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Remember that schools on the astral plane are experience simulators and not schools as you would find them within your own communities. Learning on the astral is not restricted to cognitive tools (reading writing and arithmetic). They are created for the testing of experience. The question asked is "How many possibilities can I create from the choice that I made?" and "What is the lesson in Karma". You may find this amusing, but Karma is traded on the astral plane. You may exchange Karma as long as the exchange is equal.

The learners in the schools are all of the same soul age and level. For example, you will have a class restricted to 3rd level young only. The instructors can be of any soul age but they are usually at least seven soul levels higher. There is no restriction to how many instructors can participate, or for that matter, how many learners. The soul age/level will define the type of lesson so it would do no good for a 3rd level infant soul to mingle with a group of 4th level young souls. Yes there is (a loose) segregation by soul age and level within the school system, just as you have grades 1-12.

You may ask, how does the entity work within this system. After astral ascension (death of the body) you will migrate back to a frequency that matches your position in your entity. This is your permanent address. The position then evolves and ascends with your entity. You can expand the awareness your position, but you are restricted by the evolution of your members. Imagine a town with lots that can expand in any direction but always maintain the same street address. The lot size is only limited by the awareness of the fragment. The entity will then divide itself into soul age/level districts and you go to the school in your district (a district is an area of common vibration). Neighboring entities will also coalesce into each other and share districts, this makes the lessons more interesting. Districts can be shared by as many as 12 cadres. There is also talk of experimenting with super districts of 1200 cadres to mimic some of the super city conditions on earth.

The Astral Schools

Infant soul schools are much more in touch with Devas and will include devas as "workshop leaders". one is sitting round tables and having coffee and stale pastries. These Deva workshops are very intense and work directly with the instinctive center. Many of these workshops are games created to examine the predator prey relationship. There is not much sophisticated belief system creation going on here, but there is a practice of attunement to the natural world and studying how animal spirits can be used as allies. The major theme is understanding nature.

Baby soul schools are basically earth civilization simulators. Baby souls will practice simple occupations such as postal carrier, customs inspector, security guard etc. to study the structure of civilization. They spend time creating boundary formation games which limit and confine energy rather than expand it. The major theme is understanding order.

Young souls are not good students. They insist that they don't have to return to physical plane, especially when they look at their Karmic records. Usually they have to be fooled into learning anything that will help them make a return trip to earth. Baby souls are easy learners but their games are much more simplistic. Young souls are full of bravado and they tend to think they know it all. Most of the time their Karma just pulls them back to a suitable incarnation. They will spend an inordinate amount of time in schools simply recreating their desires and playing them out over and over again. The key theme is understanding will.

Mature souls are much more humble, and after lifetimes of extending their will they become willing. One of the practices at the mature soul school is the bringing together of a large group of fragments into one body. In the one body they can all experience the lesson together. They will then divide again into separate fragments and "discuss" the lesson. Mature souls though are too eager to please the instructors and do what the instructors want them to do. They will feel abandoned when they have to isolate themselves to think on their own. They key theme is understanding consensus.

Old souls are a bit unruly in class. They have been through this enough and spend the least amount of time in school. They like to teach and usually will be assigned as an instructor. They will instruct any soul age and they love to work with young souls. Young souls need to be fooled into learning and the old souls enjoy creating the tricks needed to fool the young ones. The old souls have the experience to create all sorts of games to run the younger ones through. Old souls tend to go into independent study. This is similar to graduate work. You will be working on your Cycle Project which will be complete at your last lifetime. Schools for old souls are more like free form hangouts where they congregate to exchange affection. They will break all the rules of soul level segregation. After all, the old souls are learning mastery. They key theme is understanding mastery.





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