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Discover your soul type (or role) and unlock your potential. Take our free soul types test and learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. This personality profile will deduce the type of soul you are, your primary way of being. It is the blueprint of who you are and the special proclivities that you possess.

Instructions for the Soul Types Quiz:

Read over the grouped statements below. You may see a bit of yourself in all of them. Select the group of statements that most accurately describes your core self. Self-honesty is essential when evaluating these answers. Avoid choosing descriptions that simply indicate how you'd wish to be.

Tally each group to determine which one received the highest number. The groups with the next highest numbers could be your casting or essence twin influence. Your overleaves may also be a factor in the scoring.

Be wary of scoring that appears to reflect career paths or an adopted philosophical stance. Someone interested in spiritual growth, for example, may find themselves attracted to the role of Priest; whereas, someone with the actual role of Priest may find King traits particularly compelling because they're useful in the business world. In short, when taking the test, cast-out all traits you primarily posture for the sake of your career. Only choose traits that accurately match your true self.

After taking the test, you may also find the following one word summaries helpful in sorting out the scoring that best exemplifies your primary way of being. Choose two or three.

  1. Service
  2. Creation
  3. Persuasion
  4. Knowledge
  5. Expression
  6. Compassion
  7. Mastery

A test like this does not substitute for good channeling of your soul type, but it can give you a general idea of what role energies you express, and how those energies differ. The test can also be used as a quick run-down of the traits common for each role.

The key to scoring is at the bottom of the page.

 Soul Types Test



   I support and nurture others, and see the world as my honored guests.

   I feel a need to help alleviate suffering with one-to-one personal attention.

   The word that describes me best is service. I'm a practical, competent, and efficient worker and enjoy being on a team that serves others.

  I regard service as a noble endeavor, and at times, even a duty.

   I'm at my best when I can care for and nurture those who are most in need.

  At my worst I try to control too much. I feel I know what's best for people and resent having my intentions interfered with. Since I consider meeting the needs of others my special calling, I get frustrated when I'm not allowed to serve.

  Sometimes I slip into the role of the downtrodden housewife or the unappreciated caretaker, and can feel like a doormat.

  Domestic life and a "sense of home" are important to me. Although by nature I disavow all excess, my home is appropriately decorous, comfortable, and nurturing. I have a keen eye for work that needs to be done, and tirelessly make sure that windows are cleaned, carpets are vacuumed, and dust never settles.

  I pride myself in preparing a wholesome meal and view food as an expression of love to share. My holiday meals are legendary and I go out of my way to provide favorite foods or a personal touch for all that attend.

  I consider myself a charitable person who is quick to take on the personal needs of others if it will ease their suffering.

  I am neither a seeker of praise nor out to save the world. I help people with what is most needed right now.

  I rarely seek the limelight and prefer to serve behind the scenes, assisting people on an individual level.

  Generally reserved in nature, I'm not prone to wild behavior or extreme exaggeration, but instead seek those "simple pleasures for simple folks."

  Friends and family might describe me as self-effacing, sweet,  service-oriented, productive, dedicated, and caring.

  My ideal choice of work would be as a doctor or nurse, diplomat, politician, bureaucrat, social worker, accountant, office worker, food server, doting husband or wife.



  I seek to create something unique, and see the world as just one big canvas for my creative offspring.

  I'm at my best when I'm creative, expressing my artistry through either fine art, inventions, crafts, fashion, design, poetry, music or ideas.

  Exotic tattoos, body piercings, expressive hairstyles, and fashionable apparel may all be part of my artistic realm. 

  I'm fascinated by the inherent structure in things, and have an innate curiosity for how things are put together, from the tallest skyscraper to the sub-atomic particle.

  Day to day living is often a bore for me, and I delight in being a connoisseur of anything novel in life, leaving the monotonous grind of the 9-5 workplace to those that crave that kind of responsibility. That's not to say I can't contribute and adhere to a productive lifestyle, but I embracingly favor the beat of a different drummer.

  I'm known for my mood swings, and when depressed can alter the atmosphere of my surroundings like a cloud that blocks the sun, leaving everyone around me affected by the shadow.

  I can seem a bit scattered and ungrounded at times.

  I'm generally uncomfortable in large groups of people, and gravitate to the intimacy of the one-on-one connection. 

  I greatly value my alone time and need personal space.

  I can make almost anything a canvas for my creative explorations, and possess a make-the-most-of-what's-available style of inventiveness that allows me to create things out of a limited number of resources. If I metaphorically can't get a table out of those resources, I'll be just as happy to get a chair, or perhaps a small toy..

  I can be hypersensitive, overemotional, and easily hurt by the opinions of others -- especially if it pertains to my own creations.

  I'm at my worst when I slip into delusional worlds of my own making that bear little resemblance to reality.

  There's often a random sense of order in the way I focus on projects, and my world can be littered with a confusing array of unfinished projects, sometimes strewn everywhere. Others are baffled by my seemingly unordered approach to life, but I always see a structure in it.

  Friends and family might describe me as creative, emotional, eccentric, airy, vulnerable, ungrounded, dreamy, spontaneous, artistic, musical, or moody.

  My profession of choice might be as actor, dancer, fine artist, surgeon, fashion model, carpenter, contractor, mechanic, designer, craftsman, architect, inventor, musician, writer, poet.



  I seek a challenge and see the world as unconquered territory to command and explore: life is a game and I play to win.

  I take charge of situations and know what I want and know how to get it.

  The word that describes me best is "persuasive."  My ability to persuade others gives me an edge in business, management, and the achievement of personal goals. 

  At my worst when I'm coercive. I can be hot-tempered, intimidating, and use my strong physical presence to take advantage of the weak. I must avoid the inclination to push people around, or like a guard dog, be unduly suspicious of those that enter my territory. I've learned through trial and bitter error that "might" doesn't always make "right."

  I'm an excellent strategist, goal-setter, and organizer; a "mover and shaker" in society that gets things done.

  I can drop the ball when mired in a minutiae of knotty details, and prefer to do what needs to be done right now.

  I can be a workaholic at times, take on too much, and be unwilling to delegate work when necessary.

  I am known to have a hearty sense of humor, but also the subtlety (and strength) of a Mack truck.

  Blunt, forceful, and with an unflinching knack to say it like it is, I lack the subtlety to be an accomplished diplomat -- or even a good liar. But I'll fight for any cause that defends strong principles and justice.

  "What's the bottom line?" might very well be my mantra. I'm quick to cut through the fat of any situation and assess its merits.

  I love a good challenge, but can sometimes waste valuable energy fighting too many windmills, thus losing the ability to discriminate between what's important.  A copy of the bestseller, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," might be a good book to read.

  I'm unabashedly physical -- with a strong, muscular body, or at the very least, a solid one -- and thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of earthly existence, having a strong appetite for sex, food, sports, and meeting the challenges associated with success. When I play, I play hard, and in physical interactions with others, I must be mindful of my strength and be careful not to accidentally injure those around me. 

  I'm surprisingly maternal, a good provider, and will draw my sword, if necessary, to protect my loved ones.

  Friends and family might describe me as loyal, productive, focused, down to earth, competitive, brave, honorable, tough, principled, duty-bound, hot-tempered, masculine, a lover of challenges, and a good protector.

  My profession of choice might be as businessman, entrepreneur, foreman, manager, police officer, fireman, lawyer, soldier, prison guard, athlete, construction worker, bouncer.



  I am knowledgeable, detail oriented, and innately curious about the world.

  The first thing people notice about me is my neutrality. I do feel emotions -- even passionately -- but I keep things in check.

  I see the world around me as an object of study, and regard life as a giant classroom to learn in.

  I love to accumulate knowledge and make it available for the benefit of others. Not surprisingly I'm often surrounded by a pile of books, but unlike the average booklover, I can become a packrat and collect books beyond reasonable storage capacity.

  I sometimes feel like a librarian of the Universe: a vigilant observer, recorder, and chronicler of important information.

  The word that describes me best is "research." I completely absorb myself in my studies, and relentlessly pursue forbidden fruits of knowledge till I have metaphorically tasted everything they have to offer.

  At times I'm so bookish that I don't speak from hands on experience, but from theory.

  I sometimes get obsessed with useless facts and trivia.

  In my desire for knowledge and experience, I will try almost anything at least once. This may lead to unpleasant circumstances, but gaining experience is my modus operandi. Regardless of the outcome, there's always something new to learn, and just having the experience is considered mission accomplished.

  I possess the necessary detachment to be an excellent mediator, a natural neutrality that helps me relate well with all kinds of people. I'm generally non-confrontational, grounded, and reliable.

  With a mind that's sponge-like in absorbing facts, figures, and pertinent information, I can be an invaluable resource for others. 

  If I run out of things to study I'll create new knowledge by playing the game of "What would happen next if...?" 

  I'm at my worst when I tend to speculate and make up hypotheses to cover gaps in my knowledge.

  Friends and family might describe me as neutral, a researcher, someone who organizes information, an avid student of philosophy, science, and history.

  My profession of choice might be as a scientist, writer, college professor, historian, philosopher. I am naturally attracted to the information professions, and the information highway via the Internet is something I soak up like a sponge.



  I seek to communicate insights.

  The medium of speech is my personal playground and the world is my audience.

  People say I have a natural affinity for humor.

  I am a gifted disseminator of the truth, and share my insights with a clarity that's both informative and entertaining. I love to play with words and express myself in unique and colorful ways.

  The word that describes me best: expression. Lets face it, I stand out in a crowd! But whether or not my expression is outrageous or informative, I can be an insightful emissary of the human condition, bridging playfulness with wisdom.

  One of my greatest fears is to be misunderstood. Clarity in communication is absolutely imperative to me.

  There's often a running commentary in my head that never stops. Apparently if I'm not a chatterbox around others, I'm perfectly willing to have long conversations with myself. In other words, generally speaking, I'm generally speaking.

  I'm at my best when I have something insightful to say, which is often. I have a natural talent for collecting and disseminating unique information that can make a difference in people's lives. 

  A natural performer, I have the ability to capture people's attention and simultaneously entertain them while tickling their minds with valuable knowledge. That makes me a great teacher.

  I'm at my worst when I not only get in the last word, but the last five-thousand. I can easily pummel my victims with an endless barrage of tornado-like verbiage, and it's best if people just don't argue with me.

  At my darkest hour, I can manipulate and distort facts to suit my own self interests -- think of used car salesmen, or those oily $500 an hour lawyers we just love to hate. 

  I like to be center stage and the life of the party, but I hate to be ignored.

  I'm overly emotional at times and in extreme cases, a "drama queen." In short, I get too wrapped up in my own soap operas.  

  Friends and family might describe me as funny, full of insights, a great communicator, a natural teacher, someone who likes to make play out of work, a person that lightens up the crowd.

  My choice of profession might be as actor (especially on stage), teacher, writer, salesperson, politician, TV announcer, public spokesman, psychic, comedian.

  I regard life as a theatrical production -- I only hope I've got the lead part.



  I seek to serve the highest good, and metaphorically, see the world as my congregation.

  The word that describes me best is "compassion."

   I help people face their fears with optimism and a greater resolve so that they are unafraid of the things that once scared them.

  I am a source of inspiration to those around me and instinctively know what's best for others.

  I am not averse to the use of politics as a tool to advance my personal vision, either behind the scenes or in the arena.

  I have an overwhelming need to raise consciousness.

  I inspire people to reach their potential.

  I'm emotional, high spirited, and brimming with energy, and approach life with determination and purpose. I often feel like I'm on a mission, and rarely does a day go by when I don't find a way to either improve the spiritual path of myself or the people around me.

  While I try to inspire others through my indefatigable reserves of compassion and vision, I sometimes get carried away and take too much on faith or try to force my beliefs on others.

  I'm at my worst when I crusade fervently, even fanatically, to provoke reforms. I sometimes evangelize inappropriately and without solicitation.

  I've occasionally annoyed others due to the high level of moral conduct I expect from them. Righteous indignation has been an occasional occupational hazard, and I've had to learn that displays of superiority are not conducive towards raising consciousness.

 Friends and family might describe me as inspired, compassionate, a visionary, a natural healer, a leader of the congregation, someone that could inspire global healing.

  I am adept at healing others, both psychologically and spiritually.

  My choice of profession might be as a political or religious spokesperson, psychologist, spiritual teacher, founder of nonprofit organization, caretaker, someone who wants to save the world.

  Genuinely warm and nurturing by default, I'm passionately interested in the spiritual growth of my "flock," and inspire people to step beyond their own self-imposed limitations to embrace life more fully. 



  I seek to guide, lead, and delegate. I see the world as my realm, and if given a mandate will lead people to where they want to go.

  The word that describes me best is "mastery." I want things done perfectly the first time and rarely accept second-best. I seek excellence in all things and have exacting standards.

  I rarely stop till I've mastered something and will focus all of my attention on a task till it is complete.

  I am a perfectionist but it has its drawbacks, and I can be too hard on myself and others. 

 I have an instinctive ability to balance opposing energies.

  Being a natural leader I expect to step into leadership positions wherever I go. Even in subordinate positions, I quickly move up the ranks.

  I command attention without trying. People typically defer to me as a voice of authority. They seek out my counsel and often become loyal friends and associates, but I only allow a select few into my inner circle.

  I'm a skilled troubleshooter and can quickly assess a situation, toss out what doesn't work, and lead people to action.

  It's important to respect the dignity of others when resolving conflicts or finding solutions. When I collaborate or negotiate, I  prefer to create scenarios where everyone wins.

  As a leader I'm adept at seeing the big picture and this guides me in delegating work to the person with the talent and skills necessary to get the job done right.

  I don't like to ask for help or appear vulnerable and weak.

  I'm at my best when I lead to serve the will of the people.

  I'm at my worst when I'm tyrannical: one who is intolerant, arrogant, and ruthless.

  Friends and family might describe me as competent, grounded, masterful, a natural leader, a powerful presence, a problem solver, someone who keeps their emotions in check, someone with an expansive vision that's able to see the bigger picture.

  My choice of profession might be as head of country; CEO of corporation; film producer; military commander; entrepreneur; investor; economist; bank manager; symphony conductor; football coach; bartender; or anything else that requires a supervisory or problem-solving role.



Key to Your Soul Type:

1. Server (Service)

2. Artisan (Creativity)

3. Warrior (Persuasion)

4. Scholar (Knowledge)

5. Sage (Expression)

6. Priest (Compassion)

7. King  (Mastery)




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