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The 5 Levels of Teachings Facilitation


I think using this list will help people identify where they are on the path with the M's (as I call Michael) - some feel their student 'agreement' is at a different level than others, and this list will explain a little about that.

The M's tell us that this list is an Ascending List, meaning you
progress upward through the steps to the next level, using the same steps again but with more and more applied awarenesses.
With a nod to all the Scholars here, I'll use some scholastic
references to help things out.

The 5 Levels to Teachings Facilitation

1. Having First Awareness
Being aware of information without doing anything actively about it. You have been exposed to information, and have awareness that it exists in life, but are taking no active steps in pursuing it.

(Looking at College Brochures)

2. Being an Internal Example
Taking information and applying it to your life, though not talking about it much. Discovering the ways the information applies in your life. Many internal "Ah HA's" accompany this level. 

(First Year College Student)

3. Being an Open Example
Taking applied information and its results and willingly telling others what has happened and why. Encouraging others * by your own example * to have similar experiences with the information. 
(Third/Fourth Year College Student)

4. Opening the Door to Others
Intentionally pursuing others with your perceived benefits of the
applied information and actively interesting them. This differs from Level 3 in that you use others' experiences as examples as well as your own. This level can be related to as a 'recruiter' in the most benign of senses.

(Graduate Student)

5. Preparing for the Next Level of Study and Work 
This level is absorbing information, internally and
externally relating information, and is totally aware that they are connected to all the levels of teaching, and serve as an aware example of the best the information has to offer.
(PhD Candidate/Award)

At this point the current level of understanding can be said to be mastered, and the student, or teachings facilitator, will move to the next level of perception, repeating Steps 1 - 5.
This ascention of levels does not stop, and is the basis of the
continuation of the Tao, or All That Is, for all pursue these steps, from being an individual spark to realizing the full reunification of All That Is.

We would further point out that most of those who have an 'agreement' with us to stand by our teachings are at levels 2 and 3, with a few at level 4 and none at level 5 at this time.
We would also remind all here that these 'teachings' we refer to as 'ours' are indeed Universal Truths, and are contained in MANY types of "teachings." It is not necessary or even desirable that EVERYONE pursue our 'brand'. All will perceive, gain, and benefit from that which life has to offer, regardless of the label or form. We serve to offer 'our' teachings as a way that only some will hear. Other teachers serve other 'ports of access'. It is up to you to discern the truths contained in ANY form. 

You are capable of discerning truths through the use of your
Instinctive Center. Few of you actively USE this internal facility. We would encourage more exploration in what the USE of this center offers you. The recognition of Truth always 'feels' the same. One truth does not feel different from another truth - they will each give you the same 'rightness' sensation. This sensation emanates from your Instinctive Center and is different from other sensations that can be mistaken for it by the less aware personality, such as relief, or happiness, or righteousness (dogma), or even grief. Look for the sensation UNDERNEATH those other things, and if it is the sensation of TRUTH, you will recognize that sensation as having come first, before the emotions or ideas get laid on top of it by personality.
This Instinctive Center 'bell ringing' is indeed simply an indication of recognition of interconnectedness, for when you tap into 'truth', you are tapping into All That Is... and when you do that you have access to the full banquet of Agape, however briefly. Look back into your own experience when you knew something to be 'true' or 'right' for the first sharp time - did that awareness of truth not also bring with it a sensation of pure love, however fleeting? This is what we mean by partaking of this banquet, even though most only taste a radish or a celery stick in those moments - you still ATE. You have a memory of the taste, and for many, this is the only thing that keeps them going in times of stress, fear, and reduced abilities. To further this analogy, it is the carrot before the mule. Why would the mule keep after the carrot if he had not tasted a carrot sometime in his past? This is a reminder that the carrot YOU tasted in your past is the memory of having come from, and being forever a part of, All That Is.

channeled by Caris


2003 Caris Palm Turpen - All Rights Reserved


Caris says: "My True Work is, "Telling people what they don't know.  A Michael student since 1980, I have been a professional channel since 1997.  I am very good at bringing in info on past lives that are resonating now." Visit her website: lightcatcher.com/michael.htm

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