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Opening Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here.

We begin with a welcome to everyone and we note that there is a spirit of positive thinking among you tonight. This is very Good Work. To manage the physical plane requires a number of tools, some of which we have outlined other times. But one that is essential for a more rewarding experience is looking forward and looking at. Looking forward means to observe that whatever is happening, it is temporary, as all experiences on the physical plane are. Looking at means that one appraises every situation for what it is, not for what it 'ought' to be, or for what it isn't, but just for itself.

Not every personality is seated in optimism, and we acknowledge this and do not pretend that it is the only way to assess the world. However, we do suggest that even for those with a tendency toward its axial element, pessimism, that entering the realms of light once in a while might be a restful, not to say pleasant experience.

The particular event that is celebrated among many on this planet at this time may be enjoyed whether there is an assent to the 'divine' aspect of it or not. The trappings and traditions of any commemoration can often provide a very positive element that may support the positive outlook very well. So sing with the choirs if you feel like it. Hang lights and ribbons and bells if they make you smile. Plan the feast and the gifts and the gatherings if they promote for you the goodness of the universe and of your own small circle, especially.

The man Jesus who is being remembered with reds and greens that he never saw would be the first to say that the mythos is the mother of the feeling of joy and and as such may be adored for its 'divine' energy. Words are what we have to describe life. Traditions are what you have to live it. Enjoy them.

<NancyG> We will now take questions.
<DaveGregg> Barbara Hardy, you have the first question...


Q & A

<Barbara_H> Did I have a past life during the Nazi period and can you describe it?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say, yes, the woman Barbara lived during the years of the German Nazi movement. In that life this fragment was a male, just arrived at physical maturity, living in Estonia. There was a great deal of fear abroad when the Germans entered Poland and especially when they set up camps in Norway. The young male, Anglocized 'Philip', was intent on volunteering, as many in the smaller nations on the edge of the maelstrom were wont to do, to work for the underground that formed in his country. He did his job well, was killed in an explosion from a gasoline tank near a rail crossing in his 22 year.

<Barbara_Hardy> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Susan, you're next...

<susan_the_oboist> I seem to be at quite a crossroads. After many years as a professional musician, I just don't want to do anything but care for my animals. I feel like I've just hit "stop" in my life. Since I am (was) a very active person, this is quite strange and unsettling to say the least. Any clues on how to work around this?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The woman Susan has had several lifetimes in which she was primarily concentrated on music of one kind or another. In one she was a composer of madrigals, in another she/he taught instruments, in another he was a member of a traveling minstral show, and so forth.

We would say that the intention to concentrate on music professionally in this lifetime was based on familiarity, when in fact there is not much more that the fragment can learn from this choice. We see that having come to this conclusion, the higher self is exerting some pressure to 'let it go'. To describe this as a STOP in the life is to accurately and personally concede the truth of this choice. What is wrong with caring for one's animals? Perhaps there is a new profession lurking here.

<susan_the_oboist> Thank you so much! I am so relieved!
<DaveGregg> Karolyn, you're next...

<Karolyn> Did I have lives as a Native American? Was I a medicine woman in any of them, when was the last life and what tribe?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say, yes, again. The fragment Karolyn chose to incarnate four times in the tribal experience of the North American natives. Three of these lives were quite ordinary from a human perspective, but one especially was a full life in which all karma brought into the life and all agreements made before it were attended to.

The fourth life was lived in the Shoshonee tribe and during it endured the training and working of a 'medicine woman'. We believe that this woman Karolyn has a memory of wearing white leggings and a long white leather tunic, fringed and embroidered.

<Karolyn> I do. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Darlene, you're next...

<Darleene> Hi Nancy, Michael... since about September of 2007 I've had many major stressors/upheavals... major hurricanes, spousal illness and death, job upheavals, illnesses and hospitalization, deaths of other close family, financial difficulties, major life changes in close family, ect ... I know I have a goal of growth, but I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. well, more than a bit...

I'm no longer riding on a runaway cart, but being drug underneath. I was wondering if I’d agreed to compress a great deal of growth and experience into such a short time span and what if any suggestions you might have for slowing it down…. It’s beginning to take a mental and physical toll on me.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The goal of growth is chosen to expand the possibilities, not to overwhelm the soul. We suggest that perhaps not every disaster or difficulty need be taken on when presenting itself. The fragment cannot change the experiences that are combined with others, for example, the death of a partner or others, nor can she alter choices made by others that she observes, but we suggest that some of the stress of her life involves being too passive when choices are made. We remind you that for one fragment the loss of a finger is a catastrophe, for another it is a damn nuisance.

Which it is to the individual is a choice. The same with job association, physical illness, and any other experience of the physical plane. How one takes it, looks at it, puts up with it, is shaped by one's outlook, not by one's goal.

Might it be possible to get some professional assistance in dealing with these events? And we do not mean someone who will allow a long rambling identification of every trauma perceived; rather a suitable guide/counselor with the experience to make suggestions. Perhaps it is time to step up and make decisions rather than letting them happen?

<Darleene> thanks Nancy, Michael
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> From a future incarnation's perspective, if they were to ask you about this current incarnation of mine, what would you share with them about this life so far?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We see here a fragment who has made standing on the sidelines an art. This is neither good nor bad, merely a choice. This allows for much observation and evaluation, but does not often lead to action. We would also say that storing up the knowledge that comes from such an attitude arms the fragment for a further step, should he decide to take it, and that is to share this knowledge with others. How he might do that would also be a choice. Further, a side-line stance preserves one from 'failing'. Remember the tag: Don't just stand there do something? Doing may involve making 'wrong' decisions, choosing unworkable solutions, meeting 'unsuitable' people. These are things to think about when reserving oneself from the currents of life.

<Bobby> thanks Nancy/Michael
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> As mentioned earlier in this chat, in early 2008 I shifted from 3rd or midcycle to 4th Old level. Here's my question: I've not been especially conscious of the shift and would like to be. How do I become more aware of this difference on a conscious level? I know this is unusual and that I chose it. I'd like to make the most of it.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Perhaps this fragment has not been conscious of the shift because she has been living some of the elements of the 4th level Old already. Her choice of academic work fits nicely into this pattern and the interaction with students is a good example of sharing knowledge, a very important part of the 4th level experience. We would say that the awareness is only catching up with the fact.

<annh> Interesting! Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lotus, you're next...

<lotus> I have this sense that i am at an extraordinary point in life. Does Michael have any comments/insights?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> This fragment has arrived at the space between the end of the 4th Internal Monad and the beginning of the 5th. This space can be one of the most interesting and productive on a lifetime. In this respect, one might call it extraordinary. For one thing, these years represent opportunity. Many choose to alter lifestyle, job/profession, social outlook, and many other aspects of one's life. This is not mandatory, nor should you determine that you must, but this opportunity is available and may be explored.

We think the fragment might ponder various parts of life, taking a long look and assessing its value to her. Taken in turn, at the end of such appraisal, it may be clear what choices she would make now, what parts work and where she would take them. This assessment is different from the work of the 4th internal monad which is more an internal activity. The time between the 4th and 5th is rather an outward looking option.

<lotus> thanks very much Michael and Nancy.
<DaveGregg> Kristen, you're next...

<kristen> I will be most grateful to know, who is my primary spirit guide?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Each fragment has a number of guides/guardians who have taken on the job of being available for support and sometimes counsel. The primary guide for this fragment at this time is a male ancestor, a relative on the maternal side. We would say some six generations back. His mein is Solomn and his position is one of strength. There are other energies to provide solace and comfort, but this energy stands ready to protect and offer wise observations for the fragment's consideration.

We remind you all that guides do not 'lead', they merely present alternatives, and occasionally point to obvious conclusions. They never push, shove, or otherwise coerce. And finally, guides are not often permanently attached to a fragment. As it matures on the physical plane, there may be a need for changes and for expertise that a given guide lacks. That is why we say 'at this time'.

<kristen> Thank you, Michael... Thank you, Nancy.
<DaveGregg> Santi, you're next...

<Santi> My question is: Do I have any karmic ribbons that have been burned or left unresolved for this life? Would you describe it?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> This fragment has not yet burned any karma. There are four waiting for a propitious connection, and for one more it is very likely that there will be no opportunity to attend to it this lifetime. We believe it does not do a fragment any service to describe karma. When it is time it will become an issue that will be recognized as such, even if it is not recognized as a karmic ribbon. Karma has a way of making itself known when the time is right. Recognizing that is Good Work but not necessary. It is akin to the knowledge a blind man may have that the sun has risen, even when he cannot see it.

<Santi> Ok... thank you Michael and Nancy
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> I'm curious about how far back ensouled hominid ape occupation on Malta goes back into prehistory. There are cart-tracks or ruts cut deeply into roadbeds that end at the very edge of cliffs and continue on elsewhere--indicating great antiquity due to geological changes causing these interrupts.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The island of Malta has a very old history of human habitation. The archaeological elements that the woman Geraldine refers to can be dated to the 4th millennium before the common era. As was said, they are interrupted by the shearing off of material, of landslides due to earthquakes.

<Geraldine> thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Brian, you're next...

<Brian_W> I am curious what past lives are affecting me most, particularly the ones giving me my seemingly constant state of depression, if you could briefly describe how they are affecting me, and how do I work through it?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would prefer to talk about one life, rather than a concatenation of lives. And for your information, Brian, we would say that no past life is responsible for your depression. There is more of a surrendering to the negative poles of your chosen overleaves here, a tendency to chose them and to value them, which results in what is known as depression.

As for what is needed to work through it, this is a matter of professional intervention. We suggest approaching some professional who is not a young soul but who has the ability to connect with you and can assist in the work you must do if you wish to render this state harmless to you. There might even be need for the assistance of medication, although we do not see that this would have to be a permanent solution. Merely a tiding over.

<Brian_W> Yes, I had tried medication since age four and gave it up around age twenty, realizing it wasn't helping me much.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> If there is a resistance to professional intervention, the answer may be that the appropriate connection has not yet been made. The psyche is a strong element in the assembly that is a human being, and sometimes strong measures are needed when it seems out of balance.

<Brian_W> Could you define appropriate connection?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Appropriate would mean someone with the ability to connect with you, Brian, and to level with you, as they say, when necessary. This may turn out to be very difficult, but worthwhile therapy. We wonder if those who have tried their hands at relieving you were 'sturdy' enough in their approach. Your warrior-ness resists the 'And how are you feeling today?" approach.

<Brian_W> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Chris, you're next...

<ChrisLeB> I have now been introduced to three ancient traditions of reincarnation: your "Michael teachings"; Yehuda 'Baal HaSulam' Ashlag's "Kabbalah"; and Shiva-Goraksha-Babaji's "Kriya / Nath Yoga" of the Himalayas.

Could you comment on any lifetimes of mine relevant to my use of these timeless perspectives? Or if my photo is not available, perhaps we could get any comments you would like to make on these ever-present 'spiritual sciences.'

<NancyG/MICHAEL> All approaches to the art and science of understanding what it is to be human are valid where the teachers are disassociated from ego. The message we bring is about a plan of life, how to understand what being human is all about and toward that end we offer tools for living. We are not a spiritual path. For that one needs to select from among the various offerings available.

The Buddhist tradition is one that is readily available to most Westerners. Here it is important to validate the teacher. Many are exactly what they claim to be: those who remember their past lives and who are willing to teach what they have learned. There are also many who could be described as pious frauds. Being careful is called for.

The Taoist tradition is the most unencumbered from the overleaf point of view. It is not very attractive to most Westerners because it seems too enigmatic.

We repeat: We are not a spiritual path. We are not spiritual guides. We are pragmatic to the enth degree, wishing only to pass on to this generation some of the things we have learned as humans also, in order to make the journey through the physical plane somewhat less puzzling.

<DaveGregg> Martha, you have the final question this evening.

<Martha> One of my favorite books is “The Mists of Avalon.” It always seemed to me to feel more true than the more typical Arthurian legends that cast Arthur’s sister as a negative force. If you can connect to “me”, did I have a lifetime in that period and that area? If you can’t, then a general question: can you comment on the actual woman behind Morgaine/Morgan in Arthurian myths? Thanks!

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Let us say that every attempt to present the history of the man named Arthur relies on the supposition that there was such a one and that he was surrounded by magic, sorcery, and mysticism.

The truth is that the ruler known to history as Arthur did in fact live, did in fact battle for the survival of the culture of his time, and did disappear off the face of the earth, giving rise to the otherworldliness aspect of his existence. We suggest a little research into the life and times of those who lived toward the end of the 5th century of the common era in Britain and northern Europe would be a help in understanding the reality, unshrouded and de-mystified.

The novel, The Mists of Avalon is a very entertaining read. Not very true, but entertaining. We do not see a lifetime spent in the Britain of the late 5th century.

<Martha> thank you
<DaveGregg> Does Michael have closing comments?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We sometimes find that it is important to remind you all that what we do is neither mystical nor ambitious. We bring our message as a help to you, not as a weapon to divide but as a line to connect. Connecting with each other is one of the beauties of being a human being. This ability to connect is one of the most important choices you can make along the road toward Agape.
Not one of you is meant to find your way back to the Tao alone. And in fact, that would almost be impossible, given the way things are ordered.

Although you each have chosen a set of overleaves for this life, remember that each life has its own reason for being, yours and that of those around you. Questions about guides are Good Work because they exhibit a realization that the fragment is not alone. But your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, and even the strangers you have met or have yet to meet are part of the support system that accompanies you along the road back to the TAO.

This time of year you are bombarded with admonitions to have Good Will toward Men! We really do not think this is a bad idea. If there is enough Good Will extended, there will be some coming back. Your poet said it: No man is an island. Gather together and rejoice in your community.

<NancyG> Go in Peace.

<Darleene> Much growth and love to you Michael....
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael and Nancy. And Merry Christmas everyone!
<kristen> Thank you, Michael, in love, respect and light. Thank you, NancyG.
<lotus> Thanks Michael and Nancy. such beautiful messages and profound wisdom.
<Bobby> Thanks Nancy for coming back to us!
<susan_the_oboist> Thank you Nancy, Dave and Michael!
<Martha> Thank you.

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