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Michael: We are here. We wish you all a greeting of the 'season'. It is well to remember milestones of the year even if they are specific to particular traditions that you do not follow. Although Easter is a Christian holy day, it is also a day within the time of the earth's shadow going toward the longest day of the year.

Beginnings are always new, no matter how often they occur. Beginnings mean having the chance to start over, a welcome thought for the physical plane, we think. No matter how many times the task at hand seems endless, it also had a beginning. It follows that it will have an end. We know that some tasks such as meal preparation or repetitious chores like that may not seem to have either a beginning or and end, but if taken one task at a time you can see that even then there comes a moment when the first knife is lifted or the last rag is hung to dry.

The spirit is calmed with beginnings and ends. Or rather we would say, the spirit is enlivened at both ends. More energy is focused on beginnings and more serenity is occasioned at ends.

When there is an onerous task to accomplish, one that may take years to fulfill, the thought that it once had a beginning may seem so far in the past that it has lost relevance. We understand that. Nor do we insist that each task, whether so small as a meal or so large as rearing a child, should be constantly evaluated for its start and stop.

Only the most dedicated accountant-minded might find satisfaction in such an exercise. No, rather we remind you that approaching each task of the day, which may be a slice of a large amount of time or it may be discrete for the moment, is a way to value, that is, put a value on your life. We have said before that no life is wasted, no choice is bad, no path is wrong.

How is this possible, you wonder, when your experience of life has shaken your knowledge that these words are so? How is it that a day or a year or a lifetime that never seems to have a beginning or an end that you can see is still 'appropriate' for your life? Remember, you are viewing time from your physical plane knowledge, your human brain and eyes and understanding.
Essence has no such limitation. Essence has no time constraints, no physical body to hurt, no brain or heart to worry about. 

Time is indeed part of the physical plane and the experience of it, and the experiences that are rolled into time do matter and they do impact life. What we wish to describe is a way to make what seems intolerable sometimes, more bearable. Think back to the beginning of some burden that you carry today. Each of you has one, at least one, such memory. Remember how it began, if you can. The energy that was released at that moment is part of what is fueling this experience right now. And that energy has both a positive and a negative pole. It is positive when it allows you to undertake something without knowing how it will turn out, or even knowing how it will turn out, as in the undertaking of caring for a dying person. The negative pole is the creeping sense that somehow the task at hand, large or small, wasn't actually chosen at all, but rather was foisted on you, willy nilly and you became mired in it before you knew it.

Choices have stages, remember. There is a beginning and an end to choices just as there is for tasks. Tasks are after all the expression of choices. Stepping back and drawing breath to examine where you are in the continuum is a step toward understanding both beginnings and ends. No experience that you are having, have had, will have, is lost to the universe, No path is 'wrong'. This is part of the introduction to the cycle of existence that begins with casting and ends with return to the Tao. This is the quintessential 'beginning and end'. Everything else proceeds from this experience.

Grief, joy, weariness, excitement, satisfaction, depression, these are all small flags along the path and each can be a descriptor of a moment or of a lifetime. Nothing is static or indelible. We have said this many times. When assessing where you are in the journey with its beginning and not yet its end, there is always the option to 'opt out' of a particular task. If it is a lesson Essence is particularly keen on, it will turn up again in a different guise, either in this lifetime or in another. Essence is nothing if not patient. And unlike your niggling conscience that says: You goofed that time, kiddo, Essence is non-judgmental.

We return to our first thought. Beginnings are opportunities to start over. Endings are opportunities to assess results. That is all. Not in the sense of the scales that the early Egyptians used to weigh the feather of Maat, Truth, against the human heart. Rather the scales of your own Higher Self that knows what you are and where you are going.

We will take questions now.

Q & A

<SusanF_Denver> Michael, can you help me understand why I'm so empathetic with animals, I find myself very disturbed when I think any animal is going to be hurt. I get furious with the thought of abuse or abandonment. Why do I feel this way? I find them very painful.

Michael: This fragment has had many lifetimes involving either the use of animals or the misuse of them. There was one lifetime in which the fragment was a camel driver for caravans crossing the Arabian desert. In order to complete passages that would result in an additional amount of money for early delivery, this fragment often drove his animals harder than was necessary. A flavor of this mistreatment trickles into this life as an abhorrence for seeing any animal abused or in need of care.

Another lifetime will no doubt complete the repayment to the animal kingdom for the original choice to put aside their needs in favor of his own. This lifetime is not the one.

<SusanF_Denver> Serves me right, Thank you Michael.


<Brian_W> Hi, Michael and Nancy. I was told when I had received my overleaves that my Sage casting has "saved me" many times over the years. Could you please elaborate on this?

Michael: Sages are among those who generally do not hold grudges, unless other overleaves or astrological energy interferes. This quality has allowed the fragment Brian to move forward at times when another would have spent a great deal of useless thought and energy on 'getting even'. We would consider this a 'saving' grace. Wouldn't you?

<Brian_W> Yes, I agree. Thank you.

<BobbyA> Hi, Nancy/Michael: From personality's point of view, would you describe the most exciting lifetime for me, being Warrior-roled?

Michael: Exciting? Warriors tend to find the excitement they need in the exercise of their role. However, yes, there was a lifetime some centuries ago when the fragment rode with the Asian tribes of the man you call Genghis Khan, Temujut. His lifetime was spent in the saddle, bringing tribes of the steppes under his control and in the end extending his rule over much of central and eastern Asia. This fragment rode with his chief through much of that human's long lifetime, with enormous exuberance and pleasure.

<BobbyA> Interesting. Thanks. :-)

<Kathryn41> My question seems very apropos considering tonight's opening comments, Michael. :-). I am asking about a 23 year old young man named Matthew whom I knew very well as a child and boy. I have his photo in front of me and hope you can connect to his image from my mind. 2 weeks ago tonight Matthew committed suicide. As you said, no life is wasted, no choice is bad, no path is wrong . . . . However the family did not see this coming and are devastated. Can you shed any light or offer any insight that might help the family understand why Matthew made the choice to end his life?

Michael: Within the circle of a life, its beginning and its end, there can be as little as moments and as much as a century. The use of the time is up to the individual fragment. We see this young fragment Matthew as having completed the tasks of this life and using his choice to end it, which is his right.

<Kathryn41> So he never meant to live a longer life . . . ?

Michael: This lifetime was a completion of one that was abruptly ended in its 3rd decade some four lifetimes ago. The one task left brought the fragment back to accomplish it and when it was done, he saw no reason to remain. His higher self allowed this choice as an option before incarnating this time. In this respect, higher self was able to over rule false personality which might have interfered with his decision.

<Kathryn41> Thank you. It is somewhat easing to hear that higher self made the choice and not false personality, although I am not sure his family will understand. :-(

<NancyGG> (Probably not, Kathryn. But unless he was terminally ill or depressed out of his mind, this seems to explain it.)

<KerryP> I'm a newly single mom and hoping to develop some stronger friendships. I'm struggling a lot lately with being taken advantage of in all areas of my life, expected to do monumental things for others without even minimal appreciation in return. Can you give me some insights into how I might counter this more positively, so that I don't end up always being the one dumped on? I'm very hesitant to reach out to others for friendship with this as the current dominant theme, and end up just avoiding people instead.

Michael: In the early stages of singleness after a mating has been terminated, there is a tendency for others to expect that a fragment is once again available for tasks that have piled up on them. This scholar has the priest's energy to serve the higher good and translates that into helping those who turn for help.

<KerryP> I very much enjoy helping and am very empathetic, but the being taken advantage of is going a bit too far.

Michael: We would say that a certain discernment is necessary here. Even one in growth can find that there are not enough hours in the day to please everyone. Again, we say take a good look at the request when it happens and weigh it against former experience. Where it meshes with your needs and abilities, it may still be too much in light of the work of your own life. The requests and demands of others will only be taking advantage of you when you let them. Appraise each request/need against your time, energy, and willingness and ration yourself for your best performance and your own well being. It may be hard to say NO at times, but this is always a possibility.

<KerryP> Thank you.

<annh> I will be on sabbatical next year and although I have a number of projects I've arranged to work on, I'm concerned about loneliness, laziness, and isolation. What would be helpful for me to bear in mind during that time?

Michael: The sage requires an audience and companionship in order to function well. The scholar enjoys solitude and the rewards of intense focus on a limited scope.These two energies are compatible, generally, when each is given time for its own expression. We would say that alternating between periods of intense study/research/writing and interaction with others, either in small tete a tete luncheons or larger gatherings, will offer the best approach to productivity.
Going totally toward isolation will distress the sage and giving in to riotous living will distress the scholar.

<annh> So true.

Michael: We suggest a happy medium. Re leave stress when it feels right and bring your talents for study to bear when it feels right.

<annh> Thank you. This is a good reminder!

<LoriS> Good evening. My question concerns the flow of life recently for me personally. I've had to make some fairly large decisions and choices lately, mostly in letting certain things and relationships end. It was difficult but now that I have, I feel a clear sense of moving on quite strongly. My intuition has been working overtime and I feel very "tuned in." It has been channeled that I have completed what I incarnated for specifically, and that I have decided to "remain in the life". Could you please give me a sense of what is going on at Essence level?

<NancyGG> (Lori, how old are you?)

<LoriS> 50, just a month ago.

Michael: There is a sense here of an ending in having accomplished the main life task. When this happens, everything else seems like an open market, ready for anything. This fragment has finished the 4th IM, is not yet ready for the 5th, and has a number of years remaining according to the plan she and Essence decided on prior to this incarnation. During this time new experiences are available and new choices can be made. Some have been already, with good results. Essence does not abandon the fragment once the life task has been accomplished. Essence is ready and willing to assist in furthering the experience of the physical plane to its utmost. If there is any direction that appeals, we would say: Try it. If there is a door that seems beckoning, we would say: Open it. And then walk through.

The opportunities for an interesting and even rewarding life do not end just because you have fulfilled the primary purpose. Think of all the secondary and tertiary purposes that you can now explore! We would say: Happy hunting!

<LoriS> Thank you!

<Geraldine> In honor of today, I'd like to ask about the Infinite Soul Christ manifestation. You've said previously that the message from the IS Christ/Jesus was muddied, misquoted, and degraded nearly from the beginning. What was the true purpose and message of that IS?

Michael: We have said this before but it cannot be said often enough: The incarnation of the Infinite Soul is a matter of bringing the Logos to bear in the physical world. In order to do that the Infinite Soul has to acquire a body. Otherwise it cannot obtain a footing in the world of the physical plane. The Infinite Soul found the body of the man Jesu at exactly the right moment and undertook to incarnate in it, with his permission. This incarnation was a matter of a few weeks at most, and must not be supposed to have been the whole lifetime or even the adult lifetime of the man Jesu.

The bringing to bear needs some explanation. The Infinite Soul does not need to DO anything in its incarnation. All that is necessary is for it to BE, to have presence on the physical plane. That is why there were no cataclysms, or thundering bells ringing, or enormous crowds shouting alleluias, not forgetting hosts of angels at his birth. The crowds who followed him were a result of the Old soul Jesu bar Jousef's own personality and teaching. The Infinite Soul, when it incarnated in that body, was a shadow among men, going among the followers and teaching, yes, but without the uproar that had followed before. These teachings were gentle and calming, not a rousing call to arms. That is not the way of the Infinite Soul. Remember it as BEING PRESENT, not as RULING THE WORLD.

<Brian_W> So the personality known across generations as Jesus was simply a man who did extraordinary things with his life by teaching love, goodness, and honesty?

Michael: Yes, we would say this. Further, the man Jesus was an occult master and quite capable of performing miracles as he is thought to have done. He was also dedicated to bringing the teachings as he understood them to as many as would hear. Remember his words that you call the Beatitudes. These are among the truest of the words that are left of his.

<Geraldine> You've said that the current manifestation of the IS has been put off because there has been sufficient consciousness raising -- so, what issue was pressing at that time for the IS to be present?

Michael: At the time of the manifestation of the Infinite Soul there was a growing felt need to connect with the energy of the Tao. It was manifested in the many occult and fairly superstitious religions that were being introduced at the time into the Roman world from Africa and Asia. It was a turning point, much as this time is, between soul age levels for the world, moving from Baby to Young, as you are beginning the transition from Young to Mature. These are some of the reasons for the bringing of the Logos to bear at any time.

We remind you that the total turning over from Baby to Young took nearly 400 years. Today, with the possibility of interchange and connecting with each other in ways that were unheard of even a hundred years ago, there is a sense that the Infinite Soul may let things go their way as long as they seem to be 'on target' in a cosmological sense. The coming of the Infinite Soul is totally within ITS purview. We know no better than you when or even if it will come again, now or later.

<DaveGregg> Does Michael have closing comments?

Michael: We have come to another end. The next moment is a new beginning. We offer you the peace and compassion and total unconditional love that we can give, quite appropriate for this day, we think. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael and Nancy.

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