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Opening Comments

[NancyG] Michael, are we ready?

Michael: We are here. We are always ready, you know. That is the beauty of the higher planes. We never have to look at our watches. (Smile) Let us look instead at faces. When you speak to another fragment, you look at that human being and seek most especially the eyes. These are truly the windows of the soul, as so often your poets tell you. You look to find connection, to find approval, to find agreement. Or perhaps you find there is no agreement but there still is connection.

This is the means that the human being has to validate himself and others, to find a reflection in another soul. When there is no response that can be identified, neither approval, nor sympathy, nor understanding, then you quite deliberately and rightly cut the simple connection of looking short. There is no energy exchange. We do the same with you. We exchange energy each time we meet here, or when one of you comes to us, either in personal meditation or through a channel.

If you think of us as 'up there', or so far out of the physical plane that there can be no such exchange, then we are here to tell you that we are definitely 'down here' most of the time. It may be worth remembering that we have experienced every possible human thought, word, or deed among our entity and nothing you can say can shock us or in any way erect a barrier between ourselves and you.

We come with love and with the hope that our mission to teach what many of you already know but may have forgotten is acceptable. But we would do it even if it were not. We do not worry about the results. That is not part of our work. We bring a plan of attack, a blueprint for building, a roadmap for negotiating the physical plane, that is all. Whether it is used or denied, accepted or rebuffed, that is not a matter we give much thought to.

What we do think about is making sure that the words we use are meaningful and explanatory. Otherwise our mission would be useless in its design. You may have noticed that we have moved from face to face to energy exchange to words. This is merely a reflection of how you comprehend as fragments. First there is a recognition (virtual face to face), then there is a feeling of attraction (energy exchange), and finally there is cognition (identifying thought via spoken words).

We know of no other way to describe our existence vis a vis you and your world. Others of our Cadre have chosen to deliver the same message we do using other means. This is extremely valuable for this planet, given the vast variety of fragments and their capacity for receiving it.
You have come together often and often to meet with us (virtual facing), to exchange energy with us (by way of connecting with each other and us) and finally to participate in the message directly through words. We are honored to be the means for this to happen. We have said that we are not here to be pleased or to be applauded. And that is absolutely a truth. However, we want you to know that we come willingly and with great love for each of you as we exercise our chosen mission. Now we will take questions.

Q & A

[TomD] I want to ask about sociopathy: Is it a life choice? If so, what overleaves cause it, and what life lessons do fragments choosing it learn from it? If not, is it an genetic accident or a product of upbringing?

Michael: In general we would have to say, yes, it is a choice made prior to incarnating. It is one of the many thousands of possibilities that are available to a fragment structuring an incarnation.

We would have to say also that it is not 'caused' by the particular overleaves that are chosen to accompany the original choice. Rather the overleaves will simply tend to support the choice. Passion will probably be on the list. As will Dominance and probably Pragmatist. However, one who chooses such a life can make hay with any set of overleaves.

Any Role can appear to be at the bottom of the ladder, any casting the next rung. As you know, you are open to choosing any experience that is available to the human race and to live as a socio-path, with all the attendant qualities and performance of same, is just another experience.

We do not say that everyone will choose to do so in at least one life. We do not say this, for indeed it would not be true. What this choice does, however, for those who make it, is to add to the complete experience of being human that Essence is constructing. Whether you or Joseph or Anne choose this path is irrelevant. It is enough that some will and that adds to the fabric of the human tapestry that is being woven here on planet earth. Indeed, woven throughout the universe.

We might add here that all possible equations pertaining to the physical plane will eventually be experienced, but not by all fragments. That is the beauty of the tapestry: every lifetime adds to the pattern but not every life contains the whole pattern.

Thank you; I've come to some of those conclusions, but I appreciate your insights into other aspects of it I haven't thought of.

[Gerry_P] I have had some health issues lately and I feel like my guides are helping my body heal itself. Does Michael have suggestions as to what I might do to help my body heal faster?

Michael: You, Geraldine, have a very fine connection with your guides and the willingness to cooperate with them in the matter of the un-health that you are presently experiencing.

We would say that continued cooperation will be a significant factor. What you might do on your own is to alter your diet somewhat. A natural, that is to say, a menu of fruits and vegetables is always good for the human body, but there is a need for expanding the intake of animal protein in this case. We suggest red meat as well as seafood. There are minerals in both that need replenishing in this instance.

[Gerry_P] Thank you very much.

[DanielE] I aspired to be a writer – and wrote – for long time. Lately, however, I have become disillusioned about it and have started painting. I was wondering how writing or other art forms fit into my life plan as I established it (or not) before incarnating.

Michael: This fragment is still in the experimental stage of life, a time when it seems as though anything is possible. This priest has a number of Artisan qualities that are being explored in the creation of words or pictures and could just as well have wood working or textile weaving added for good measure. By this we mean that it is not important what device you, Daniel, choose to use, it is the end that is the goal, to be redundant.

Your life plan includes using talents such as the ones you are working with now toward the goal of bringing others to think about things beyond their beds and stomachs. How you choose to do this is neither set in stone nor selected as part of the life plan. These are tools, to be applied at will. When you have experimented long enough, you will decide which to concentrate on and which to let go.

[DanielE] "beyond their beds and stomachs" ha! (-: Thanks, Nancy and Michael.

[cylex] Can you explain something about Controlling. Or people controlling someone or having power over you physically and mentally.

Michael: There is such a thing as cording, which is one way of connecting with another person through energy. We would have to say that this is not exactly controlling in the sense that this fragment seems to imply. There is also the quality of control that is part of a fragment's personality, the need to dominate over others. This is probably more in the line of what you are asking. Control is a two-way street, however. There is the Controller, and there is the Controlled. Each has made a choice. The Controller seeks out those who have a need to be controlled and the Controlled is available to the one who chooses to exercise this quality as a Controller.

[cylex] Can you elaborate?

Michael: We believe we have. However, we close by saying that no one is 'controlled' without acquiescing to the experience. This is part of the All is Choice phenomenon. It may be a choice made deeply in the psyche of the fragment and may seem as though he/she is helpless to do anything about it, supposing that he/she wills to, but this is a form of maya, the so-called helplessness is an illusion being fed by false personality.

[Kathryn41] I would like to know the reason(s) why I have been having frequent painful muscle cramps lately, especially at night, mainly in my calves and feet but occasionally in my hands and arms. I can think of 4 possible reasons but would appreciate any insight on why this is happening. Thanks!

Michael: The woman Kathryn is experiencing these nocturnal pains as a result of a combination of things. First there is a deficiency of calcium. Second there is a problem of neurological insufficiency, and then there is the normal pressure of daily exercise that is not being transmitted out of the body in enough of a regular way.

[Kathryn41] would you explain the last two in more detail, please?

Michael: We know that you, Kathryn, are already taking calcium supplements. However, we suggest that you consider choosing a different form. Your body is not assimilating the one you are taking to do you much good.

[Kathryn41] All right.

Michael: The neurological problem is related to your diabetic condition, one that you are already familiar with. As the body ages, this becomes a greater concern. We wonder if you have taken this to your physician? It is not uncommon at this stage in your life.

[Kathryn41] It has actually started just after my last annual check up :-) - wouldn't you know!

Michael: As to the wear and tear of daily physical exercise, including ordinary movements, this becomes also a greater problem as the body, which is now past its middle term, tries to repair as it has always done and finds it cannot.

[Kathryn41] Is there any way to increase the nerve sensitivity/function?

Michael: There are pharmaceuticals that have been discovered which will tend to make you more comfortable. Nerve repair, however, is still beyond your scientists. There is a connection here between nerves and muscles which you will want to bring to your medical people's attention. Some of it has to do with getting a ''good' night's sleep. This will help to repair the muscles which will then release some of the burden the nerves are carrying.

[Kathryn41] Is magnesium also not being absorbed as well as the calcium?

Michael: We would say that there could be better absorption of both magnesium and of zinc. One of the problems of the physical plane is the aging of the physical body. You might say that there comes a time when nothing works as well as it used to. Combining the intake of minerals with vitamin C and the B complex may improve their ability to tend to the repair of the appropriate cells.

[Kathryn41] Thank you, I appreciate the insight.

[yy2] Greetings, Michael and Nancy. I am Yung Yung. One of my spiritual guides sometimes takes me to a place of tranquility. Can you describe more in detail something of this being?

Michael: You, Yung Yung, have a very close relationship with your spiritual guides. There are three of them. The one who shepherd's you to this place of peace is a female energy, dedicated to soothing the boulders out of the way when possible and when not, to simply remove you from their path. Although there is no gender as such on the astral, there is definite sense of structured or creative energy, or male/female, if you wish. This guide offers the qualities connected to the creative/female energy: nurturing and providing. 'She' has been a part of your guiding circle for most of your life.

[yy2] What do you mean by remove me from their path?

Michael: Remove you. Is that not what it seems like to you when she takes you away 'to a place of tranquility', as you say?

[yy2] Oh, yes.

Michael: Usually this will only happen when there is need for you to be 'rescued' for the time being. It in no way releases you from the experiences of the physical plane and you always come back to grapple with the problem anyway. It only gives you respite.

[yy2] Was she alive when I was young?

Michael: This guide was not on the physical plane when you incarnated.

[yy2] Thank you so much.

[Brian_W] Hello, Michael and Nancy. I was wondering if you could comment on my Essence Twin and describe the type of work that we do together and its impact, both on the physical and astral planes?

Michael: This fragment, Brian, has a discarnate Essence Twin who has not been incarnate on the physical plane at all during Brian's lifetime. The Scholar Essence Twin has, therefore, all the 'time' in the astral world to work with his Twin on the physical plane. Most of this work is done during Brian's sleeping mode. There are times when he achieves a certain understanding of something he is interested in and this is a time when the Scholar is at 'work' during his waking time. The so-called 'job' of the Essence Twin is to mirror or reflect back to the fragment who he is and when this reflection produces a clear understanding of the true personality, both Twins experience growth and evolution towards Agape.

This is not a partnership that tends to have obvious or perceivable ramifications. It is a cycle-long attachment that works continuously toward the goal of Agape, slowly but steadily throughout the many lifetimes of both.

[Brian_W] Ok, thank you, Michael.

[physics] I’m wondering if the world passed through a turning point this month, beginning to re-balance from the sucky stuff that has dominated the past decade. My husband and I are still in a precarious place, both looking for work, etc., but the atmosphere has become noticeably more hopeful. Am I just feeling encouraged by good weather or has the pendulum begun to shift away from the dark side?

Michael: First of all, we are not aware of a 'dark side' in the cosmic sense. We agree that this culture is experiencing a re-balancing of priorities and the fall-out has been painful for many. We would say that no change that is part of the physical plane is ever forever. Things tend to find their medium just as water held in a hose with both ends up will show an equilibrium. As that pendulum swings, you and others will find yourselves being carried with it to the up side once again. Then you can prepare for the next down-turn. (Small smile from Michael)

[physics] It's just been difficult when those with greedy priorities seem to be doing fine. Bring on the re-balance! Thank you!

[Linda_] I would love to know about some other lifetimes I spent with my husband David.

Michael: You have been mated several times, as you already know, Linda. In most of these matings you have been male to his female. Two times you were fisherfolk on the northern coast of Europe. Once you were boat builders in what is now Spain. When you were not mated, you were sometimes master and man. Carpentry/woodworking was strong in several lives, one very interesting one in northern Italy. This was a lifetime when you, Linda, apprenticed to David the carver. He was without family and adopted you, an orphan. When he died. a much loved man in the community and quite wealthy, you inherited his fortune and his place and continued his legacy.

[Linda_] Can you tell me more about the Italian life? I feel close to Italy.

Michael: It was a small village and everyone there combined a specialty with farming. This was a Father (Linda)/Son (David) agreement. Most of the villagers were looking for household utensils but occasionally the craft of woodworking was allowed to flourish in bridal gifts or just decorative things. Coo coo clocks were much in demand when there was enough extra to allow for the barter.

[Linda_] It's funny neither of us is any good at woodworking now but David loves boats.

Michael: Both you and your son became most adept at these articles and much admired for them. There happen to be one or two still in a couple of farmhouses in Tuscany.

[Linda_] thanks very much, Nancy and Michael.

[Lucy] My name is Lucy C. I was born with natural gifts and talents and the luck of supportive parents. At the moment I am feeling very unsure about which path to take, or what I am truly suited for in this life. I was wondering if my guides have any messages, or if my talents could be traced to a past life? Thank you.

Michael: We would remind you that your guides are not in the business of telling you what path to take or what you should be doing. They are there to support the choices that you do make and sometimes to offer alternatives when the choices seem too few. Once you have narrowed things down to a few possibilities they could be consulted for their opinions, but the final selection is always up to you.

This is a time, Lucy, when many possibilities are open to you and there is really no need to stress over which you should pursue. The best approach is probably to examine which of your talents gives you the most pleasure and then to investigate putting it to use as a way of maintaining yourself in this life. And we say here also, that this may take a number of cut and fit attempts before the final coat is constructed.

That is part of the Physical plane, the opportunity to gain experience. This experience is not only relative to the spiritual world, you know. It is primarily part of daily life and the wherewithal to keep food on the table. We would say, enjoy the exploration and the opportunities that this will offer and we can also say that you are fortunate to have the support of parents who can assist you in this endeavor.

[lucy] Thank you.

[warrxior] Hello, my name Andrew H. I would like to know about the general intention of my life task in this current incarnation and how this is related to the direction I should be following in the present (being at a major juncture)?

Michael: This fragment has been involved in the search for meaning in what he does for a living. There is nothing 'wrong' with this work, and many seek to resolve tension between what they are doing and what they want to do. The fragment Andrew has the life task of experiencing the need to concentrate on things as they are, not as they ought to be. This is in conjunction with his Realist Attitude. It also soldiers well with the Warrior he defines himself.

Being at a crossroads is uncomfortable for such a fragment, especially a crossroad that does not seem to have any sign posts telling what is down each direction. There is no one direction that you, Andrew, 'should' be following. No choice is 'wrong', as you know. We would give the same observation that we gave to the young fragment Lucy above: Search yourself for what is in you that you can both do and enjoy. Then take that out and look at it from the perspective of applying it to making a living. If the choice you make this time does not work out, then try a different one. We cannot say what is 'best', only that nothing truly is 'worse'.

[warrxior] Thank you.

[Martha] Hi, Nancy and Michael, it's Martha from Claymont. Can you tell me about a past life or lives where I was a musician?

Michael: We would say that you, Martha, have been in and out of most of the ways that music can be enjoyed. You have been a singer in a convent choir in the 9th century, a composer of song as a traveling bard in the 6th century, a maker of horns in the 17th century, and a choirmaster later in the same century.

[Martha] Thank you.

[Bobby] Hi, Nancy/Michael: can you tell me about a past life or lives where I was a brain surgeon? (I'm joking of course) How about instead: In your opening statement, you said "Others of our Cadre have chosen to deliver the same message we do using other means". Would you elaborate on this "using other means"?

Michael: We would be happy to do so. There are parts of our Cadre which have chosen to be teachers using physical or emotional centers rather than the intellectual center we have crafted the message toward. They form the physical-centered message toward sports, dance, and other physical abilities, even such as massage and other healing methods to convey the information about the evolution of the soul. Stagecraft, entertainers of all kinds, even carpenters and masons come under their purview.

The emotionally centered message attracts Mature souls, especially, as you can imagine. The message is then shaped to appeal to those who are dealing with relationships, whether family or mating or colleagues, or everyone in general. Many teachers and social services people respond to the parts of the Cadre which work in the emotional center. All of us are bent toward the same end, however; that is, to offer assistance in dealing with the physical plane as a means toward Agape.

[Bobby] Thank you.


[hao] Hello, Nancy and Michael. This is Hao Zhang. The recent 12 months or so feels to be a low tide period for me. And just beginning this month things feel to be rising up again. I wonder if this has any thing to do with my 4th Internal Monad, so could you give me an update on the progression of my 4th IM?

Michael: We would say that you, Hao Zhang, are beginning to come out of the 4th internal monad and that is why things are looking brighter. You have divested yourself of several aspects of imprinting that did not seem to be you, and you have been exerting more of your True Personality. This is all to the good in defining who you are, not what you have been. We see that your sojourn in the 4th internal monad is about to finish, perhaps by the end of the year, if you continue to work things through as you have been doing.

[hao] But before you have said that it will take me about 10 years to finish the 4th IM. It's only been 2-3 years now I guess. So that's it? 4th IM finished?

Michael: When we said before 'about ten years', we were not counting from that time. You had already been in the throes of the 4th internal monad when you asked the question about the length of time. Further, you have been diligent about the work necessary. And so we suggest that it may be that you are nearly finished. There is never a cut off point concerning the end of a monad. It glides to a halt that can rarely be discerned. It will be just that one day you will suddenly realize that things you had been obsessing over do not matter and other things are coming together in a way that you feel is really you.

[hao] Did I do well? I mean coming out of 4th IM in a positive manner?

Michael: As nearly as we can see at this time, yes, you are maintaining a positive energy toward the resolution of the monad.

[hao] Thank you so much, I'm happy :-)

[Geraldine] Recently, there has been a lot of rising fear about the state of the international economy, peak oil, etc. One person, Clif High, has been developing an internet technology that scans the internet for coincidental data that he then reviews and interprets—and then issues probability reports about possible upcoming events. Is using a web bot aka spider program across the internet a valid method of tuning into probabilities?

Michael: There are any number of ways to discern probabilities. This is only one. We would have to say that there is a great deal of leeway in the application of this program and much depends on the interpreter's skill. This must be said about any such, by the way. Although the interpreter may contend that he/she is being objective and honest, using only the data as it stands, we would say that there is no such thing as a completely unbiased observer of facts. We suggest that an intelligent fragment might want to investigate other publications portending to offer glimpses into the future and then decide who seems to be on target and who does not. Probability systems are just that: Perhapses.

[Geraldine] Thank you :)


Closing Comments

Michael: We are ending here tonight with only these few words. Our message is wrapped in words and we craft them to transmit our observations and knowledge from our own experiences with the physical plane to you who are down into it.

We repeat ourselves often, but what we say bears saying again and again: The cycle of the physical plane gives fragments the opportunity to gain experience that will never happen on any of the other planes. Whether the experience is bliss or mess, pain or joy, interesting or boring, it is the beginning of the cycle of planes that ends in the Tao Itself. We suggest that you use it to the hilt. Go in peace.

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