Soul Age Summary

Old soul

The approximate age of the soul can be determined by its perception
of itself and the world around it

The infant or “first-born” soul perceives itself and the world around it simply as “me” and “not me”. In this cycle there are no racial memories. If “not me” is perceived as hostile and unkind early in life, withdrawal occurs, and a condition known as autism often results. If this perception occurs later, the infant soul may react with unchecked violence: sadism, murder without visible provocation, acts of unbelievable cruelty. The infant soul truly does not know the difference between right and wrong action, but it can be taught the laws of common sense and decency.

The baby soul perceives itself and the world around it as “me” and “many other mes”. The baby soul forms strong beliefs early in childhood, borrowed from those around it, and these are literally unshakable and incorruptible. The baby soul is normally agreeable, a pillar of the community — until an opposing viewpoint is expressed. then, inwardly the baby soul is bewildered — baffled by the difference. outwardly, it will express anger, hostility, negative emotional energy, belligerence.

The young soul perceives itself and the world around it in quite a different manner than in the preceding cycles. It perceives itself as “me”, and it perceives you as “you”, but it perceives “you” as different from “me”, and experiences the need to change you — to bring you around to its point of view.

The mature soul: this is the most difficult cycle of all, for the mature soul perceives others as they perceive themselves. because of these perceptions, the mature soul will often seek to sever relationships, seemingly for no reason, or by the same token, seek to perpetuate outwardly inappropriate relationships. If you and i are both mature souls, within this framework are also your experiences of me. In other words, while I am experiencing you, you are also experiencing me, and at the same time, you are aware of my experience, and upon this deeper awareness, you and i will base any future social intercourse.

The old soul perceives others as a part of something greater that includes itself.

The transcendental soul experiences others as itself. telepathic rapport and psychic union occur. These exalted souls seldom seek reincarnation in the physical body. If they do, it is usually because of the spiritual and/or philosophical ennui existing on the planet, and then they normally precede the descent of the realized masters by less than one hundred years. The transcendental soul can enter the physical body and displace an old soul at any time during the life cycle. It has happened that the presence of the transcendental soul alone was enough to provoke the needed spiritual, philosophical, or cultural revolution.

The infinite soul perceives the Tao.

Love & Sex

The infant soul perceives love only in the form of lust. It performs the sex act with all the frenzy of a wild animal, completely dependent upon some innate estrus lost to higher cycles. it is powerless to change this.

The baby soul views its own sexuality with a vague uneasiness, and if the culture fosters such, will think of it as somehow shameful. The baby soul will be embarrassed by overt displays of honest sexuality, and it will strive to keep the others around it bound down by its own reprehensible moral code. behind closed doors, the baby soul is more often than not quite as prudish as it is in public, and seldom sustains any sort of sensual pleasure. not having experienced such, it naturally does not “believe” in the existence of the experience.

If the young soul’s own personal opinion of sex is rather low, it will do its best to convince those around it that sex is evil and should be eschewed. Renunciate monks and nuns are quite often young souls. they renounce loudly and take every opportunity to remind the world around them that they have renounced. on the other hand, the young soul can be an equally zealous proponent of total sexual freedom. The young soul perceives love as Eros, solely predicated upon those expectations it has of the others around it. if the others fail to live up to those expectations, the young soul can hate with equal zest. sexual conflicts can be agonizing in this cycle — early training versus internal urge.

With the right partner (another mature soul who has become centered or an older soul) the mature soul can be an ardent lover. The love is deep and lasting, for agape is possible during this cycle if the inner conflicts are resolved. With the wrong partner, there is apathy, impotency, frigidity, infidelity. This soul has more of a tendency to “mate for life” than any of the other cycles, providing a comfortable mating occurs.

The old soul is casual about sex in the earlier levels because erotic love begins to lose its charm. In the final level, the old soul often does not participate for lack of purpose (sex adds nothing to its life). The old soul is intensely sensual, however, and does enjoy close physical contact. The old soul is usually an experienced and exciting partner for a soul in an earlier cycle, but can be a very disappointing lover because of its nonchalance.

Neither the transcendental soul nor the infinite soul pursues physical union. Quite often, however, the high causal body or the high mental body displaces an older soul, and at the time of the manifestation, the sexual activity ceases. these souls are not challenged by Maya.

Higher Education

Let it be known that intellect is not a factor in any of these cycles. intellect is a product of culture, and even firstborns and infant souls can be taught to read, write and compute arithmetically. infant souls rarely seek higher education unless forced. They are bewildered and hostile in strange situations.

The baby soul occasionally seeks higher education — does well in small, conservative liberal arts colleges, trade schools — learns “proper” subjects, is often the “good student”.

The young soul almost always seeks higher education, usually graduate degrees. The young soul is a tireless worker for its cause, and will go through unbelievable hardship to bring this cause to bear: education can be an example of this.

The mature soul always seeks higher education, although not always in an institutional setting. It is often too uncomfortable in a school setting. The mature soul makes massive contributions to knowledge, both philosophical and scientific. Karl Marx, Alfred Adler, Fritz Perls, Sigmund Freud, Immanuel Kant, Aristotle, and Albert Einstein were all mature souls.

The older soul usually enjoys hard, manual labor, but seldom works as an artisan. it may or may not seek higher education. If pressure is exerted by the guru, it will, or if it senses that its task somehow involves the necessity for obtaining the proper credentials.

The transcendental soul seldom “seeks” any sort of formal education, although it will go along with what is forced upon it cheerfully unless it interferes too greatly with its purpose. then the transcendental soul will gently but firmly balk.

The infinite soul has direct access to all knowledge and has no need for education of any type.


The infant soul adopts the religion of its parents without modification, although its interest is cursory and its understanding poor.

The baby soul tends to be fundamentalistic in its religious beliefs. personification of the godhead is the strongest in this cycle. The baby soul believes in the forces of evil.

The young soul, if religiously inclined, tends toward orthodoxy in the extreme. It will campaign tirelessly against all religious reform. If the young soul is atheistic, it will be equally as tireless in its efforts to wipe out the orthodoxy of others.

Religion becomes self-motivated in the mature soul cycle. the mature soul seeks quiet faiths — quakers, unitarians, buddhism.

the religion of the old soul is expansive and includes unorthodox rituals. Groves of trees become cathedrals, and the presence of the realized masters is often felt by older souls. The synthesis is perceived in the final cycle, and old souls seldom cling to dogma.

The transcendental soul perceives the synthesis and teaches it as such — it will not espouse popular dogma and does not affiliate with organized religion.

The religion of the infinite soul is the logos.


Old souls are gardeners. young souls with fabulous estates pay them well to exercise this inborn talent. the money thus gained is used by the mid causal body to perpetuate its influence on the physical plane.

Many nurseries are schools run by mid causal teachers. The teaching there is nonverbal and extremely subtle, but it is easily recognized.

Wine making is an ancient art. Most vintners are older souls and many have been vintners before. Old souls are casual cooks: they use recipes as guidelines rather than the gospel. they tend to use spices and herbs freely, and will cut mold from cheese and rotten spots in fruits.

Mature souls make fine chefs: they enjoy precision cooking and gourmet dining. Their hollandaise sauce does not curdle — it would not dare. wine fetishes are at their height in this cycle. A mature soul would never serve a zinfandel with lobster. an old soul would not hesitate a moment, if zinfandel happened to be his favorite wine.

Early cycle young souls tend to adhere to the food patterns learned in childhood. in the middle of this cycle, experimentation is rampant, but the appetite is generally poor. Late cycle young souls continue to experiment with food, and foreign food fetishes often develop. racial memories are stronger now and the deja vu draws them to certain types of foods.

Infant souls and baby souls cook and eat to survive and the food is usually tasteless and overcooked. The baby soul is fearful (of almost everything) and her kitchen is usually antiseptically clean.

Most shaggy dogs belong to old souls. Baby souls do not like longhaired cats as a general rule. Young souls often own status pets, such as ocelots and lhasa apsos. Infant souls are often bitten by dogs who have no previous history of biting, simply because of their inordinate fear. Old souls begin to relate to wild animals and often have an affinity for all living creatures. The pets belonging to mature souls will most often reflect their owner’s personalities: many winners of obedience trials belong to mature souls. Young souls ride the rodeo, mature souls ride to the hounds, old souls ride the trails. Most baby souls and infant souls would not be caught dead on horseback. allergies to animals are denials.

Source: Michael Teachings Transcripts




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