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First off, thank you for even reading this page. I'll assume you didn't click here by accident. ;-)

While you're here, if you appreciate the work I do on this site and would like to show your support, then feed my insatiable reading habit with a book. Here's my Amazon.com wishlist.

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Listed below are the other websites, blogs, and social networking pages I fiddle around with. Perhaps this is more "Dave" than you bargained for, but for those intrepid souls among you who wish to explore every nook and cranny of my Internet life, here's more to click on.

Note: Some of these sites are still in their infancy, but bookmark them for later and watch them grow...or not.

To start, here's my MT profile:

My Other Websites:

  • The Jazz Reader
    My blog about jazz music. Being a sax player, I've played jazz for decades now and feel qualified to write about it. You can decide for yourself. You'll find articles, reviews, and more. If you'd like to support the site, also visit my Jazz Reader Facebook page and click "Like."

  • Michael Teachings (A Michael Teachings Parody)
    I created this site many lifetimes ago. So as you sit in a dormant-like stupor, sobriety-deprived, and contemplating what life is all about, why not dispense with tradition and peruse through the contents of this site. Hey, it's better than having the flesh chewed off your bones by crazed zombies with magnetic colons. Music by the great Scott Joplin.

  • The Demented Plane - Michael Teachings & Beyond
    My personal blog where I offer humorous thoughts about the Michael teachings, the demented plane we call life, and the ever-growing effluvium of my daily existence.


  • Word Rubble - I haven't quite found the focal point for this site yet, but if it's ever finished it'll be an archive of literary, music, and art links, including bios, essays, and even short stories. Should be fun if you're interested in such things -- and I am. 

My Blogs:

My Social Networking Sites:




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