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Opening Comments

Michael: We welcome you all to our evening, our night.

These are the 'dog days of summer', are they not! When there is a longing for the next season, for the next reason to be. Hot weather tends to slow everything down. And we believe that is a good work, a relief from hustle, from busy-ness. If there is one thing that characterizes this culture, it is constant movement. We understand that things must be done, work must be performed, food must be prepared. And eaten. But the frenzy of never stopping to consider, only moving to the next pressing job, takes its toll on you all.

When the sun is too hot to move in the habitual way, let it be a signal to slow the work, and so slow the being. To BE is the primary aim for you all. To DO is also necessary, but the balance is often forgotten. Be, then, for a little while this night. Let the Do go, just for this little time. It will be there yet when you look for it.

Now we will take questions.

Q & A

[Renee] Hi, Nancy, Renee Mitchell here. I have had a friendship/intimate relationship on and off with Jason for over 14 years and wondered if Michael could give me some insight as to whether we had any agreements for this life.

Michael: We do see an agreement here, an agreement to support each other and to offer an arm on the road of life. There has been four similar connections between these two in past lives, always of a congenial arrangement, not of karma nor of payback in any form

[Renee] Thank u! :)

[susanne] OK, sorry for asking personal business. I sent some pictures of me and another person and would like to know if there is an agreement binding me to him and why, or if it's in my head only?

Michael: Between the woman Susanne and the man Alex there is a tension that may seem like the fabled 'push-me, pull-me' toy. It does not appear to be an agreement, nor does it appear to have any longevity attached to it. This does not mean that it cannot be an 'ad hoc' connection, created on this plane, only that there is no previous energy involved. We do say that the man Alex does not seem to have the same intensity of attraction that you do, Susanne. It may be that there is only a friendly energy at work here.

[jolie_hasson] Hello, Nancy and Michael. I would like to know if you see any viable soulmate agreements in store for me in this present lifetime.

Michael: We have said before, but it bears repeating, that we do not know of any such arrangement as a 'soul mate', if by that one means that there is a special fragment earmarked for each soul and only that one.

[jolie_hasson] I meant more like a life partner,

Michael: Fragments make mating agreements, often in the dozens, before incarnating. They do this because there are many reasons why a connection that looked good on the astral while planning a life is not viable on the physical plane. You, Jolie, made 6 or 8 mating agreements, and we see that perhaps there are two still to be explored. Over the next few years, if the energies are right, it may be possible to explore both.

[jolie_hasson] Thanks so much.

[Lunasol] Hi. It's Carol Koehler. Do I have an agreement to be caregiver for my mother as I have been taking care of her for the last 4 years and am anxious to move away at least by next year-observations?

Michael: We would say yes, there is such an agreement. However, agreements are not karma, remember. They may be honored or abrogated at the pleasure of either party. We ask if there is another arrangement that the fragment Carol can make for the care of the mother?

[Lunasol] It would be a nursing home at this point.

Michael: If there is, then it is a matter of choice whether to stay within the agreement or end it. We can only repeat: it is a matter of choice whether to stay or to go.

[Lunasol] Thanks.

[GerryP] Hi, Nancy/Michael. In one of the early Yarbro books, Michael said "You can depart from the script just a soon as you realize there is a script." Could you elaborate on that. It has been over 30 years but that stuck in my mind. I'm sure it was referring to one's life plan.

Michael: We would say that it is more a detachment from the false personality than a description of the life plan. When the fragment sees through the maya of the physical plane and understands the falseness of its precepts, that is the moment when one can step away from the 'script' and begin to live in the path of agape. This is an important step, however, because nothing of the physical plane is supportive of living a life of agape. Nor is it possible to do so except for very small instances. But the willingness to set aside the blandishments of false personality, with its fears and its cravings, is enough to say that one is departing from the script. It takes courage and it takes trust in the true personality that such a movement away from what appears to be 'real' towards what is indeed 'real' is what one wants to do.

[GerryP] Thank you very much, that clarifies.

[Robin] Hello, Nancy and Michael, Can Michael see any health issues that need addressing? Thank You.

[Nancyg] (Robinette, do you ask because you know of such, or because you fear what might be?)
[Robin] Fear.
[Nancyg] (Any symptoms?)
[Robin] Just bumps.

Michael: The woman Robinette has noticed that things are not as they 'should' be. We agree and we suggest that there be a professional appraisal of this condition. Knowing something for what it is, will ease the approach to doing something about it. Only a medical opinion will confirm what may be in the works. We do not see a life-threatening situation, but we do see something that could be attended to now.

[Robin] Thanks so much.

[DanielE] What is the nature of my agreement with Michael?

Michael: The fragment Daniel has a general agreement with this entity to be a student of the teachings in this lifetime. This agreement is based on his knowledge from past lives when he was also a student of ours. He has asked that in each future lifetime that he remember this and we on our part accept the agreement to remind him. We have discussed with the fragment Daniel the possibility of channeling in the past and both Daniel and we have concluded that his priestly energy is better spent in the service of others than in service to this work. We have observed that this is what he has turned to in this life. Therefore, we would say that the agreement is being honored.

[DanielE] Nice, thanks.

[annh] Hi, Nancy and Michael. I have been having a number of dreams recently in which I am living with my parents and then I realize I have my own home that I have bought and can go to. Since these types of dreams are recurrent, I sense there is some message attempted to be sent. Is it clean-up from the 3rd IM? Is this something related to shifting from 3rd to 4th level in this lifetime? Any insight would helpful.

Michael: The fragment Ann is correct that she is entering the 4th internal monad. The symbolism of the parental home is common when the fragment begins to accept the necessity of shedding imprinting that no longer serves. It does not mean a rending of attachment to parents, only a stepping outside of their strictures and plotting one's own course. Actually, we see that Anne is not just entering the 4th internal monad, but in fact is finished with it. This ending has prompted the return to the womb, so to speak, for just a moment of nostalgia. It is a freeing of the fragment from all that is past and restricting.

[annh] That seems accurate. It feels like putting the bow on something--or cutting the strings.

Michael: During the 4th internal monad much dross is burned away, if one is to finish in the positive pole. Comfort from the parental nest allows this to happen. And realization in the dream that now Ann has a 'home' of her own is confirmation of that.

[annh] Thank you!

[luluaussi] I have recently returned to my hometown after 11 years away and am living with old friend (Sharon C. - sent Nancy pic of the 2 of us) and would like any insight on our current connection.

Michael: This is a reconnection with a friend with whom the woman Toni has had more than one lifetime. In one past life they were brothers, in another they were mated, and in a third they were friends living on the same street. This attachment has proven so comfortable that whenever both are incarnate at the same time and can manage it, they like to find each other and for a little or a long time join forces again. There is no karma present in this relationship, only camaraderie.

[luluaussi] Ok, thank you, this is good to know.

[Janet] Since I was a young child I have had a great fear of fire, but there is no experience in my life that seems to account for the fear. Did I die or suffer by fire in a past life?

Michael: The woman Janet did indeed die in a fire, not once but twice. The first time it was an accidental death due to a child left without supervision and an overturned candle. The second death was part of a firing of a village by an invading army. The fragment was then a young woman with two children, all of whom perished. We suggest an intent to release this information into the void so that it does not impinge on this lifetime any more.

[Janet] Thank you!

[switch] HI, Nancy, this is Nancy R., Derrick is with me tonight and this is really his question- He wants to know how to break the cycle he is in and be able to move forward with his life and live and know happiness again - can you ask the Michaels this for us? Please?

Michael: The man Derrick, a Priest with Scholar casting, has lived with depression and a sense of having abdicated responsibility. This is the cycle that he wishes to break. Priests tend to carry burdens of others as well as those they see as their own. Letting go of either often becomes an additional burden.

We believe that it may take several approaches to offer relief to you, Derrick. One that you can initiate is this: Several times a day think about all the worries you have and bundle them up into a bag you can carry on your back. Take the bag to a dumping place that you create for it and throw it in. This dumping place should be like a huge bottomless well that reaches to the center of the
earth. Your burden then becomes recycled energy that is put to better use than you have done. Do this exercise several time a day when you think of it and do it for as long as it takes for you to clear all the burdens/worries that you can imagine.

The other suggestion we make is to find a practical professional counsel who can assist in an objective way to bring you into balance once more.

[switch] Thank you sooo much!

[BrendaB] HI. Between the various catastrophic and apocalyptic scenarios being put forth on the web and the bland assurances of the news media, what does the outlook for the oil ravaged Gulf of Mexico look like at this time, including long-term toxicity? Can prayer and fasting help Earth heal?

Michael: Fasting has always been an exercise that is more related to the inner needs of the individual than to the exterior needs of the planet. However, prayer, being a direction of the soul towards Essence, is part of the light energy that conditions healing and care. Therefore we do not denigrate prayer in any form. As to the long term condition of the Gulf of Mexico, we remind you that over the millennia there have been great fissures in the base of that geological formation that mirror what has been done to it by the current work. After all, if there is a very large pool of oil to be tapped by artificial means, you can see that earthquakes and other geological activity would have unsettled that pool many times in the past.

We expect the environment will suffer loss and degrading in places in the short run, and that in time there will be a return to a more 'normal' state. We cannot predict how long the return will take, and will not try. We offer our sympathy to those whose livelihoods have been obliterated and we know that saying that there will be light at the end of this tunnel eventually will not assuage their pain. But in time the planet will heal itself, much as it is doing along the slopes of the mountain in your west that erupted with such force some years ago. Recovery there is well underway and so it will be with the Gulf.

[BrendaB] Thank-you.

[Akira] Can Michael tell me about my previous lifetime before the present one, the time, place, family, jobs, what were the themes for that life, etc.?

Michael: The man Hao Z. was born into a merchant family in the last years of the 19th C. of the common era. This family lived in the part of the world known as Peru. He was the third son and was educated to be an advocate, a lawyer, who would be representing the family whenever necessary. The fragment married, fathered five children, and lived a comfortable life for almost 50 years, dying of complications of influenza. We would say the theme for that life, which was honored, was familial responsibility, both to the parental family and to his own.

[akira] Thank you so much.

[ClaireP] Thank you, Michael and Nancy. I would like to know how or why yoga works. Michael recommended yoga to me last fall. Again, thank you.

Michael: We would say that the discipline of Yoga, a very old approach to the human body and its functions, works because it combines the physical with the mental and the spiritual. Not all Yoga as it is practiced in the western world actually includes these necessary three elements, but the best still do and that is the form we recommend.

How it works depends on the conscious ability of the practitioner to combine the energies mentioned. The brain works to move the muscles which rely on the spirit to balance the inner soul. When all three work together there is much healing and relief of the spirit as well as relaxation of the body. Why it works is part of the path of natural harmony. When all parts, whether physical or mental, private or public, work together harmoniously, the result is good work.

[Collene] Years ago Michael told us we have decided not to have a global nuclear war. But lately I've been worrying about the Middle East. I've been wondering if Israel and Iran are going to exchange nukes and pull the rest of us into a war in the ME. What is the probability of that happening and if so, when?

Michael: The probability that either of the two nations named will loose nuclear warfare onto the world is nearly zero. There is a great deal of 'saber rattling' going on that is picked up by the world's journalists and made much of in the media. Those who are working directly with the principles would say that there is little probability that either would risk their reputations in the global family by precipitating such a catastrophe.

[Kathryn41] Hi, Michael and Nancy. I am currently experiencing great satisfaction in reading Chinese culture/history themed books and authors. There is no compulsion, but a sense of ongoing 'detached' curiosity. I know of 2 past Chinese lives (and suspect more :-) ), but am curious why I am experiencing this interest at this particular time. It seems like there is more than just past life resonances involved. Any insights would be welcome.

Michael: The fragment Kathryn must know that there is a time for every effort and that time for this one is now. One might just as well ask why should I want to eat spaghetti today of all days?

[Kathryn41] But why is it this interest time is now?

Michael: We are doing a little 'pulling of the leg' here, Kathryn. We do not see any cosmic reason in this desire, but we do suggest that perhaps both your desire and the books available have come together at the same time. Would this not be reason enough?

[Kathryn41] I guess. :-). Thank you, Michael and Nancy.

[Santi] Please tell me anything about a previous incarnation.

Michael: The most recent incarnation for this fragment was in the Arab state of Tunisia in North Africa. The fragment was female, married to a fisherman who was also a rug merchant. The lifetime spanned the first quarter of the 20th C. and ended rather abruptly at the age of 33 when an ectopic pregnancy was not discovered until too late. The female left behind four daughters and a son and a grieving mate. This was an affectionate match and she was much missed. The lifetime was notable for the serious endeavor on the part of the woman to be helpful anytime and anywhere she deemed she was needed. Much progress was made along the road to the evolution of the soul.

[Santi] Thank you, Michael and Nancy.

[Geraldine] Lately, I've been doing a lot of reading on the effects of pollution, additives, and genetic changes to our food supply. Today, an article detailed many of these things as being the root or cause of various autoimmune diseases, and that most of these diseases can be cured by cleaning oneself of the pollutants, yeasts, food allergies, etc., versus just taking anti-inflammatory medications. How true is this?

Michael: The human physiology is made of very sturdy stuffs. Although we deplore the toxins and other invasive elements in the current foodstuffs available to you, we suggest that again, there is an element of 'doom and gloom' present in the press of today. This is not to say that there should be any ignoring of signs that all is not well and could be better. However, we do see a resurgence of countermeasures to the 'business as usual' regarding the preparation of foodstuffs for sale in this country.

We would suggest that as is true in so many cases, a number of approaches are probably better than one single attempt at redress. Anti-inflammatory medications and supplements may help some. And returning to a 'cleaner' product will help many. With the easier access to information that exists in the current state, we would be surprised if there is not a ground swell of attention on the part of the population towards forcing rethinking regarding packaged and prepared foodstuffs.

Already there are as many articles describing solutions as there are those such as Geraldine mentions. In this way, things have a tendency to regain a balance that may have been missing for these decades. No manufacturer callously sets out to destroy health by his product, but having deficiencies brought to the public eye causes rethinking and retooling.

It may seem that things have gone to hell in a hand basket for too long, but on the scale of the history of humankind, it is less than a breath. As the world inhales once more, there is every reason to believe that it will continue to do so with better grace.

[Geraldine] Thank you.

[DaveGregg] Does Michael have closing comments?

Closing Comments

Michael: We have noticed a sense of doom in many of the questions brought to us tonight. We do not mean to trivialize the worries of this moment, but we do ask that you keep in mind that what seems to be another weapon to fear is in reality an opportunity to re-balance things. It is part of the physical plane to be out of balance. The pendulum, whatever pendulum is uppermost at a time, swings wildly from one extreme to the other, never stopping at the center. This constant motion induces a sense of fatality and chaos, indeed. Those are the hallmarks of the physical plane. Remember, however, that this is Maya, it is an illusion. It is part of fear and has no part of love. It is up to the individual to provide the antithesis to fear, to engender love in whatever form one can to bring the pendulum back to the center. Go, now, in peace, striving for that balanced center that allows love to thrive.

[DaveGregg] Thank you, Nancy and Michael. :-)


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