could be a substitute for Re-evaluation, I suppose, since it is rather the opposite to Growth?) Slaves became Servers. In all of these cases the original term had a negative slant in current English usage which needed to be replaced by something that no one would regard as judgemental. 

3) Focused/Diffuse or Focused/Creative or Male/Female energy all refer to a characteristic each essence has. It is described as two numbers adding to 100, like 55/45. They are like polarities of energy. The one is focused, causative, and though it has nothing to do with physical gender, correlates with the traditional social stereotypes of males. The other is called diffuse, receptive, nurturing, female. (I don't like calling it "creative" because both polarities are creative.) The concept of focused/diffuse might be understood if you think of people's appearances. People showing "focused" energy tend to have bold, solid, decisive, "powerful" clothes, short hair, sharp edges if you will. The other side is fuzzy, soft, long-haired, paisley, etc. People tend to get along well with others of similar M/F ratio, and are best matched romantically with opposite ratio. "Frequency" is another characteristic expressed on a scale from 0 to 100 with most people between maybe 20 and 70. It is a gradient scale from "rock" to "space case". There are correlations between roles and frequency, with scholars, warriors and kings generally lower frequency than the others, and priests and artisans tending to be highest frequency. 

4) Bodytypes are mentioned in the books above. I don't pretend to understand how they fit in theoretically with the patterns of 7s....but they do seem to be real. They are like a template of size and shape and possibly some other characteristics upon which the physical body is created. People usually are blends of two or three of the body types, and there are definite patterns by which certain ones find others attractive or less so. Essences who want to get together as mates will commonly choose compatible bodytypes. 

I have to get off now, hope this starts you off with the questions. 

All the best, Ed Hamerstrom

I'll add my own 2 cent quickies 

> i) Bleedthrough? (sounds a bit like a recording studio term!).>>

 Having the flavor of something while being something else. (and yes, tape bleedthrough is a good example..) 

> ii) Sage casting? >>

Casting with a strong 5 essence..

 > iii) Imprint - seems fairly obvious but I'd like some elaboration.>>

 I could go on for hours... imprinting is a major topic... 

> ivFocused & > v) Creative? What do the percentages mean on these two terms? >>

also, male/female yang/yin etc... out of 100%, the sliding scale you fall into (say 100-0 or 50-50 or 0-100 or 25-75 or 33-66 etc...) 

> vi) Frequency? >>

out of 100, genral measurement of how 'energetic' you are. Zero is very grounded and down to earth. 100 is highly flighty and in the clouds.. 

> vii) Slide? >>

You slide from one overleave into another... usually from pole to pole, or neutral to a favorite... 

> viii) Body - how do you determine what kind of body you drive from the list >

There are some good books and stuff on bodytype... this isn't a Michael only thing... the classic endo/ecto/meso morph types fit very well into this (3 axis...) 

>> 5. Fibonacci numbers - can someone explain this to a non-mathematician - in > 

the Michael context? another topic for hours and hours... the golden ratio (1.618....) is a magical number... very important... 

Love, Seth


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