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Nancy Gordon


Nancy: Five topics that Michael has suggested they want to channel about follow:


  1. We would speak about the Mature soul age of the planet that is coming into being.

  2. We would speak about the 5th internal monad and what is means to the evolution of the soul.

  3. We would speak about the accuracy of channeled information and the channeling process.

  4. We would speak to the tendency among students to evaluate others in light of what is perceived as their Chief Feature and their negative poles.

  5. We would speak to the progress that can be made in attaining life in the positive pole of each of the overleaves, and of the other elements of the life pattern and the True Personality's goal for that life.


Mature Soul Age Shift

MICHAEL: We are here with all of you tonight. We have the pleasure, for us, of being able to speak on anything we wish, and we have given the channel some suggestions. We see that she has offered them to you tonight. We will begin then with the first of these suggested themes, the Mature Soul Age that this planet is evolving into.

The Mature Soul Age is a level situated in the emotional center. Until the majority of the population has passed into it, however, there will be many remnants of the Young Soul to be dealt with. The energy of the Young Soul Age is very outward. The energy of the Mature Age will be inward. By this we mean that rather than focusing on the ways to DO, there will be a focus on ways to BE. This will be a very different focus. Being requires that there be a directive towards refashioning the inward perceptions, the basic intent being to grow from within rather than from external stimuli.

As you know, the Young Souls of this planet have accomplished a great deal in their work. Without the external direction of their energy there would be very little to describe about the world you live in that you would recognize. In all of the areas of life that are important to most of you, your health, your residing, your ability to move from place to place, your pleasures in recreation, and your lessoned time doing the mundane things that life demands, all this has been ameliorated by the energetic inventions, exercises, and adaptations of the inventive, expressive, 'lets's get things done' approach of the Young Souls of your world.

Now that there is an end to this responsibility, and we caution you all that it has been a very real responsibility in every sense of the word, there will be adjustments to be made. And further, we will say that it will be good to keep in mind that this transition will not take place overnight. And further it will not take place evenly across the whole of the planet. Just as there are still pockets of Baby souls extent in the world, and even some Infant souls, so these will remain in various places along with Young souls who are not yet finished with their level. This means that among those of you who are already Mature souls, and especially those of you who are into the Old Soul levels, a great amount of patience will be needed.

The overall energy of the Mature soul age will be focused on community. How can we bring people together? What will it take to be sure there is enough for everyone? This is a fairly new perspective for the planet. Some of these thoughts have been part of some individuals and groups all along, but with the Mature Energy 'yearning to breathe free' in larger amounts, there will be a greater emphasis among those who are in places of power and of authority. This will clash with the Young Soul concept that each of you is an island unto yourself. And we might as well say it here, this transition of perception will take about 10 generations to become the habit of the planet. That is a conservative estimate, by the way. It took nearly four hundred years for the transition from Baby Soul thinking to Young Soul attention, but since you have better information distribution these days, we believe that the transition will be accelerated this time.

The way people are governed will change, of course. If the major elements of government have been from the top down during the years of the Young Soul Age, and indeed during all the previous ages of this planet, government in the parts of the world most susceptible to the Mature energy will begin with the masses. This in itself will be a very ambitious undertaking and will meet with a goodly amount of opposition from those used to telling others what to do. There will always be the necessity of some form of government and we will not begin to describe what yours will be, but we can say that 'Do it my way' is not going to be the norm. If consensus is the watchword for the Mature Soul Age, then there will be a very real need for government to persuade rather than coerce.

The energy that is being released even now is hitting very hard at some of the Baby rulers of your world. You have followed the chaotic reactions to change that are being generated in Baby and early Young communities. Remember that these souls must by their nature go through each of the levels that you have already traversed. The conflict that ensues is mirrored in the streets of the cities and towns where there is organized and disorganized rebellion against the status quo.

You will not want to think that there will have to be conflict to achieve the transition, but there will be. Not only are these Baby and Early Young and later Young Souls being harassed by their fear of change, but they fear desperately losing what they have. This is the negative energy that is firing the rebellions that you are aware of. The so-called 1st World Countries like your own, and those of most of North America and Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand, have had their Baby and Younger Soul days. Now you and they observe with horror the chaos and misery you read about in place like North Africa and the Near and Middle East. We will say that this is nothing compared to what is to come in the rest of the world. For instance, Asia has not yet followed in the footsteps of their westerly brothers and sisters, but without doubt it will. There is a greater abundance of all soul levels present in Asian countries, a situation that will continue to fuel conflict and frighten rulers desperate to hold on to their vanishing powers.

Can you here do anything about this? Not really. It is something that these fragments must endure themselves. It would be like attempting to short circuit the adolescent period for the teen-aged population of your country because you remember how painful it was and would like to prevent them from having to go through it. The 'going through it' is part of the evolution of the culture, just as experiencing the birth pangs of the new age is part of the evolution of the soul for those involved.

Government during the transition period will be trying to find its feet, so to speak. As the experience of attempting to find alternative ways to 'rule', to pay for ruling, to provide for everyone alters the way things have always been done, there will be mistakes and mis-steps and having to scap this plan/idea/promotion or that one and start again. This will be difficult for many to endure. The remnants of the Young Soul Age, including impatience and anger at having to wait, will rear their heads and cause untold uproar before things settle down. We repeat, the transition will not be completed in your lifetimes. This is a part of the evolution of this planet and part of the maya of processes. If there were no maya involved, of course there would be an almost instantaneous transition. But nothing about the Physical Plane is that perfect.

Education will become a much more individual-oriented process. That may sound contradictory when we have described the Mature soul age as being less individualistic. But the process by which children are inculcated with the culture will pay greater attention to the ways different Roles perceive information and apply it. This is what we mean by individualistic education. It is already well known that some children learn by hearing, some by seeing, some by doing. As you can tell, this correlates with centering. As the Mature educators achieve greater awareness in this area, there will be more choices for educating the individual.

We will not address how long people can expect to live. That will depend almost entirely on the willingness of both the health professions and the populace to cooperate in producing an environment in which there will be more support for 'good' health. There are protocols available today that are not yet in the realm of common medical procedures. This will change as more thought is given to distribution and less to the bottom line.

Finally, the whole concept of value received for value given will be re-aligned toward the greater good for the whole, not just for the many. We cannot predict just exactly what this will look like, only that it will be in alignment with the Mature soul conviction that everyone is everyone's brother and keeper.

Bobby: What do you see for the world population load during, say, the next 50 years of this transition?

MICHAEL: Your experts have predicted that within the next 20 years the population of the earth will reach 7 billion. There is every possibility that there will be a general decline in birthrates after that, although even so, the population total will remain high and is certainly one off the greatest concerns for the future. We know that there have been predictions of large numbers of people dying off because of plague-type diseases. We tend to think that this is unlikely. However, it is not unlikely that there will be a general decline in so-called 'quality of life' for many in order for there to be enough for all. It may be that the three-car family will become obsolete, for instance. [small smile from Michael] and there may be a retrenchment in living conditions. In many parts of the world most people live without back yards and patios, you know.

Helen: Are we transitioning towards a bartering system/black market? Will $ become worthless?

MICHAEL: The money culture of the Western world is in a time of upheaval, as you well know. Barter is certainly an option, although we do not see it as a general means of exchange. Whether you choose to establish a 'black market' is up to you.

Maggie: Regarding population - is this because Earth is really on the cutting edge of evolution with ties to so many future/parallel galactic brethren that souls are clamoring to participate in the experience of being human on Earth?

MICHAEL: It is a certainty that many souls wish to 'get in on' the excitement of these days. But we remind you that those incarnating now are not beginning their earthly cycle. No Infant souls are any longer coming to this planet. Also, there are no souls incarnating into human bodies now who have not started out the cycle here as Infants. Leaving out the parallel universe concept, then, there is a sense among discarnate souls that being here to experience the energy of the transition would be an interesting part of Growth. Many of the souls so inclined are still Young and even Baby. Discarnate late Mature and Old souls are less inclined to wish to be a part of the excitement. Many of them are willing to wait and see.

5th Internal Monad

MICHAEL: We will speak about the 5th internal monad and what it means to the evolution of the soul.

The 5th internal monad is part of the maturing of the human body. After the outward energy of the younger days, and by this we mean the years between the end of the 3rd internal monad and through the 4th, there is usually a period of rest and recovery. This time is roughly from the age of 45 to 60. By the way, we have said that the 4th internal monad usually begins at about age 35. We believe we should revise this estimate forward, given the increased longevity of your culture. The 4th internal monad may not begin until after the 40th year, sometimes not until after the 45th year.

As the fragment lives on into the late 50s and early 60s of life there comes a time when it seems useful to take stock. That is what the 5th internal monad is all about: evaluation, taking stock. At this time there is a tendency to see things as very black and white. Failures are toted up and successes are rethought as to outcomes.

However, the 5th internal monad is not meant to be a judgment call. It is meant to be a softening of the personality's efforts to scour the soul. By this we mean, if you have always expected to die a millionaire and you see by the age of 60 or 65 that this is not in the running, you will not see your life as a failure. Remember that false personality is prone to exaggerate every fear that is humanly possible. Fear of failure is high on the list.

Putting up impossible or unlikely goals is a specialty of False Personality and is especially a product of maya. During the 5th internal monad there is the prospect of righting these inflated goals and taking a hard look at the actual products of the life. These are qualities, not quantities. Where are you on the scale of understanding? Of compassion, of patience, of truthfulness, of giving up of the ego toward a companionable solution? Of endurance of what cannot be changed? Of the effort to be realistic about oneself and one's abilities? These are the criteria by which the life can be evaluated. The fragment who comes to an honest understanding of his or her actual accomplishments has entered the 5th monad and exited with honors.

There is no emphasis on bodily decline inherent in the 5th internal monad. There may be such, but that is highly idiosyncratic. Mostly the emphasis on health and bodily difficulties are left for the 6th internal monad. However, there is the fact of weaknesses and general lessening of powers that will be obvious by the time of the 5th monad. Ignoring them is not Good Work, and we do not propose that it is. Part of the 5th internal monad is arrival at a realistic appraisal of a life, including health, career, life task if known and or understood, relationships, and any other element that is important to the individual. That is the basic design of the 5th internal monad.

We have said that those who die before their 60th year are less likely to have completed all the agreements, karma, and other arrangements made before incarnating. This is only partially true and we wish here to set the record on this straighter. Fragments come into a lifetime with varying amounts of ambition regarding what is possible to achieve during a lifetime. Expectations can run rampant in this regard. But remember, agreements are not karma. Agreeing to something on the Astral Plane is a proposition only. One may decide it is not feasible, not agreeable, not going to happen; there is no penalty for abandoning it. Therefore, when the fragment reaches the latter years of a life care can be taken not to confuse abrogating an agreement with the probable karma attached to abandoning a dependent spouse or a handicapped child. We say 'probable' since circumstances may mitigate responsibility in individual cases.

We do emphasize that evaluating does not mean flagellating the soul for things undone. It means, again, an honest, unvarnished appraisal of a life and then putting it behind and living the rest of the years available in harmony with Essence. As one would have wanted to do all during life anyway.

Kathryn: Is there a 'hallmark' one can use to determine if/when one has completed the 5th IM? (I am going through it now :-) )

MICHAEL: There might be a sense of completion, of having 'been there, done that'. Many people realize sooner than later that time has run out on some or many of their ambitions. This is one marker that the 5th internal monad is in progress. Another marker is the feeling of satisfaction that reviewing things brings. Another is quite the opposite: a let-down feeling that a goal was a bridge too far. All of these are emotional reactions, of course. There is no physical marker that we know of.

Dr. Jay: Is there a way to tell the difference between abrogation of an agreement and incurring karmic debt/repaying a karmic debt? Is there a hallmark or a particular sense the fragment may have upon review of a relationship where estrangement from another fragment may have occurred?

MICHAEL: There is always a sense of duty in the repayment of karma. It is not a pleasant sensation by any means. And it is especially hard to be repaid, often causing the one receiving repayment to have negative feelings about the whole thing. Karma reception and payment is engineered by Essence and comes about in its time without conscious thought on the part of the principles. An agreement, as we have said, is just that, agreeing to do something with someone else. Agreements are made by the fragment with other fragments, not with Essence. But if geography, or age, or class structure, or health prevents one from honoring the agreement, there is no residue for the soul to worry about. Any worry is from personality, either False or True. No, we do not believe that fragments would recognize a particular marker which delineates a relationship as an agreement.

Accuracy of Channeled Information

MICHAEL: We would speak about the accuracy of channeled information and the elements of the channeling process.

When we connect with a human intelligence, we transmit and receive energy. The amount of energy we transmit is much greater than the amount that is received from the fragment, but it is a two-way street. We have said that we will come to anyone who asks, and that is a truth. What we have not said is based on the reality of the connection.

Some of you have the ability to receive our energy and to translate it into words that others can understand. Remember, we do not have the apparatus for speaking words, nor the limbs for expressing them in writing. We must connect with a willing vessel who is able to provide us with these essential elements. When we express our thoughts to the channel, it is in the form of intellectual energy. Then it must be converted into words that others can understand. If it were only the channel who needed to understand, the reception of the energy would in most cases be sufficient. The channel 'gets' the ideas/message and could decide to let it go at that. But to pass on the energy requires transcribing that energy into words. That is where the individual characteristics of the channel come in. We are dependent on the intelligence and ability of the receiver to be able to convert our energy into words, spoken or written.

When there is a fragment who consults one of our channels, we are part of a three-way transmission. The energy flows from us to the channel who connects energetically with the person, who returns energy to us. This three-way circuit also goes in all directions, back and forth, round and round and is necessary for the delivery of the message. When we enter into a group channeling, as we are doing tonight and as we do every time we come here, there is an even greater exchange of energy among all of you, back to us, from us to the channel, from the channel to you. That is the necessary connection our Entity makes every time we deliver anything to you.

Now, there is the very real possibility that something gets lost in the translation. If the channel does not have the mental capacity, the vocabulary, the cultural equipment to 'make sense' of our transmission, then the quality of the channeling suffers. We attempt to connect only with those who 'qualify' according to our understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

Does this mean that every nuance of what we are transmitting is caught and passed on? No, it does not. "Good" channels 'get' most of what we are sending and very good channels can be nearly 90 percent accurate. This channel has been concerned the whole time we have connected with her that she will pass on 'wrong' information. We have told her that we will not let her be 'wrong' on anything that is important. Sometimes less important transmission can be less than 90 percent accurate, but these inaccuracies are not crucial to the message.

Remember also that the state of the channel varies from time to time. There is the possibility that external stresses will lower the connection's viability. The daily variables of health, weather, duties, and such normal elements as fatigue or worry can interfere with the accuracy of the connection. We take that into consideration and monitor the results. If there seems to be a serious discrepancy, we will repeat the message until we are satisfied that it has been not only received but transmitted clearly. We have been careful throughout our work with fragments to connect with those who exhibit the physical and mental traits that we have described.

This is a good time to decry the notion that channeling is a 'spiritual' promotion. It is not. The elements that are necessary for the making of a competent receiver have nothing to do with the moral health of the fragment. This may come as a shock to those who equate channeling with saintliness, but it is true. Being able to channel to our satisfaction does not set the channel apart in soul evolution. It is a talent, if you will, nothing more. It is a talent that needs careful fostering, that is so, and we are always aware of that fact. We do not pour our energy out in full immediately that we find a compatible connection. We slowly, over time, increase the amount of our energy that is transmitted until the channel is able to withstand it to the extent that we hope for. To do otherwise would be unpardonable on our part and destructive to the channel.

This channel had the experience of suddenly connecting with us. We would say that it was very easy and have told her so.

There is a kind of thinking among some of you that being a channel involves all sorts of preliminaries such as showering, putting on special clothing such as white robes, lighting candles and incense, sitting in a prescribed position in a particular place, and so on. None of this is necessary from our standpoint, but may be necessary for the individual who is going to channel. If these rites are part of the fragment's culture concerning connection with us, then by all means he or she is at liberty to indulge in them. But they are not required by us and have nothing to do with the quality or quantity of the channeling.

Finally, let us remark on the 'sound of Michael' that we hear about. Returning to the proposition that each fragment receiving us has a vocabulary that is his or her own, that he or she has an intelligence that has been shaped by education and culture in a particular way, and that he or she is of particular age and experience with this world, there will be variances in the 'sound of Michael'.
A channel does not divest him or herself of personality when channeling, and this will show itself in the expression of our energy. This has nothing to do with the message, however. If it did we would be constrained to a very small population of possible willing receivers.

Brian W: What is involved in a channeling agreement from both your perspective and the perspective of a potential channel? What do you look for when setting up those agreements, either before the life or during the life?

MICHAEL: We look for willingness to be a channel since nothing would be gained by coercion, even if we were capable of it. We 'arrange' with souls who seem to be the receivers we are eager to work with both before incarnation and after. Those who make an agreement with us before incarnation, and remember, an agreement is a willingness between both parties, may take steps to choose a life that will include the kind of preparation that will make them good at the job. In other words, to choose parents who will bestow intelligent genes, a cultural environment which will enhance the experience, etc. These choices do not always turn out as planned, however. And exceptions always prove the rule. Since channeling is such a bi-lateral agreement, we stress that it is willingness on both sides: we perceive that a certain fragment has the capability, the fragment accepts the invitation and prepares to cooperate. That is the main involvement, if you will.

Helen: What are some helpful habits for developing the talent to channel?

MICHAEL: A channel, to be an accurate, honest, and useful receiver, must be objective about him or herself, able to put the personality aside as much as possible, and care implicitly about getting the message 'right'. We have found that some roles tend to make better channels than do others, but even this is not carved in stone. Kings, do not usually make good channels, but we know of one very good one. Sages usually do not either, but again, there are exceptions. Idealists make better channels than do Cynics. Priest do not usually make good channels. Self-Deprecation and Arrogance both tend to be useful to a channel, unlikely as that may seem. All of these are chosen by a fragment prior to incarnation, so cannot be 'developed' on demand. We would say objectivity may be the single most helpful habit of mind/intellect and heart for one wishing to be a receiver/channel.

We believe that this has been a long and fruitful evening for us and for you. Go in Peace.

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