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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<NancyG> Please pull your thoughts together now. Have a glass of water handy and drink it during the evening. We are here to share and learn and be. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here for all of you. We come as teachers and friends. Although we are one Entity, we are WE. And so we take the plural! (Michael is grinning.)

Tonight we will take a different view of two of the Chief Features you all know very well. Impatience and Stubbornness. These two Chief features are very common in your world. Together they amount to nearly half of the Chief Feature selection. The only other Chief Feature that is somewhat popular is Self-Deprecation. We will leave that one for another night.

It is well known that the possibility of escaping the negative throes of a Chief Feature is to look to the positive pole of its axis twin. To do this would be to turn from the negative pole Intolerance of Impatience toward Selflessness of Martyrdom. Similarly with Stubbornness. The negative pole, Obstinacy can be mitigated by attending to any one of the other Chief Features, since the Assimilation does not have an axis mate.

We propose, however, that there is another option that can be considered when attempting to contain Chief Feature. That would be to escape its tentacles altogether, even for a brief time. Eradicating Chief Feature is seldom possible in a lifetime, but containment is more easily acquired.

Let us consider Stubbornness first. The Chief Feature of Stubbornness involves the tightness of the ego, the protection of the False Personality with barriers of willfulness, what you call bull-headedness, the inability to see the other's point of view, or if seeing it, being unwilling to see its value.

Think, then, of what is the opposite of Stubbornness. If the quality of Stubbornness is being cemented in one's own will, then Acquiescence is its opposite.

Acquiescence is not Acceptance. One may submit to the truthfulness of something without accepting it. Acquiescence is bending the will, as opposed to insisting on willfulness, so that other truths may be allowed existence.

The expression: You could be right, is an example of acquiescence. One does not have to take on the view or words of the other, merely to acknowledge the other's right to a different opinion. Stubbornness often involves attempting to mow down the opposition as well as 'standing firmly' in one's own opinion/knowledge.

Viewing the world as full of differing opinions, points of view, knowledge does not mean one's own are valueless. Not at all. But it does mean easing the boxed in form of Stubbornness so that the energy of other ways of being may enter and mingle. This approach is not always possible, but we suggest it as an alternative to the approach detailed in working with only the poles of the Chief Feature.

Think now of Impatience. Intolerance is the negative pole and looking to its mate Martyrdom's positive pole we find Selflessness. This is certainly an improvement on Intolerance, we would agree. However, climbing out of the Chief Feature altogether we suggest Patience as a reasonable alternative. Patience implies the ability to hear, learn, and indeed monitor the world around one. Patience requires putting a leash on one's appetites. In the philosophical sense, we use the word 'appetite'. All physical desires are appetites. The desire to be 'right'. The desire to be 'first'. The desire to be 'recognized'. The desire to be loved.

Without these appetites, and many more we have not named, the personality would be colorless, nearly transparent. It is the appetites of the physical being that establish form and substance to the personality. However, as with all else, there can be too much of a good thing, as you say. Patience is the monitor, the guardian of the appetite. Without Patience, there is the tendency for these energies to exert overwhelming authority, authority they are not capable of restraining.

Most of the vices you recognize are the result of unrestrained appetites. In most of you, however, things have not gone that far. Vice is a general term which you have invested with evil connotation. These choices are learning milestones and we do not recognize them as 'evil'. We do understand that you so label unsocial behavior. Which we would agree is a significant variation from what allows community and relationship to prosper.

Impatience, a common Chief Feature choice, is at the root of many physical imbalances, both bodily and socially. Think of the pressure impatience puts on the nervous system, the digestive system, the circulatory systems. Then extend your thoughts to include neighborhood disputes, national restrictions, and even diplomatic terrors called wars.

In this latter respect we would say that Impatience allies with Stubbornness. Wouldn't you?!! The combination is often deadly, whether between fragments or between nations. Therefore, we offer these alternative approaches to containing these two Chief Features. Notice we do not say 'mastering' them. The best that most of you, and us when we were part of the physical world, could hope for is once in a while looking to the other side, the positive energy that mirrors these two negative ones.

<NancyG> Now we will take questions.

<DaveGregg> Tom D, you have the first question...

<TomD> What is the relationship between the dragon of self-deprecation and depression? It's up for me now because a woman I'm counseling seems to have both; but I've also seen people with one or the other and not both.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Depression is a condition. Self-deprecation is a Chief Feature or Dragon that can be expressed as depression. Depression often expresses itself in other ways, one of which is Martyrdom. But the depressive tendencies are shadows that obscure reality for the sufferer. Self-Deprecation, Arrogance, Martyrdom, even Greed are contained in an umbrella label called Depression. Unmixing these possibilities becomes the goal of the professional who is presented with the condition.

We see the relationship as essentially one of cause and effect. The cause is one or more of the 'dragons' run amok, and the effect is depression.

<TomD> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Darleene, you're next...

<Darleene> I have been having pain in my right knee. I was wondering what is wrong with my knee, how something like what is wrong is fixed and what I could do to help with the pain and the healing?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We suggest that this pain is a common condition for one who has been putting a life-time of weight on it. The result is an erosion of the cushion which allows the joint to move easily. When this happens, the movement is anything but easy. Your medical practioners will be able to ascertain exactly where the wear is most debilitating. It may not require more than replacement therapy and we do not mean surgery. That may be necessary, but we suggest investigating various avenues available before resorting to this expediency. There has been a great deal said about the combination glucosamin and chondroitan. For some fragments this has obviated the necessity for further intervention.

<Darleene> Thank you Nancy, Michael...
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> I would like to know for this incarnation, what IMs have been completed in the positive pole? Also would you confirm/deny that I am currently working my way through the 4th IM and give me your feedback on what you see as the probability of me completing it in the positive pole based on the way I am progressing this time?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say that each of the monads so far completed have been in the positive pole. As for the 4th internal monad, yes, the fragment is currently immersed in it. We cannot say how it will end, however. There are innumerable possibilities along the way for each of you to take a side path away from the goal.

If, and we say IF, the fragment continues in the same mode as begun, it is quite probable that it also will result in a positive completion. We hesitate to confirm what could be considered a prediction and warn the fragment that various choices will still present themselves as he works within the lines of the monad. How he finishes up is altogether his choice.

<Bobby> Are there any specific issues I should work on to finish it in the positive?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> These will present themselves as you progress. You will recognize them as they appear.

<Bobby> thanks! :-)
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> I would like to know where I am in relationship to my 5th IM. I seem to be going through some sort of a transition in my life and I suspect this is it.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say that this fragment has 'jumped the gun', so to speak. We do not sense a turning into the 5th internal monad just yet. The transition which the fragment is currently experiencing is part of the settling of life and not particularly associated with a monad.

<Kathryn41> ok, thank you
<DaveGregg> Heather, you're next...

<heatherh> I'm reading the work of the Roman poet, Ovid. What was his soul age, role, chief feature etc. And what inspired him to write the Metamorphoses - it is such a beautiful work.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The fragment known as Ovid was a mature Priest in Arrogance. As a priest he considered himself compelled to explain the metaphysical world to those who could comprehend what he was about.

<heatherh> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Karen H, you're next.

<KarenH> My son in the last 4 years has jumped in to help individuals in medical emergencies five times. What's going on? Karmic? Past life stuff? Or 3rd IM stuff? Or is it that he's just a nice guy?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> This male fragment has responded to need which in several instances were medical because he is drawn to service. This is his quadrant. If his parent were to examine the other situations in which the son offered assistance, she would note that medical is not the only area in which he operates.

One or two times we would say that there has been a repayment of karma, but for the most part this male fragment is drawn to doing what he can.

<KarenH> Yes, that's true...he's majoring in poly sci with a law emphasis. Is this exposure to medical emergencies going to end soon? Because it's rather traumatic for him.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We see a reserve in this fragment which may cause him to back away from many more emergencies. As he matures, he will apportion his energy as he deems necessary. And the trauma will subside as he learns to distance himself from them.

<KarenH> Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Lulu, you're next...

<lulu19> My question is along the same lines as Bobby's...the last 18 months has seen many reconnections, reunions and rediscoveries yet no resolution or clear sense of my true purpose, many glimmers of insight....but.... What IM am I at present working on and how should I progress toward positive completion?

<NancyG> The 4th internal monad has always been a time of apprehension, discovery, and worry. This concern is normal and there is no reason to fear that one's path is beset with markers that will lead one astray. Remember, before we appeared on the scene fragments were completing their internal monads quite readily. We can say that this path is difficult but not impossible! (Again, Michael is smiling)

Yes, we would say that the fragment Toni is deep in the 4th internal monad. We say only what we have said earlier, progression to the end in a normal undertaking and working through the positive poles of one's overleaves is the best approach.,

<lulu19> Thank you Michael.
<DaveGregg> Barbara H, you're next...

<Barbara_H> Have I ever had a past life experience with Gurdjieff - and is this the reason I have a bodily reaction of feeling smothered and have the impression of cigar smoke when I try to read his writing?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The fragment George Gurdjieff had many followers, and yes, we would say that the woman Barbara was one of them. The circle he formed around him, a physical circle of fragments sitting on the floor or on low pillows or arranged in clusters within hearing distance involved a great deal of smoke. Much of it was from cigarettes, but the most prevalent odor was from cigars. These were omnipresent during the work with the teacher Gurdjieff.

The smothering we would say was from the press of bodies around the man Gurdjieff. This was a regular condition of the group present.

<Barbara_Hardy> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Mollie, you're next...

<MollieL> Hoping to hear the past lifetime most relevant to my present career of psychologist and astrologer.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> This fragment has had several lifetimes dealing with so-called esoteric matters. The one which stands out was as an astrologer for a small German duchy, a lifetime lived in the early 16 century. There was a general acceptance of astrology in the courts, although among the folk there was still much fear that it was the work of the 'devil'.

The woman Mollie was a male for this incarnation, husband and father, and was considered a very scholarly man. His charts were more often than not accurate and his master rewarded him appropriately. He died well thought of and left a considerable legacy for the education of not only his own children but several indigent boys and girls of the area.

We would say that this was a stellar lifetime in regard to the current interest in the workings of the human mind.

<MollieL> thank you!!
<DaveGregg> Susan, you're next...

<c1e7susan343> what is the most important lifetime my good friend james/bluesword angel (in this chatroom) and susan c1e7 #343 have shared, and, what is the set of agreements in play in this lifetime ???

<NancyG/MICHAEL> These two fragments have only one shared lifetime. That one was as strolling players during the second decade of the 12th century in Wales. As man and wife they went from village to village, accepting support from the local heads and were given permission to perform. The man James was an instrument player, the woman Susan was also, but was the singer of the pair.

There was a general agreement to try pairing again sometime but that time did not come about until this lifetime. The agreement now is to investigate other venues and to work together bringing knowledge of the occult, as it is called, to others.

<c1e7susan343> thank you nancy and, michael
<DaveGregg> Miss-ada, you're next...


<miss-ada-elven> Do gnomes and fairies exist? What does Michael think of such?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Gnomes, fairies, leprerchans, sprites, brownies, are all part of the deva world. Devas are energies who vibrate at a lower frequency than human beings and so are not often seen by them.

Before human beings were cast from the Tao in their Entities, they experienced existence as devas. These energies are part of the physical world and their work is to organize and foster the living planet: the soil, the forests, all growing things, all minerals, all waterways, and the very air itself.

<miss-ada-elven> How about changelings? Human children exchanged to fairy children at birth.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There is no such thing as a 'changeling'. Devas cannot live at the frequency of humans, nor can humans live at the frequency of devas.

<DaveGregg> Lydia, you're next...

<LYDIA> Hello Nancy and Michael my question this evening is pertaining to indigo, crystals, and starseeds children and adults, could you elaborate on this a bit and am I and my youngest niece any of these? What is your opinion on this?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The area of indigo children, crystals, and starseeds is one of varying considerations. We do not include these elements in our teachings because they do not pertain to the work of evolving in love, the major goal of the human being.

Crystals have energy that can be applied to various parts of the human body and psyche and as such have been explored and written about and taught. We recommend looking for one of several volumes that deal with them.

We do not work with the idea of the 'blue star' children. It is true that the human race is not static and that there is an ongoing adjustment in the intellectual and physical make up that the inhabitants of this planet are even now experiencing. But these are very slow and not very obvious and will take several generations to fully come to the fore.

The problem of 'star seeding' is associated with the longing for the deus ex machina, the god from the machine to come and solve the problems of life on the physical plane. This is a myth that has been resurrected any number of times over the millennia. It is a very minor imprinting from the original casting from the Tao, a longing to return to safety, perfection, and love.

<DaveGregg> Josh, you're next...

<Josh> I don't have a specific question. So will you tell me something interesting?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The man Joshua is available for listening, doesn't look for adventure but welcomes those who speak of it, and worries about his hairline.

<Bobby> lol
<DaveGregg> Haha...
<heatherh> you asked!
<Darleene> good one Michael!
<Kathryn41> :-)
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> I seem to be operating more through my intuitive or Guide-helped self while I'm writing lately? Am I actually making a breakthrough?

<GeraldineB> <cracking up over that last answer> :))

<NancyG> We would say that this is a true assessment, Geraldine. Your intuition has not been brought into play during most of your life, but as of the past several months it has been flowering. It always was present but was not acknowledged as readily as it might have been. You may call this a 'breakthrough' if you wish.

<GeraldineB> thank you :)

Closng Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Never have we thought of ourselves as being without humor. We do, however, often have the experience of working with quite serious information where levity would be inappropriate. We welcome the chance to 'let go' occasionally, and so we thank you, Josh, for your willingness to have us, and we thank all of you for your appreciation. Laughter is the balm of hurt minds, whatever your bard thinks of sleep. Laughter is the voice of Essence, the joy of life, the ease of taut energies. Laugh when you can. We recommend it.

<Darleene> Thank you Nancy and Michael
<DaveGregg> Thank you Nancy and Michael. :-)
<Kathryn41> thank you Michael and Nancy
<Bobby> Josh, do tell us about that hairline, has it begun to recede? If so, welcome to the club! :)
<Barbara_Hardy> thank you
<heatherh> Thanks - interesting as usual!
<KarenH> Thank you Nancy and Michael! That was very enlightening. I had one of those great palm to forhead "duh" moments, where things just clicked.


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