The Seven Modes

A Photo Comparison of the Seven Modes: Reserve, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression, Observation
Personality Traits

reserve mode


Reserve Mode

In the eyes of Reserve is a sense of elegance and refinement. These polished souls sculpt their lives with a cultivated taste, and the softness of their gaze reveals the delicate rhythm of sophistication.


Passion Mode

Grinning ear to ear with a range of expression conservatively described as unbridled and free, people in Passion cast a luminous gaze that beams with excitement, enthusiasm, and just plain old fun.


Caution Mode

People in Caution appear tentative and careful, as if life to them is a perpetually drawn bath that must be cautiously checked to avoid getting scalded by hot water.


Power Mode

People in Power appear strong and grounded with an unmistakable solidity in their eyes that feels heavy with the weight of authority. Their gaze is penetrating and unshakable.


Perseverance Mode

People in Perseverance are known for their pursed lips and a tenacious expression that they have "miles to go before they sleep."


Aggression Mode

People in Aggression may reveal a quality in their eyes that seems feral, striking those around them with dynamic expressions of verve and vigor.


Observation Mode

People in Observation have opaque and neutral expressions, with eyes that work like mini black holes, absorbing the details and minutia of all that is around them.


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The Seven Modes: Reserve, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression, Observation

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