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Species Aggression

Taken from numerous channelings in J.P. van Hulle’s Wednesday Night group. I have hopefully not added too much fog to the inevitable channeling inaccuracies.

Michael has frequently commented that our species ranks as a 3 on the aggressiveness scale. This scale runs from 1, for the most aggressive, to 9 for the least aggressive. As one might expect, the largest group of sentient species are in the middle, or a 5. So we are significantly more aggressive than average.

Aggressiveness is the tendency to take action when faced with a challenge, heedless of possible consequences. Highly aggressive species tend to be found in hostile environments; the instinctive reaction to strike out and subjugate the challenge is needed in this kind of context. However, once the environmental challenges are conquered, the highly aggressive species tends to a high level of internal warfare.

In this connection, it’s interesting to notice that our species base is that of a predator. From an evolutionary viewpoint, this is relatively easy to verify. Predators tend to have their eyes set so they have overlapping fields of vision, the better to see and range on prey species. Prey species, on the other hand, tend to have eyes widely spaced on their heads to cover as much of a 360-degree field of vision as possible, the better to see threats approaching and avoid them.

Level 3 is usually the break point. A tool using species at this level has an even chance of wiping themselves out, either with a nuclear war or by destroying the environment. In our case, the nuclear war crisis showed up as the Falklands Island crisis, between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982.

Michael comments that about 50% of the parallels did, in fact, destroy themselves in a nuclear war; with this crisis being one of the most probably trigger points. The psychic reaction convinced the remainder of the parallels that they did not want to do this, so the likelihood of nuclear devastation quickly declined after that point.  As I write this, the probability of an all-out nuclear war is very low, although there is still the possibility of a limited conflagration, especially by North Korea or in the Pakistan – India confrontation. (Note – this was written before George Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil” speech.) The use of nuclear arms by Israel is much lower: they don’t have anything to hit that would warrant that level of destruction.

The environmental crisis has still not been resolved. The root cause of the environmental problems is, of course, overpopulation. Current UN estimates are that the population will peak at around 10 billion by 2050. If nothing is done, and food supplies remain adequate, and current fertility trends continue, the population will decline after that.

Michael has a somewhat different perspective. They say that the current overpopulation is caused by essences living multiple, concurrent lifetimes for various reasons. One of these reasons is early infant souls attempting to catch up as the planet shifts to first level mature, the other is that there are huge numbers of interesting things going on as the industrial revolution winds down, male / female dominance shifts to female dominant, and the planet becomes more mature. Once these changes stabilize, the desire for multiple, concurrent lifetimes will decline. They concur that it won’t happen soon, simply because the Infinite Soul is currently planning to return in the 2030 – 2035 time frame, and that is an intensely interesting event.

They have also said that our species’ aggressiveness is one of the main reasons why we have not been publicly contacted by any of the extraterrestrials that maintain observers here. They consider it to be too hazardous, either to themselves, or to us. They consider that contacting us would set off a public panic and frenzy that would do no one any good. There’s also a perfectly understandable reluctance to get too close to a species that might regard them as the main course at dinner.


About John Roth

John Roth is a sixth level old scholar with scholar casting, a goal of growth, in the observation mode sliding to caution, and an idealist sliding to skeptic on occasion. He's in the emotional part of intellectual center with a chief feature of stubbornness. He's a wild card in the third entity of the first cadre of the 14th energy ring (which is the same ring most of the rest of us are in.) Interestingly, John walked-in during the late 70's; before that the essence running his body was a fourth level old king with a goal of discrimination. On a more mundane level, John is a computer programmer (currently unemployed) and an astrologer. He got interested in Michael during the early '80s, and gets most of his Michael fixes through JP van Hulle's group.


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