Learning To Channel Overleaves

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Are there roles better suited than others to channeling overleaves?

MICHAEL: It is not so much a function of role as it is the ability to hold fine distinctions in mind.

Does centering make a difference?

MICHAEL: It helps if there is a sensitivity to language. Scholars and sages tend to have this regardless of centering. Otherwise, having either an intellectual center or part of center is helpful, but not required.

Do you have suggestions for the beginning channel who wishes to start with overleaves?

MICHAEL: Go slowly and carefully; avoid jumping to conclusions. Put self aside.

Is an extensive conscious knowledge of the overleaves necessary to channel them?

MICHAEL: It is very helpful. The lack of clear understanding in the channel can lead to unconscious filtering.

Does it cause confusion if we mix energies to channel overleaves (two or more fragments at a time trying to bring in the overleaves together)?

MICHAEL: Not necessarily. It can actually help if there is singularity of purpose.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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