Chief Justice Roberts


Chief Justice Roberts would be another fascinating chart to look at.


I got him as a 6th-young sage, discarnate priest ET, scholar/warrior casting, 68/32, 49 frequency, 11 previous cycles, acceptance, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/moving part, greed, mercurial/martial. Needs are adventure/power/acceptance.

In the cadre numbering system Michael uses through me, he's in 8/7, the same (according to my channeling) as Bela Bartok, David Pogue, Andrea Thompson, and Mark Twain.

We grew up in the same town. Long Beach, Indiana, is a part of Michigan City. He is four months younger than me. He went to a private school but I have a vague memory of having met him on a bus in Long Beach in my early teens, and so does a close friend of mine. I was in a theater group with someone who went to school with him. Hence my curiosity.

Apparently, he was very conservative even as a child, and always whip smart (and sage-in-acceptance likable).
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