Cleaning Your Aura

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If this is your challenge, the first place to look is in the various energy
fields of your life. Your most personal energy field is your aura. Auras can
expand and shrink in size, but for practical purposes, let's think of it as
being about a meter around your skin in all directions, and, of course,
including your physical body as well. As a general rule, your aura reflects
your thoughts and your feelings. However, it also is influenced by your
environment. It's like your home, which collects dust just from the air
moving through it, as well as from the natural biological processes of your
body, and those of others who inhabit the space. In addition, insects may
come into your home even if you keep all the windows and doors closed,
because your home is, after all, part of the larger ecology, no matter how
well sealed it is.

So you clean your home from time to time. You remove excess dust and perhaps
you eliminate insects. Many of them are harmless, but some of them can
destroy your food supply. Termites can eat away at the very foundation of
your home if you don't do something about them. It is like that with your
aura. It is the larger home of your body on the physical plane. Your aura is
physical, like the body, but it is at faster vibration in the physical
plane, which is why it is only physically seen in rare circumstances.
Nonetheless, you feel its effect. If your aura is clean and full of light,
it feels very different to be in than if it is dirty and crawling with
metaphorical insects. Just the same as with your home. Even a confirmed slob
feels better in a home once it is cleaned up, even if he or she does not
have the wherewithal to personally make that happen. You may not know
how to clean your aura, but you feel it if someone else does it for you, for
example a healer, or during these channelings. We are working with each of
you now to help you clean your aura if that is your wish, if you are willing
to let go of what it contains that doesn't really belong.

Sometimes people become attached to their clutter and debris, and even
though part of them wants it cleaned up, if someone else tries to help, the
person may object--there may be mixed feelings about letting go, not wanting
something to be disturbed. This is extreme inertia, or resistance to change,
when even the dust and garbage must not be touched.

The most direct way to clean your aura is to spend a few minutes and simply
focus your consciousness on this happening. Why don't you, if you wish, do
that now. Some people are visual. If that is the case, you can visualize a
space of about a meter all around you, and ask that it start to look clearer
and lighter. Notice what it looks like now, and hold a vision of what you
want it to look like. Or ask it, what it would ideally be, and hold the
space for that to happen. If you are approaching this visually you may not
know if it should look clear or be full of brilliant colors. The goal here
is that it look and feel clean, and anything else is fine, except that it
should reflect who you really are, just like you would like your home to
reflect who you really are, with your tastes and colors you like. You want
it to be homey and hospitable, first of all, to you. If you are not so
visual, you can take feeling picture of what it would ideally feel like to
be in your space and hold your focus on that for a few minutes. There are
other ways to do this, but these are two that will work for most people.

Feel your aura becoming sparklingly clean. Feel it being a true, comfortable
home for you. Ask now that any energies in your aura that are not a part of
who you are in this moment be released. You may have picked up energies,
negative or not, from all the people you have interacted with recently, and
even in the distant past. You may have deliberately, albeit unconsciously,
saved some energy fragments because you wanted to help the person that they
belonged to or because there was something that interested you and you
wanted to try to figure it out. It can get to be like the shut-ins who have
stacks of hundreds of newspapers that they never get around to reading, and
yet the stacks make it impossible to really live in the home. It blocks
movement within in it. So if you are willing, let everything that is not you
in this moment be cleared out. You will not lose anything that is valuable
to you. If you need to still deal with something, it will come back to you.
Of course, it is the negative or destructive energies, characterized by
resentment, bitterness or sadness that causes the greatest problems. But
even the more neutral or even positive bits of energy that are not yours get
in the way of the changes that you hunger for. So it is good to clear your
personal space of everything. It is not a bad idea to do it a couple times a
day, say, in the morning and in the evening. This does not have to take a
long time. It is more the fact that you are taking ownership of your
personal space, and are issuing your own parameters. It is like taking
charge of your home and saying, all right, in the past I have let things
fall where they may, but now I am making a choice, and this is now how it is
to be.

As with cleaning your physical home, if you keep up with aura cleansing, it
doesn't get too bad. However, if you are just now dealing with it after a
long period, it will take some time to put it all in order. Still, if you
hold the intention, it will be accomplished.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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