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A few years ago I channeled a piece on soul age polarities and "Any Fragments Journey Through the Soul Ages"

Old Soul

- apathy
The lazy old soul who wants to climb into her personal sanctuary and escape the demands of the world
+ insight
The old soul who begins to see that she is all things and connected to all that is. "I am the Universe."

Mature Soul

- compromise
The mature soul who masks the truth to create the image of a better place for all to live together. "I will pretend to please you." Compromising personal truth to meet affiliation needs.
+ cooperation
The realization that we are much more than individuals and that our actions impact others. Working together is simply the way. Learning about compassion.

Young Soul

- exploitation
The young souls that loot, rape and pillage the environment for the purpose of creating an everlasting ego. "My power comes from what I can possess."
+ achievement
Going for ones personal best. "My power comes from pushing the limitations of who I am told I am."

Baby Soul

- conformity
"If everyone is the same we will be safe." and "My safety comes from following the rules as long as everyone else does the same."
+ organization
My safety and survival come from sharing work to create protection from the chaos of the world. I can sacrifice myself for the good of the group.

Infant Soul

- reactivity
"If I am suddenly confronted with the new or unknown I will become fearful and protect myself."
+ propulsion
"What is this strange place. I am curious. I am ready to discover. This is all so new."

With these in mind, we would like to present "Any Fragment's" soul age diary. What would Any Fragment write home about each exciting incarnation? What we are providing here is a look into statements of single lifetime lessons that motivate behavior in terms of evolution through soul age.

Soul Age Diary


The Infant Soul:

Where am I? I am separate from my spirit home and I have lost my ability to fly. I am alone in this dark thick place. It is dense but this is a unique sensation that I have not experienced. There is a familiarity. Have I done this before? Where are my friends who I have traveled with throughout the cosmos. We have been so many things together and now that reality is disappearing like a faded dream. Everything here is so thick, so slow, so dense.

I have a pain in my stomach. When my stomach is full I feel whole, when my stomach is empty I feel pain. This pain drives me to kill other creatures. I kill, I eat, I am satisfied.

Creatures that can kill me hide in the darkness. If I am killed I will not be able to satisfy my emptiness.

I can hold fire which is not thick like me. It is light like I was. I can see this spirit. He is light, he is my friend. The wild animals which can kill me are afraid of this spirit. Fire makes me powerful. Friends help me.

When fire burns me it gives me pain. Fire is also an enemy. Enemies hurt me.

Fire has burned the forest and has killed others like me. Fire is a powerful Spirit. I will pray to fire so it will be my friend."

"I remember how good it felt to kill the deer. Its flesh made me powerful and feel whole. When I was a spirit I felt whole. Killing can satisfy me.
My enemies that look like me took our food. I will kill them. It will feel good like killing the deer. My enemies are against me, my friends are for me."

I killed one and he cried out and screamed. I ripped his chest and sucked the blood from his heart. He didn't taste like the deer. He is tough and bitter. This is not like killing the deer. He doesn't satisfy me.

In the dream world the one who looked like me is visiting and tormenting me. He will not leave my thoughts or memory. This is painful. If I kill all of them maybe they will all go away.

My friends are like me; we will kill the others. They are our enemies. They look like us but they are not us. They are wrong, they are evil. They disturb us in our dreams. Our hunting grounds keep us alive and keep us whole. We must protect our territory from them.

The Baby Soul:

Our powerful God who came from fire will protect us from our enemies. We will burn down their huts."

They still bother us in our dreams. We will pray to our ancestors who will chase them away. Our ancestors live near the god who came from fire and they can use their power to help us. Our ancestors are like us they are good. The others are not like us, they are evil.

Our wholeness comes from being like each other. We cannot be different. We must be the same or we will be evil like the others and our powerful god will punish us.

Sometimes some of us act like them. We must punish any of us who act like them.

Some of us still act like them. We must really punish them. We will name laws that no one can break. Our laws will define who we are. Any one who breaks the laws will be treated like the others.

Since the others are evil we can take what is theirs and kill them or make them slaves. Our gods will support us. Our gods are powerful. Their gods are evil. Our gods will protect us from them and their gods.

They have burned our villages and taken our food. Our gods are angry at us for being like them. We must follow our laws so our god will not punish us. We can sacrifice our children to our god so he will have many workers who will help us vanquish the others.

I am hungry now in many ways. To feel whole I must break our laws. If I break our laws I will be like them. There is something evil in me. I will hide it in a dark place.

I create more laws and codes but I still break them. My mind is always telling me to break them. I will keep it hidden. No one will see me. Not even God. I will keep this a secret. I will hide my secrets in the dark place. No one will see my secrets there.

The Young Soul

Satisfying my hungers feels good yet the codes say it is bad. Others follow the code but if doesn't make me feel whole. I can cheat on them . I will use them and the law to satisfy my growing appetite.

Look how powerful I am. I can control the others and make them bring me anything I desire. They are stupid. Their Gods are stupid. I can cheat with success. I will hide my tricks in a dark place.

I can fill myself up now but I get sick of it. But then I still want more. The others work hard to bring in wealth. I can take it from them. God is stupid and cannot punish me for this. That must be a lie. There is no god. Only me.

The more I take the bigger I become. The bigger I become the more powerful I am.

I have lost everything. There are others who are as clever as I am. I must become more powerful to vanquish them.

I have beaten the most powerful ones yet more seem to appear for me. This is becoming a nuisance.

I take so much then it is gone and I am unhappy and alone again. The others dislike me. I want them to like me. The affection of others is something I do not have. When they like me I feel satisfied.

The Mature Soul

I have made a mistake. I must be punished for my mistake. Everything I have won or stolen must be taken away from me so I can see the truth and correct the mistake.

There is no where to hide from my mistake. There are others who give me the affection I need to feel whole and I must help them.
When I help others I will not feel alone and I will not have to visit the dark place.

Those I help have nothing. Others have what we need. I can no longer kill them to get what we need. If I see ways they are like us then we can work together.

When I was alone I found a dark place in me where many nightmares are kept. If I work hard to help others their affection will drive away the nightmares.

I don't trust all the others but we can try to work together. We can work together and feel safe too.

Being together and helping others is bliss. I feel whole. But when I am alone I remember the dark place of nightmares. I will stay away from there by always being with others and working for their love and affection.

My mistakes keep following me and I lose the affection of others; then I find myself alone in the darkness.

Perhaps the only was to cleanse the nightmares is to enter the cave and kill the dark things. But the cave is too dark to see them. I must find a light to carry into the cave.

There are others who have a great light that they can share. I will follow one of them and learn how to make a light.

He says only he can use his light for me. I cannot make a light so I must follow him.

The Old Soul

He has tricked me into making a light. If he hadn't tricked me I would never have followed him. But I truly love him and I cannot leave him.

He says there are others who need to learn the magic of light making. I am on my own again.

I have learned too much and I feel compelled to help others. Helping others keeps me out of the cave but I feel so whole with the affection I remember.

The affection is temporary and I find myself alone. I know many ways to keep me out of the cave, but the nightmares slip out and call my name. I must enter the cave and kill them.

I have entered the cave. It was a perilous path. I used my light to see the contents so I could kill it. But there was only a mirror in the center, how could I kill a reflection of my self. Perhaps there are other hiding places.

I have seen the entire cave. There are no other hiding places.

I will go out and tell the others. Our fear is a farce, our nightmares are empty corners in a poorly lit room.

They do not understand. They say their nightmares are real. Perhaps I can teach them to make lights. They must learn themselves.

Teaching light making is the best. I feel whole, but the students do not succeed. Perhaps I can trick them.

Every time a student succeeds my light gets bigger. The light is jolly. I feel weightless. How did I end up here. Who cares, the laughter is unbearable, it is shaking this silly thick, slow thing.

What a strange dream that was. Where was I all this time? It feels good to be home again although I don't think I ever really left. I think I remember being encased in some kind of thick gelatinous material covered with thick films. You others have been sitting here watching me! Have I got some stories to tell!

In conclusion we would only add that each cycle of incarnations is a unique experience. We have presented one with a more Priest flavor. If you choose you could write one for yourself, one that fits your own temperament. You may be surprised to see what you uncover.


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