Older and Younger Soul Art

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Q. How does art differ between older and younger souls?

A. Old souls tend to make very good artists, even the roles not associated as much with artistic expression. For example, old king and warriors who have accomplished a lot in more typical king and warrior realms may now turn to one of the arts as a new challenge, and can bring a powerful sensibility to it.

The nature of art is not truly different from one soul age to another. The older ages might add layers of subtlety or complexity, but not necessarily, although the whole perception of what art is becomes expanded for old souls, since everything is seen as being interrelated.

Usually, the biggest issue for old-soul artists is simply whether they finish their art. Certainly, they often do, but old souls may not feel so invested in the outcome, and may just enjoy the process, so finishing, although that may be quite fulfilling, may seem less pressing. Therefore, there tends to be less finished work in the old cycle.

The journey through the physical plane starts without structure. One is gradually built and comes to its height in the young cycle. Then, it gradually dissolves and the journey returns to the place it began, enriched. It is like the ocean starting placid in the infant cycle, forming a wave that crests in the young cycle, and then dissolves again at the shore in the old cycle.

Humanity as a whole has been in the young cycle for quite some time. It is gradually approaching mature-soul consciousness. However, for the foreseeable future, the focus of the world will be continue to be more on the late-young desire to get it right in outer form. Certainly, there is a growing sensitivity to those who are different, who are not part of the clan, and that is helped by the increasing number of mature souls. Still, the overall focus is late young, which might be stated as "We've accomplished a lot, but now we have to figure out how not to destroy everything." That should keep everyone busy for a while!

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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