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Cathryn Tezha Swann 1946 --

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I'm an Artist and Healer (Aromatherapy, energy work, Core Issue Release counseling) living in the Sedona, AZ area with my 2nd level Old Scholar husband Tim Pye and 2 cats. I'm a Capricorn with Scorpio rising and a Pisces Moon. In Mayan astrology, I am a Red Magnetic Moon -- I Unify in Order to Purify. Tim and I have recently moved into our alternative technology PAPERCRETE home, which I designed based on the Feng Shui Bagua, and Tim built almost single-handedly using recycled newspaper, all our junk mail, clay and portland cement. We are off the grid - completely powered by the sun and wind.

I love to create 'guided' aromatherapy blends, jewelry, or other special things for people. My particular gift is to be able to work with a person's Essence Self, guides, or Angels to bring together whatever is most beneficial for a person at the present time. This could be especially beneficial essential oils, or particular stones, colors and symbols to be incorporated into jewelry, or it might be information, which will lead a person onward in their path of evolving consciousness and/or healing.

As an Honorary Scholar, I love to read, and to take all sorts of classes, learning new information, additional healing modalities, and arts and crafts of many types. I also love SINGING and dancing. I organize Dances of Universal Peace -- the most heart-centered spiritual practice I have ever found. And I facilitate drum circles, drumming with intention to send out our intentions for world peace, healing and harmony into the Universe on the heartbeats of the drums. And, of coures, we drum for FUN! - Make a Joyful Noise!

How I found the Michael Teachings: 
About 1994, when we were living in the Austin Texas area, I met a friend (who turned out to be an Entity mate) and he invited me to go with him to an EVENING WITH MICHAEL, presented by Jose and Lena Stevens. It was fascinating! I immediately bought Jose's books, TAO TO EARTH and EARTH TO TAO, and devoured them! The information really resonated with me. It was "cosmic" and down to earth at the same time, and it really made a lot of sense to me. Soon after I had my overleaves channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin, after reading his book THE JOURNEY OF YOUR SOUL. I also had a Q&A channeling session with Shepherd, during which I asked about places where I would be more at home spiritually than I had been up until that point. I had been feeling a strong pull towards the desert of New Mexico or Arizona, and Michael confirmed that would be a good move for me, indicating the Sedona area in particular. Two years later we moved here, and we have both just blossomed in amazing ways we had never dreamed of before!

Since living here I have continued my Michael studies through the online Michael discussion lists, and through the channeling work of Terri Claire Benning. One of the most interesting things I have learned from Michael is that I have a channeling agreement with them for a future lifetime! I have had the great pleasure of meeting a number of Michael students and have come to regard the Michael community as my beloved "spiritual" family.


Role Artisan
Essence Twin


Casting Scholar - 2/6/4
Cadre/Entity 1/7
Soul Age Mature 7
Previous Cycles 13
Past Lives 112
Male/Female 62/38
Frequency 40
Goal Growth
Mode Observation
Attitude Spiritualist
Center Intellectual/Moving
Chief Obstacle Arrogance/Greed
Body Type Lunar 
Secondary(ies) Saturnian
Needs Freedom, Communion, Expression
Side Energy
Motivation Invention
Global Job Transition/Transformation
Community Job Equality


Sedona, AZ lunabelsona@commspeed.net www.moonsinger.com


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