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essence manifestation

Essence manifestation is an item that I include on my Michael charts. Several students asked me to expand on this topic, so I asked Michael to share their insights about this fascinating subject. Enjoy!

What is essence manifestation? 

MICHAEL: Essence manifestation charts the percentage of essence that an incarnating personality manifests. The number is not fixed and may fluctuate by the day, which is why the average is gathered over a period of three months. The approximation is similar to the A1C test used by diabetics, where the average blood sugar reading is derived over a three-month period. 

Because the percentage of essence is not a fixed number, there is considerable leeway in how the number may cycle up or down, all dependant on the level of essence manifestation the personality allows through. A particularly challenging week, for instance, can lower the percentage of essence -- although some souls thrive on challenge and may use their personal obstacles to increase their connection to essence. As with all things in the Michael teachings, personal choice is a major component here. 

The average essence manifestation in the world, for instance, is in the lower 40% range, whereas many Michael students tend to average somewhere between 50-60%, with occasional spikes into the 70s. Due to the inherent wiring of an incarnating soul, a percentage ranging from 80-100% is rarely achieved and would be impossible to maintain. 

In fact, essence spikes nearing the century mark are not only difficult but not entirely productive. The incarnational experience requires a collaboration between essence and personality. Heavily leaning toward one side or another would deprive the soul of a full life experience, which includes both the whims of the personality and the directives of essence. Finding a proper balance is part of the incarnational process. Living the life more in the positive is an obvious benefit but much may be learned from occasional transgressions into the darker expressions of the personality -- and all are valid. 

In short, an essence manifestation of 40% or lower is not detrimental to the soul. It all comes down to how the incarnating soul chooses to lead their life. Many younger souls manifest less essence to better experience the dual nature of the overleaves and their polarities, whereas older souls may feel less restricted by them. 

Is there a peak point for optimal essence manifestation? 

MICHAEL: Yes and no. Completing the 4th monad could be considered an optimal point when the personality finally lays out the welcome mat for more essence interaction, but it is possible for the personality to be consciously aware at any age. Older souls, in particular, are more available to a greater engagement with essence even before reaching the 4th monad. There are no fine lines here. 

In one sense, though, the more obvious optimal point would be when the personality is ready to fully engage with essence -- at any point. As we've said before, choice prevails. 

What would 100% manifestation feel like?  Would this lend a complete understanding and memory of past lives and between life experience?

MICHAEL: At best, an incarnating soul could only recall its past lives as fragmented memories, like recalling movies that had once been seen in the past. While the personality is indeed a fragment of essence, it does not have access to the vast resources of essence, even if it manifested at 100% The focus is still 3rd dimensional and limited in scope. 

Is essence manifestation the same as enlightenment? 

MICHAEL: No. Enlightenment (and there are many definitions to consider) typically involves a heightened sense of self-awareness, self-honesty, and acknowledgment of the present moment. The default perception becomes a state of "being." Essence plays a role in the motivation behind this realization, but the personality is the initial driving force until it somewhat ironically realizes the illusion of its perceptions and shifts the perspective from identifying as a self to being a temporary presence in the body. Life's illusions begin to fade away, and more importantly, the dualities that thrive behind those illusions. To borrow from one of your iconic movies, think of Neo when he finally sees the matrix. The dualities of life no longer govern your worldview. Your consciousness is not separated from the world around you but united as a greater whole. This may seem vague in description but it cannot be easily described; it must be experienced.

Essence manifestation, on the other hand, is the degree of collaboration between the personality and essence, where greater levels of true personality are allowed to shine through. Will there be a full partnership or an ongoing struggle that sees essence as a parental influence that must be rebelled against?  And even that could be considered a misnomer since the personality is an ephemeral self that's illusionary and largely constructed from building material nailed in place behind the shadow of false personality. The lower the amount of essence manifestation, the greater the fortification.

Does this mean that low essence manifestation is a hindrance to enlightenment?

If the actual goal is enlightenment, yes. Although even clarifying the enlightened state as a goal is misleading since enlightenment is not something you reach for or attempt to grasp. A state of enlightenment is all around you. It exists as a reality at this very moment. In fact, it IS reality. You only have to wake up long enough to see it.

In summary, essence manifestation is not the same thing as enlightenment, nor does a high percentage of essence manifestation mean you are enlightened, as we have attempted to clarify. 

How is essence manifestation useful? 

MICHAEL: In more practical terms, essence manifestation is useful as a tool for students to gauge their ongoing connection to essence. If the goal is to operate from the higher self and spend more time in the positive poles and away from the chief features, the given percentage is a helpful measurement of that endeavor. 

There are circumstances, however, where the demands of life may be better served with more of the personality at the reins. We must reiterate that as an old soul is not superior to a young soul, having a higher percentage of essence is not better than a lower percentage. 

This concept may be difficult to accept for some of our students, but life is complex, and within that complexity exists an amalgam of choices, both positive and negative, that sometimes defy reason or moral scrutiny. They are part of the pageantry of life, however, and they have their drama to play. To judge these manifestations of the Tao, and yes, they are that to a certain extent, is to join the ranks of that which is judged and spoil valuable opportunities for greater understanding, tolerance, and compassion.

We do not offer this as a solution to the world's problem, but more as a prescription to not become a part of the problem. 


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