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Opening Comments

Michael: You go from cold to hot, from wet to dry, from wind to rain. These are the days of the Physical Plane. Nothing is steady, nothing is fixed, everything is changing. We know how distracting that can be. We, also, wore the human form and ventured out into heat and cold and mountains and deserts, grasslands and beaches. We can sympathize with the versatility it means to be human. For some of you this everlasting instability of life is accepted as a given, something to be used to, something to work into the rhythm of life. For others it is a constant struggle to adapt.

These are the rhythms of the Physical Plane. These are the venues or the halls of learning for you. When we use the metaphors of weather and climate, we see the waves of difficulties that you face. We put them in these terms in order to find a way to picture for you the distances that you run and the obstacles that you find in your way. Depending on the path you have chosen, you can either climb over the boulders, run around them, or be stymied by their presence. When we brought the first of our messages to you, we hoped that our words would serve as a way to decide which you want to do.

That is our mission, to offer a clearer view of the road and the tools, the machinery if you will, for understanding and deciding what to do with the journey you are on. This is our only reason for being teachers for you, that our experience of the human state can be of some help to you as you run the road of human-ness. The teachings are all about that: to learn by experience, ours and yours. We wish you every Good Work in every way.

Q & A

Karolyn: I have read several articles on a man in India who claims to have not eaten or drank water for 70 years. I've tried to find other articles that would possibly debunk the claim but haven't found one. Is it possible at this time for a physical being on this planet to do that?

Michael: We would say that this is a kind of myth, a 'teaching' tool on the part of those who want this fragment to be admired and perhaps listened to by others. It is possible for a being to lower the vibration of the body to the point where very little is necessary to sustain it. However, 70 of your years is beyond even that ability. We suggest that this be put in the realm of interesting phenomena. Probably unlikely, however.

Oscar: Could you tell me about my first lifetime in this Soul Age?

NancyG: (Oscar, what is your soul age?) Oscar: Old Soul

Michael: The first time this fragment was incarnated as an Old soul was as a fisherman and net repairer on the coast of your South America. We would say this was nearly seven hundred years ago, a time of general uproar among tribes in that area. The fragment Oscar was the mate of three, father of ten, only two of whom survived to be old enough to assist him in his work. The lessons were oriented to patience and generosity. In this lifetime, the fragment was barely into his new soul age, remember. The first life, indeed, the first several lives of a soul age is/are spent adjusting to the energies of it. Much of the former age still lingers and will continue to color decisions and choices, depending on the particular overleaf assembly.

Oscar: In which country would that be at present date?

Michael: Today this would be Chile.

Helen: I'm wondering what you can tell me for context, history, karma, issues -- whatever connects us.

NancyG: (Helen, could you please be more specific?)

Helen: There is a facilitating agreement, so I'm wondering why.

NancyG: (With the person whose photo you sent? Helen: Yes.

Michael: This is indeed an agreement to mend a fence that was shattered in a life lived during the 6th of your centuries. Within the context of the present time, we would say that there is no karma attached to this action, only a betrayal of trust that both of the fragments realize and wish to set right.

Helen: In synastry, every planet of mine connects twice or more to every one of his. Was I at fault? Where?

Michael: In that context there is an attraction that was decided on during the planning of this life in which the two would be drawn together to rectify the imbalance.

Helen: Makes sense. I had that suspicion, Thank you.

Michael: The fault was the woman's, yes, but the reason for the betrayal was generated by the fragment who is now a male.

Helen: It's always a 2-way street.

Michael: The place of that life was in the north of the continent of Europe, what is now Sweden.

Ashvin: Mine is a little bit of a twofer (two in one) and I hope that is okay. As far as agreements, karmic involvements, life goals, etc., are concerned, am I working (employment) with the people who are supposed to be part of my life at this time, and at school am I mingling with the people who are supposed to be in my life at this time? Any advice about these relationships and the work we may be involved in?

Michael: The choices that a fragment makes concerning work are dependent on a number of variables, not the least of which sometimes relate to agreements and or karmic debts. However, not every choice of employment is so burdened, and we would say that this fragment is not surrounded by such. This is a step on the journey we described in our words beginning this evening, not the culmination of it. There will be choices made in the future which will lead to attention to the agreements made for this lifetime, and the probability of attending to one or two karmic debts, but this is future work, not present.

Denise: I'd like a better understanding of the main reason my essence came to earth in this lifetime, and was having my son Eric die young part of what my essence chose as an agreement with him, or karma?

Michael: The fragment who was Eric had his own plan for this lifetime, a plan which included agreeing to be born into the family he and you were making. The life that he lived, short as it was, was complete as far as his plan was concerned. There was no agreement between the fragment Denise and the male Eric, however. And we do not see that there was karmic debt between the mother and son. Essence in both cases went about the business of assisting in the original plans for the two lifetimes, without attention to this particular element of it.

The reason for the female Denise to be a part of the history of the earth at this time is built on experiences of past learning, past in the sense of these years already lived in this life, and future learnings, those yet to come. The life task is oriented toward acceptance of trials such as the death of loved ones and the inability of some to return affection.

Bobby: Would you speak to a past life where I "spoke for you" if there is one, and if not perhaps speak to my most recent past life where I was a student and how I encountered your teachings then?

Michael: We have had this male fragment as a student for a number of lifetimes, going back to the centuries before the common era. We have a connection with many of you that dates from such times and even before. In the sense of 'speaking for Us' we would say that there was a lifetime when it became necessary to take a stand for a 'right' action during the so-called religious wars of your 16th century. This was in what is now Germany, but when there was no 'Germany', as such. A duchy close to the border of what is now France had changed religions three times, going from the Roman Christianity to the Lutheran one and back again, depending on the political authorities at the time.

As a merchant and man of substance, this fragment watched it all from as much distance as he could manage until finally it became necessary to speak out against further cruelties and slaughter, whichever side was winning. The result was imprisonment and ultimately death by burning. In this sense, the fragment certainly was 'speaking for Us'.

Laura: I was wondering how my career path is shaping up in line with my pre-chosen life tasks and agreements; where can I best focus my energy attaining these goals?

Michael: The choices that this fragment makes are in line with the general plan she came armed with on incarnation. We remind all of you that various trial employments can be made which may have little resemblance to each other but will allow the work of the soul to progress anyway. In the current work there is no necessity for this female to strive to 'focus energy'. That is part of the choice and comes as part of the package.

Too often humans struggle to choose 'the right thing' regarding work or other efforts, when many different kinds of experiences will lead to the same end, the fulfillment of the life plan. We suggest that conscientious application to the work at hand is all that one needs at this time.

Maureen: I feel a deep connection with Pat Metheny’s music. Is it just that I like his “music” or do we share a deeper connection/resonance?

Michael: The attraction the fragment Maureen has for the works of the male Patrick is less one of soul connection and more that of soul vibration. By this we mean that this music touches the fragment's soul and causes her to listen with heart and not just with ear. We can see this rewarding situation as one of expansion for the woman Maureen.

Betty: Would you please tell me about my most recent past life, when and where it was, and how I died?

Michael: This fragment lived during the last years of the 19th C., and into the 20th. As a female, she was mated to a leather worker in a small city in the eastern part of the United States, the city of Richmond in the state of Virginia. One the death of her mate and without children, she decided to journey to the western part of the country, to Wyoming. Although not a trained teacher, she had enough education to allow herself to be employed to teach children in the small town she went to. This fragment lived to be 57 years old, dying of pneumonia.

Kimberly: My question is regarding the weather! The recent extreme and lethal weather. Is this a result of global warming and should we anticipate an acceleration?

Michael: We agree that there has been a number of weather events recently that tend to worry all of you. We would remind you, however, that for each event there is a line that you will read in your newspapers 'most rain (or snow or wind or earthquake or volcanic eruption) since -----' and there is a year named. Which means that although each individual event seems to be catastrophic, sometime in the past it was equally so. The is the difference that currently there is a more reliable effort to bring 'news' of each of these storms, etc., to the attention of everyone. We would not say that there is not an element of global warming involved, because there is. This is also a part of the history of this planet. We are not able to give odds on how much more 'acceleration' you can expect, but we can with certainty say that as these events unfold there will be an acceleration of journalistic reporting about them.

Kimberly: That was wonderful AND funny! Thanks so much.

Linda: My daughter Rachel lost her baby at 20 weeks - due to PROM (Premature rupture of membranes). Can you tell me about this baby boy and why this happened and if she will have more children? I sent pics of her and I.

Michael: The woman's loss is certainly unfortunate from her point of view as the prospective mother. We are aware of the sorrow felt by all when it happened. This was a conflict of nature in the body of the female Linda and not a matter of agreement or of karma or of any other metaphysical element. We can say that given the circumstances, it is unlikely that another pregnancy would terminate the same way. However, whether the fragment Linda will bear further children will be part of her choice. These decisions are made by the principles, of course. We can only say that there does not seem to be any reason why another pregnancy would not result in a term baby.

Linda: Conflict of nature? Can you explain, and do you mean with Rachel?

Michael: If there are further physical repercussions from the loss, then they should be attended to at that time. The conflict was a weakness within the womb, when the envelope which encases the embryo broke apart. This phenomenon is not rare, but not usual, either. The membrane spoken of was too thin in places to support the expansion of the fetus.

Radheshyam: I began to meditate 6 hours a day, on and off. Do you have any advice you can give me regarding my meditation or any tips or hints? I greatly appreciate your input. I mean, is this soul meant for channeling in this lifetime?

Michael: We remember that the man Radheshyam has asked this question before. We wonder how a man can live a life which requires certain elements of interaction with the world and still meditate for six hours a day. The possibility that this fragment is able to channel is one that can be discovered by his attempt to do so. The probability that this is so is about 50/50.

Radheshyam: You mean being able to channel through meditation, or by way of the new found discovery?

Michael: Now, does the intense attention to meditation foster the probability? We would say no. Either the man Radheshyam has the energetic connection necessary for channeling energy from the Astral or the Causal or he does not. This can only be made evident on experience of it.

Radheshytam: So it depends on intensity?

Michael: We have not said so. Meditation and channeling are not mutually exclusive, but they are not the same. Meditation can open the chakras and the soul to the energy of channeling, however. But even in this arena, there can be 'too much of a good thing'.

Radheshytam: If I waste my energy on sex, would that interfere with my success?

Michael: No, we have no evidence that sexual activity is a waste, neither in regard to channeling nor any other human expression. We do understand that this fragment comes from a culture that has very different attitudes regarding the activity of connecting with the metaphysical, sex, and other energies. It may be tempting to try to organize one's life around both Eastern and Western elements, but in fact this may lead to frustration and failure on all fronts.

Clayton: Is Abraham Enloe from North Carolina the father of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President, and is Mary Todd Lincoln his biological mother?

NancyG: (Clayton, I thought that Mary Todd Lincoln was Abraham's wife. Am I off on that?)

Clayton: Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Sorry.

Kathryn: The myth addresses Abraham Enloe and a woman named Nancy Hanks which is also the name of Lincoln's mother.

Clayton: Is it a myth?

Michael: Yes, it is a legend.

Clayton: Does it contain any truth?

Michael: We have said it is a legend. Legends of this kind seldom contain truths.

Rhonda: My father Estil just died. Did I have karma or agreements with him.

NancyG: (Do I have photos of you and your father?)

Rhonda: No photo, sorry.

NancyG> (Rhonda, I am sorry for your loss, but I need a photo to make a connection for a personal question. Do you want to ask a general question?)

Rhonda: I understand. May I ask another quick question? Is the fundamentalist upbringing me and my father shared part of my life plan?

NancyG: (Again, that is a personal question.)

Rhonda: I understand. I think I will end this for now and get a picture to you for the future.

NancyG: (Thank you. Sorry for the delay.)

Dave: Does Michael have closing comments?

Closing Comments

Michael: We have come to the end of another day and another session with all of you. This is our satisfaction, to connect with our students and to offer insight into your lives and your needs. When it becomes necessary to delve into the very core of your soul, we suggest that you take your questions to a channel, any channel, for in depth searching and possible resolution. This time is meant for a relatively single-layered, instant format, and we can understand that sometimes our words are terse and less than profound. It is the quality of the event, not the quality of the channeling that disallows further delving.

For now there are these words that may offer solace to those who have experienced loss and uncertainty as well as grief: This is the work of the Physical Plane, this constant banging one's head against adversity and reversals. We understand this and we sympathize with your frustration. We remember how it is and we can only say that the experiences that you are having are part of your plan, whether you agreed to them or they have appeared ad hoc. It really does not matter which. Within the boundaries of each life there are often unforeseen disasters, unforeseen in the sense that they are not indelibly worded in the print-out of your life as planned before incarnating.

Just imagine how tedious it would be if all were known beforehand and the whys and wherefores were writ large upon each soul as it takes on another go at life on the Physical Plane. Where would be the joy of discovery, the pleasure of meeting an unforeseen problem and solving it, the satisfaction of mastering a serious obstacle or relationship? This is not meant to denigrate nor trivialize the sorrows and frustrations concomitant with incarnation. The body is the shelter for the soul and together they endure the 'best' and the 'worst' of existence. And that is as it is. We offer our teachings as a healing and a hope. May they confound the distance between the now and the what will be.
Go in peace.

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