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Opening Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here. We have some words to say tonight about a subject that you may find a bit odd, since we are going to deal with a word that has certain connotations that are not usually thought of in your daily lives.

This word is PASSION.

Passion is energy. You are used to thinking of it in an erotic mode. And that is one form of passion, certainly, one that nearly everyone can identify. However, there are a number of other applications to this word that provide food for thought.

Think of this: the energy needed to carry through a plan of any kind is a passion, an energy. This is a simple description. Then there are all the imaginative notions that are made concrete. These are a form of passion. The soothing of the sick, a hurt child, a fearful neighbor, this is passion applied to the moment of need. Passion is what drives hope. One can linger in the static condition of hope forever, but if there is not passion to bring that hope to life, then there will only be the notion and not the fulfillment.

Not everyone exhibits the same amount of passion/energy, and for the reserved among you, it may not appear to be much at home. We remind you, however, that appearances can be very misleading. Observe an ordinal fragment at the mundane work of preparing a meal. Carefully chopping up the ingredients, checking the temperatures of various appliances, measuring and tasting. This is an expression of passion that has probably escaped you. We suggest that you think of it now. The very ordinary actions of everyday life are the result of the workings of passion.

A more obvious expression, of course, an argument. When two fragments bring energy to their conversation in the form of disagreement, the passion present is no longer hidden. When two fragments enter into a calm, comfortable, caring mode, reciprocating their thoughts as they follow the thread each offers, it is harder to discover this as 'passion'. But when understood as the energy that conveys the thoughts, it is easier to see the passion involved. One does not have to be shouting, or angry, or hurrying, or seriously energetic to be passionate.

In a somewhat trivial application, you may say you have a passion for --------. Whatever you put in place here, you are expressing your energy concerning a food, a color, music, a certain place, a person, and every other possible object that comes to mind. This is appropriate and expresses this energy fairly. But bring forward for consideration the less obvious passion path. One can be justifiably concerned when hearing what seems to be a distortion of the truth as one understands truth. Having a passion for truth is part of the evolution of the soul. This passion refines and reforms the fragment's understanding toward the good.

Another example that may find a home in one of you is the anger that wells up when observing another holding a third in fear or even terror. This you call bullying. And the reaction you call righteous indignation. This is another form of passion.

We repeat, passion is an energy. And if it were to exist only as a feeling, it would serve you well enough. But it does more, it drives action. Various expression of passion have resulted in remedial work regarding education. Other passions have driven the social acceptance of fair play, as you call it. The good work of living together in community, whether it be a household, a city, or a planet requires the astute application of passion.

What about the negative aspects of this energy? Of course there are many reprehensible expressions of passion, not the least of which is unbridled anger. We have described 'righteous' anger. Now let us attend to the opposite: that form of passion which clouds the mind and corrodes the feelings, which blurs the good intentions and focuses on hurt and destruction. For these fragments their passion becomes a weapon intended to coerce others.

As in every negative pole expression, the need is to capture the moment, realize what is happening, and close down the passion that is driving the fragment to action that is unkind, destructive, and sometimes lethal.

Most of you have a built in reaction to passion of this nature and never let it dominate you to this extreme. And every society upon the planet and from the beginning of ensoulment to the present has established measures for containing those who find it impossible to contain themselves. We are speaking tonight, however, of more usual experiences, not of these exaggerations.

You have heard the expression: governing one's passions. This is the normal brake or control that you all apply when you know you need to 'calm down'. There is an old recipe for finding your feet when this happens: A glass of wine, a warm bath, and a talk with a friend. We recommend it all.

Passion is a friend who walks with you throughout life. It supplies you with the impetus to continue when you feel defeat. It harbors you when you feel you cannot put one foot in front of another. Only when the energy quarrels with knowledge does it sometimes overcome good judgment. Passion is a very strong energy, as most of you can attest. It rewards with success and it penalizes with failure, sometimes seemingly both at the same time.

We leave you with this final thought: Like every energy in the universe, passion has its positive and its negative poles. The balanced man and woman strives to match its expression to the need. Imperceptible action when that is called for, explosive energetic action when that is the need. And for the rest of daily life, somewhere in the middle.

We will take questions now.

Q & A

<Alfred> I'm Alfred E. old 1 scholar manifesting mature 7. For five years I have been working at a job in a local medical center, and I have come to feel that by remaining in this job, I have been using it as a means to avoid completing my fourth internal monad. I perceive that in order for me to function in that workplace, I rely on old habits of false personality that I really want to stop, now that I am aware of them. I feel like the pressing lesson on me is the one about facing fear of taking responsibility for one's own life in Essence. I would like to live in a such a way that I can reduce my level of fear. Am I accurate in my perception that I am trying to pass my fourth internal monad? Thank you.
<NancyG/MICHAEL> You are indeed in the midst of the fourth internal monad. As for 'passing' it, we are not sure what you mean. If you are saying you are trying to get around it, we remind you that if you do not work your way through it now, you will eventually have to return to it in another lifetime. If you merely mean that you ARE working your way through it, then by all means continue to do so.

We address here a question that is implied. That is, would changing the work you are doing allow you to more successfully complete the lessons of this monad and further, allow you to 'live in such a way that you can reduce your level of fear'. We would say that circumstances very seldom define the way one looks at life and lives it. It is more than probable that changing your understanding of who and what you are and where you are going on the path of spiritual evolution is more to the point than getting another working environment.

We would say that you have begun to understand this personal truth and we commend you for it. The results you seek are very likely available no matter where you earn your living.

<Alfred> Thank you Michael, Thank you Nancy!
<DaveGregg> Lou, you're next...

<lou> I am going through a difficult period of doubt on many things at this moment, trying to validate and verify and taking the best decision. At this moment I have never had any conscious experience of my guides. Would Michael have any thing to tell me about them, who they are and how am am I to identify them? Thank you.
<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say that most fragments live life after life with no personal knowledge of their guides. That does not mean that they do not have such helpers, only that most fragments are not tuned enough to the non-physical to be aware of them.

We appreciate your concern, Louise, and we wish to reassure you that even if you are not palpably aware of their assistances, you have very competent guides. They number 4 at the present time. We would say here that the number of guides various with the fragment and with the need.

Your guides are divided between two males and two females. The quartet has worked together before and so operates very smoothly in you behalf. We suggest the following for connecting with them: Before sleeping, have a conversation with your guides. Talk over the most important, the most pressing concern you have at that moment. Do this out loud if this appeals to you, or merely think the words directed to them. This conversation can take as little as a minute or so, or as long as you feel the need. Then go to sleep as usual.

You may dream that you are in the midst of a party, or are working with a group toward accomplishing some project, or are on a committee where everyone has something to say. Or you may not dream, but you waken with a thought about your troubles that you have not considered previously. Either way, your guides will have been on the job.

The pre-sleep approach, done over a period of time, is often the most rewarding for the neophyte who wishes to connect with his/her guides.

<lou> Do they have names or is this not necessary?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> We observe that your quartet wishes you to know that you may think of the two females as Natalie and Gemma, the two males as Success and Worry. The males think this is funny, but they also believe that you will approach them with less trepidation if you think of them this way.

For all of you, we remind you that guides come from the third astral plane level. They have volunteered for this position and they have been accepted into the guide guild because of their achievements in their own evolution. They are not omnipotent, nor are they omniscient. They are fragments like you with a few more lessons under their belts and they will reincarnate eventually when their work as guides is finished.

<lou> merci
<DaveGregg> Barbara H, you're next...

<Barbara_H> I am having some serious financial problems. I would like to know if there are any agreements or karmic ribbons associated with this, and if so, could you describe a past life that would give me more perspective?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> The financial difficulties that you are experiencing are primarily a part of the give and take of the physical plane. We do not see any karma or agreement involved and there is no residue from the past. In the words of many of you: Stuff happens. We might have said this more strongly, but this channel is limited in her use of four-letter words.

As for a past life where you experienced similar deficits, we recognize one in the Pyrenees, middle of the 18th century. There you were the owner of an inn, a very poor inn with very poor patrons. Most of that life was hand to mouth, never knowing whether there was going to be anything for the hand to put into the mouth. You finished this life, however, having learned that there is no guarantee that others will do as they agree to. By coming to this acceptance, your life became less dreary, although we cannot say that it was less troublesome.

<Barbara_Hardy> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Tori, you're next...

<tori> Have I completed all of my karmic ribbons for this lifetime?
<NancyG> We would say that you have planned to burn five ribbons this lifetime and you have accomplished this with three of them. One of the remaining ribbons will probably not be burned due to the geography involved. The one you owe is a child in Paraguay. The last ribbon may yet be burned. This will depend on circumstances. We suggest that you be patient and wait until the time when it seems to be happening. We do not describe the future.

<tori> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Darleene, you're next...

<Darleene> Hi Michael, I am asking one question. I have a passion about tracing my family tree, and cannot find my great great grandmother on my maternal grandfathers side. Her Name was Clementine Ethier. Her death certificate lists her father as 'Peter Ethier' from Montral Canada. Can you help me find them? IF you cannot help me there, I'd like to know about my guides as well, and their names.
<NancyG/MICHAEL> You may find the information about your forbearer by searching church records for the data you require. These have often been the only record for those who lived in the last centuries.

<Darleene> I have been looking there, but still cannot find them, or her mother's name. I am stuck.
<NancyG/MICHAEL> The records of birth are gone when the church in question burned. As for the burial information, this fragment was buried following a scourge of scarlett fever and many deaths were left unrecorded. The mother of this fragment was named Elisabeth Gail.

<Darleene> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> David, you're next...

<davidjt> In my life recently I've been experiencing a conflict between my essence, personality, and the poles of my emotions. I feel that these negative energy patterns were started during my last relationship, and I have been struggling with the view of reality it has left me with since then. Right now I want to ask what you think the most important thing for me to do.
<NancyG/MICHAEL> We have said many times that the best way to alter one's life view when it is mired in the negative pole is to use the Hands Across or Hands Through approach. Although it may be that you sank into the negative poles of various of your overleaves because of a difficult relationship, we remind you that only you are responsible for your choices and remaining in that state is a choice.

To remove yourself from the negative pole of one or more overleaves, look to the positive pole of the overleaf on the other axis from your own. Make a conscious effort to move to that positive pole and live there until you feel you have acquired its energy. Then you can move back to your default positive pole, the one of your own overleaf. Do this with each overleaf for as long as necessary. If you have an Assimilative overleaf, the choices are greater. You can choose which positive pole you wish to visit and lean into, because the Assimilation overleaves do not have a corresponding axis.

This is by far the best way to alter one's attitude and mode.

<davidjt> Thank you very much, Nancy and Michael.
<DaveGregg> JTalbot, you're next...

<jtalbot619> Thank you. Even before the high profile deaths this week, I've recently felt a deep sense of disruption on many levels from unusual things in my life, to odd things in my community, to profound unsettledness on a global level. Bigger than the economic downturn and all the unfortunate but usual chaos out there. A sense of pervasive disconnectedness, misalignment. Is this anything more than just my own perception?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> Yes and no. There are always things going on in a particular lifetime that cause uneasiness and this sense of disruption. One only has to think of the day before yesterday or anticipate tomorrow to see the truth of this. We do say, however, that one cause of malaise and worry in your modern world is the pervasiveness of 'news'. Everywhere you turn someone is telling you about something distressing or disruptive.

This is a relatively new turn for you in this generation. Less than a hundred years ago there was no need to be concerned about a tidal wave taking out thousands on the other side of the planet because by the time you heard about it, if you ever did, it was long gone. Now it is served with your lunch.

We recommend to those who feel overwhelmed with the state of the world to abstain from overdosing on the 'news'. By limiting the sources to perhaps one brief glimpse a day, it is possible that something resembling common sense will have a chance to resurface and offer the balm of discrimination.

There is no chance that any of you will be able to 'fix' the problems of the world. That you feel obliged to be concerned is part of the hold that false personality has. We subscribe to the admonition of the medieval novice masters who said: Do the thing that lies nearest you. And we might add: And let the rest of the population do likewise. Then most of the things that worry you will be take care of those most nearly involved with them. As for natural disasters, we remind you that the physical plane is the place for them. You might as well say Wind, don't blow! as to allow them to bear upon your soul.

<jtalbot619> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Aditi, you're next...

<aditi> Thanks Dave...what roles did I play in my past lives that will help me have a successful career in this lifetime?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> You have had many occupations, ranging from picking up mussels and crabs on the seashore to designing and constructing a theater. The talents of a particular lifetime remain as background music as the cycle evolves, but they do not guarantee that you will carry the necessary skills into every lifetime forward.

Success is based on that theme we described at the beginning of tonight's session: passion. Decide where your passion lies and then arm yourself with whatever is necessary to achieve it. Any undertaking can be successful if it is enveloped with the appropriate thought, strength, and means.
<aditi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Victoria, you're next...

<Victoria> Any wisdom pertaining to sliding to Power, from Caution mode for the sake of getting out of negative pole of Caution.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The positive pole Authority requires a certain amount of preparation, including acquiring mastery of something. It is not impossible to bluff one's way through Authority, but usually one is tripped up by another who really does know what is what.

We suggest learning as much as possible about the thing, situation, circumstance that involves the authority and then being the one who knows and can do.

Caution is forever whispering that you don't know enough, are not strong enough, are too unhandy, untutored, incapable. Knowledge puts an end to these underpinnings of panic, which caution can become far too easily.

<Victoria> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> Hello, Michael and Nancy. I'm fascinated by a book that was purportedly a result of automatic typewriting during the late 1880s -- Oahspe. Can you tell me more about it, such as which Entity may have been involved in its conception, how much truth is contained within all of the storylines, etc. Or, is it mostly the maunderings of a madman and I might find more truth elsewhere?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> This publication was the result of connecting to an astral entity. It records these conversations with accuracy, but we counsel caution regarding their efficaciousness. The astral plane is full of energies who delight in imparting their opinions and 'knowledge' to the physical plane. When they find a willing receiver they are off and running. Many of the channelings that purport to address an individual as a 'special soul', or a 'savior for these troubled times' come from these astral energies. They are very good at telling people what they want to hear.

We do not say that there is malicious falsehood in their information, only that one should be conscious of the source.

<GeraldineB> thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Karolyn, you're next...

<Karolyn> Evening Michael/Nancy: I have always been fascinated with England, have made many trips there and feel I have had several lives there. Was one of those lives in 16th century and if so, what was it about?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> You were indeed living a lifetime in the middle of the 16th century in England. This was a troubled time for that country. Over a period of 40 years or so the religious traditions moved back and forth several times, distressing those for whom faith was intended to be a rock upon which all else dashed unsuccessfully.

Your lifetime was lived in the north of England, in Yorkshire. You were the wife of a small merchant, small in stature and small in revenue. You were a very good needlewoman and was sought for bridal finery such as embroidered sleeves and aprons, and you gathered a handful of children around you to teach them these skills.

The turmoil of the religious wars did not directly affect your village, being so far from the center of life and court. In the end you finished that life at age 58, leaving four adult children and seven living grandchildren. Your husband had died some ten years before you.

<Karolyn> Was I catholic?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Yes, as was most of the north.

<Karolyn> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby_A> Michael, this week, I feel as if my guide(s) or "something" revealed to me that there is a high likelihood of incarceration for me in my near future. I realize you don't predict but can you tell me what sort of odds of you seeing something like that happening and is there some agreement/karmic ribbon involved there in the likelihood of it happening? Can you elaborate on the agreement/karmic ribbon?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> Although there is no karma involved in your current situation with the law, there is an agreement to experience some self-karma, which is working with something within the fragment that prohibits it from advancing/evolving spiritually.

Self-karma, however, does not come with a fully identified plan for pursuing it. Taken together with your premonition about being imprisoned, we say that the probability of your being sought and convicted is about even. We would say that this self-karma agreement, however, is not dependent on imprisonment for honoring. It is just that it would give you the time and circumstances to concentrate on it. Consider your greatest concern in life and you will be on the way to identifying your self-karma. How satisfied are you with your response to friendship?

Closing Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We have only a few words to add to the ones we have already offered. The worries of the world are universal. On other planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies, fragments are beset with some of the same concerns that you evidence tonight. That, of course, does not ease your individual state, and we know that. We only mean to put things into perspective that may alter the bitterness of  some troubles and soften the edges of others. As for you who deal with life daily, we honor your determination to understand what you are doing, which you do when you come to a night such as this to listen to us.

Go in peace and hope and agape.

<Karolyn> Thank you, I am grateful.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Nancy.
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy and Michael. Excellent work. :-)
<Barbara_Hardy> It is a gift.
<heatherh> Great session tonight.
<heatherh> Thank you Nancy and Michael


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