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<MICHAEL> We are here. We see a small circle but we know there is a great energy emanating from it. You have a saying that great things can come in small packages. We agree. With this little group we could light the continent.

We will take your questions now.

<DaveGregg> Aditi, you have the first question...

Q & A

<aditi> thanks:) and hi! How compatible are Mark S. and I? And do we have any agreements for this lifetime?

<MICHAEL> The fragment Aditi does not have an agreement with the man Mark. This is a new connection and one that she may find challenging. There are few points of attachment here, although that does not necessarily mean that an attachment cannot become more. Compatibility is based on various energies. Here there is a 50/50 compatibility. This may be part of the attraction. Or the woman Aditi may find she requires more.

<aditi> thank you:)
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> Mid last year, you spoke of Marty D. and I as entity mates. Since then, we have been also channeled as coming from different entities (2/2 and 2/6 respectively). Are Martin and I Essence Twins?

<MICHAEL> The fragments Robert and Martin are not Essence Twins. They occupy exactly the same position in their respective entities and therefore are a kind of entity mate. Such similarities are not usual, but not rare, either.

<Bobby> ok, thank you Nancy and Michael
<DaveGregg> Jimmy, you're next...

<jimmyr57> Are the bad things happening to me a result of bad karma and will they be resolved soon? I lost my car my job and my uncle died in one month. Is it karma related?

<MICHAEL> The death of a fragment is part of the cycle of a given lifetime. It is not a 'good' or 'bad' thing to die when considered in the scheme of things related to the cycle of a given life. We understand that the loss of a near relative or friend may be felt as a 'bad' event by the ones left behind, but we remind you all to keep the broader view in mind.

As for the loss of a car and the job, James, these are also part of the vagaries of the physical plane. This is the plane for undergoing change and scathing. Neither of these events is karmic. Now the question might be: What will the fragment James choose to do about things?

<jimmyr57> Thanks
<DaveGregg> Brian, you're next...

<Brian_W> The past few months since moving away from my childhood home to begin graduate school, I seem to be feeling excessive burn-out, to where my chosen field of study for career, as well as many of my hobbies are seemingly lacking passion and motivation to continue, almost as though I am simply treading water. Could you comment on this, and how might I restore that passion and enthusiasm in order to complete my present goals without interruption to my studies?

<MICHAEL> We have spoken to this recently, have we not, Brian? It is not uncommon for a young man to enter a discipline, here graduate studies, with enthusiasm and ambition, only to find that rather than the bright flame of endeavor, he is experiencing the ashes of neglect and loss of interest.

<Brian_W> Yes, that does seem to be the case in this situation. How might I rekindle that fire, so to speak?

<MICHAEL> Part of the experience of attending to a chosen career is fortitude and stick-to-itiveness. It sometimes means fighting through the miasma of loss of interest, but the choice to continue or to realign oneself to another goal is always your own. The restoration of passion and enthusiasm is within yourself, Brian. Either you choose to follow through with your original objective, or you do not.

And if following through means treading a path that is less than enthusiastic and passionate, but still will take you to your goal, then you will decide whether you will choose to stay the course or not.

<Brian_W> Somehow I suspected that might the reasoning. Okay, thank you
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> While I've read many questions and answers about various individuals guides, I've never read what the purpose of guides are or what parameters they operate under -- allowable help versus interfering with an individual's choice. Would you please tell us the purpose and operational parameters of guides?

<MICHAEL> We are happy to elucidate this information. Guides are just that: guides. They offer experience that may be just that much more than that of the host and that is all.

Guides are chosen by the host from a number of possible energies available to him/her on the premise that there is a compatibility all around and a willingness to cooperate. Guides are not all-knowing or all-seeing. They are souls on the second level of the astral plane who choose to mentor souls on the physical plane. They have been there, done that, so to speak. They will not always be guides, by the way. When their mission is finished, they may be in line to reincarnate and continue their evolution toward agape. Therefore, none of the assistance that a guide offers is absolute or necessarily intended to be definitive.

<Geraldine> host = fragment = Personality?

<MICHAEL> It is always tendered with love and gentle attention, but never as though the host 'must' respond positively or fail somehow. We are using the word 'host' as the fragment who is on the physical plane.

Guides are not attached to a host/fragment permanently, either. Individual guides may be chosen for their particular efficacy at a particular time in the life of the fragment. When that need is over, the guide and the fragment may decide to part and other guides may take their place. Or a fragment might be guide-less for a time, until the next need arises.

<DaveGregg> Turnup, you're next.

<turnupthesilence> How are my past lives affecting my current state and my life goal?

<MICHAEL> The man Timothy has brought into this lifetime a particular energy from a lifetime spent in the north woods of the North American continent some three hundred years ago. This is almost a subconscious desire for solitude and the communion with green things and small animals. This energy ebbs and flows in the fragment Timothy, causing some dissatisfaction with life as he is living it. It is not a negative energy that haunts him, but rather a longing for a past that once was a present.

Nor are these memories destructive to the fragment's present. They are merely like a cushion that offers rest from the helter skelter of daily life.

<turnupthesilence> Thank you very much, very true. I do like green things... puff puff...
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> This is a bodytype question: My bodytype is solar/lunar with a touch of venusian. I find that I don't have the physical strength or sustained energy that some others seem to have. I tire fairly easily. How do I deal with this less physically active-energetic bodytype and what will help me sustain energy?

<MICHAEL> We wonder if this fragment is asking how to change her body type to acquire the energy she wishes she had. (Smiles)

<annh> No, just how to deal with the one I have! Solar/lunar has had its advantages.

<MICHAEL> Would it not be better to make peace with the need to ration the energy available so as to have it ready as necessary?

<annh> I guess my question is this: how to learn to ration it in the culture (US) that I live in.

<MICHAEL> The solar/lunar combination is not one of great endurance. The lunar aspect is one of slowly but steadily arriving. Solar bodies are more lively and it will be from the solar that energy is most readily available.

Learning to live with the amount of energy one has is a matter of choice, as are all things pertaining to the physical plane. We recommend short naps, power naps, we believe they are being named. A ten minutes spent with the eyes closed and breathing deeply may alter the energy level enough to allow another few hours of pell mell activity.

It is well known that many fragments in positions of responsibility do this several times each day in order to get through all they must do. This movement/rest/movement/rest scenario may work toward the rationing we suggested.

<annh> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Ok, Santi you're next...

<Santi> Thank you Dave. I have sent Nancy the pictures of our president and the vice president. I want to know about them in their capacity leading our country (Indonesia). Our country is in a poor condition now because of so many corruption cases and many other bad things. But our leader shows the egocentric behaviour, always complains about how people treated him.

I want to know about this person (and the partnership with his vice president), does he have ability to lead this country, resolve problems in our country and bring us to a better situation?

<MICHAEL> We neither predict nor prescribe. We observe and we can offer a possible percentage interest in the outcome of any situation. The probability that the current authorities in the country in question will be positive leaders in the sense that this fragment would like them to be is about 1 in 3. That means less than a fifty percent chance.

The question of ability is somewhat beside the point. Both fragments have considerable leadership ability, but the current climate may prove too much for them to stake that ability into a resolution of problems. This is not going to be an easy time for change and even the best of intentions may go awry.

We are not trying to equivocate. We merely observe and our observations are as we have stated them.

<Santi> Ok, thank you Michael and Nancy.

<DaveGregg> I have a question. Students often email me questions about imprinting. Could Michael comment on the basic concept?

<MICHAEL> Imprinting is the residue that a fragment carries from its earliest birthday to the 4th internal monad and sometimes beyond.

Imprinting is the amalgamation of parental teachings, cultural marks, and personality energy that is absorbed by the child and becomes a part of the human personality.

The manners that are expected in the household, the form of address, the way of speaking, the biases and the hopes that are voiced and implied also are part of imprinting. Body language that is evinced by those around the child as it grows also contributes. The kinds of reading material, or lack of it, is in there, also.

The ideas, hopes, and wonderings of anyone with whom the growing personality comes in contact are processed and retained in what you call the subconscious and become part of imprinting.

The kind of education, or lack of it, the form of authority under which the fragment lives, the selection of music, art, literature, or not, are other imprintings.

When the fragment begins the 4th internal monad there will be a beginning of questioning about much of this. Things, ideas, acceptances that seemed irrevocable in years past become matters of selection. Some will be retained as truly part of the evolving personality. Some will be jettisoned as not a part of the person but where planted by others,

Finishing the 4th internal monad in the positive pole means selecting from the imprinting that the fragment has been carrying for 30 to 40 to perhaps 50 years, only those elements that seem now to belong to the fragment as owner. Some of the parents' ideas, etc., may be retained as fitting the 'real' person, some will be abandoned. The same for all of the other imprints. What remains will be what the fragment considers his/her self.

<DaveGregg> Excellent. Thank you! :-)

<DaveGregg> Ok, that was the last formal question. We can now go to open floor.

Open Floor

<Santi> How will imprinting influence our next life?

<MICHAEL> Imprinting will be done in each life. There is no carryover from life to life.

<feedbag> Michael what is the significance if any of the severe east coast storm and the Chicago earthquake? Do they equate with Edgar Cayce's predictions of geological changes?

<MICHAEL> The geological uproar of the moment is part of the breathing of the planet. There will always be winter storms and there will always be earthquakes in earthquake prone areas. That there happen to be a number of more severe storms suddenly has more to do with the temperature of the Pacific Ocean than with any cosmological or geophysical change.

<Brian_W> ie, El Nino?

<MICHAEL> Yes, we know there is this label for the Pacific current.

<Bobby> Based on your answer concerning myself and Martin, I take it we are traveling companions then. Have I ever or do I have the probability of ever meeting my ET? If living, where would I find this person?

<Nancy3> (Bobby, Michael will answer, but keep personal questions out of this part of the evening, OK?)

<MICHAEL> The plan to meet Robert's ET is not a part of this lifetime. The ET in question is not at present incarnate.

<aditi> What is the difference between guides and angels? Guides, as we discussed are souls "in transition" on their way towards agape, but what about angels?

<MICHAEL> In general, we equate your labels: guides, guardians, angels as all meaning the same attentive energies. There are no angelic beings such as the religions of your world tend to describe, i.e., bright spirits emanating from a divinity who do its will.

<Santi> So every soul will reincarnate (as I know angels do not incarnate)

<MICHAEL> Every soul will incarnate as many times as it takes to complete the cycle of lives on the physical plane, yes.

<jimmyr57> Is it possible to trace all the fragments from one's life or just some?

<MICHAEL> It is possible. It takes a very long time and many channels are unwilling to undertake this. We recommend that a perusal of the final chapters of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's 4th publication be a beginning for understanding what this entails.

<Bobby> I'm confused as to whether guides are Essences or fragments of an Essence, would you elaborate?

<MICHAEL> We thought we had described guides but we will do this again. Guides are souls who are between incarnations. They have attained a certain level of mastery and reside on the 2nd level of the astral plane. They choose to offer their services to fragments who are incarnate.

<Bobby> Ok, so guides are souls who have not reincorporated back into their Essence then, that is what I was trying ascertain.

<Nancy3> (No, Bobby, I don't think you have it yet. Guides are souls of dead humans who have learned a lot of lessons and are willing to share this knowledge with us before they incarnate again and go on their evolutionary way.)

<Brian_W> Nancy and Michael, in general, how might we go about consciously contacting our guides, rather than waiting for symbolism in dreams?

<MICHAEL> Guides can be connected with through meditation, through direct speaking to, and by listening. The listening part is usually the hardest part for most fragments.

<Santi> Could that soul guides while living as a person?

<MICHAEL> Many people become mentors or guides to others while incarnate, of course. These are those you remember who steered you onto a welcome path, who gave good advice when needed, who held out a hand when a hand was necessary.

<jimmyr57> When the fragment begins its next incarnation is the selection process random within the role and level or specific?

<MICHAEL> James, the choice of incarnation is undertaken after a great deal of thought, advice from knowledgeable advisors on the astral, and the determination of what a soul wants from it.

There are a myriad number of things that must be taken into account: choice of parents which implies choice of culture and country; agreements and whether those with whom these agreement are made will be incarnate at the time to facilitate things; any karma that the soul wants to address and whether the other in the karmic debt is agreeable to getting together and whether they will be able to.

<jimmyr57> So these advisors are part of a hierarchy in that plane?

<MICHAEL> Yes. Incarnation is anything but random. Very young souls, Baby and Infant through young Young may head pell mell into incarnation without much thought, even though they also get advice. But the older the soul, the more time and energy is given to setting things up for the lessons the lifetime will afford.

<Brian_W> Nancy and Michael, i was wondering if you could comment on my question from a friend regarding trusting that things will work out and being able to trust in karma?

<MICHAEL> Brian, karma is a debt that occurs between two or more fragments. If karma is to be paid, whether one is the creator or the recipient, and if the stage has been set and agreed to for the exchange, then it will probably happen.

We say probably, because human beings are changeable folk and at the last minute one or the other may refuse to cooperate.

<gary> ok, currently we are outgrowths of our essence, and when we pass, we revert to essence, without losing our sense of self...can you elaborate on this process?

<MICHAEL> Gary, 'outgrowths of essence' is not exactly a good description of the soul. The soul is Essence and Essence is the soul. Not all of Essence is contained in the soul, however, and the soul does not 'revert to essence' but retains a distinction for the duration of the cycle of lives on the physical plane.

<Santi> Are older soul having bigger energy than younger in their incarnation in the physical plane?

<MICHAEL> Santi, Older souls who have lived many lives know the ropes, so to speak, and so take more 'time and are more cautious in the planning of their incarnations that younger souls do. Young souls tend not to like being without a body and so sometimes incarnate too quickly, too 'thoughtlessly' and without considering exactly where they are going. Older souls usually do know and so plan accordingly.

<Brian_W> Nancy and Michael, I am curious as a person living in the United States and seeing much of the economic turmoil going on and how it is affecting the rest of the world, as well as within my own country. I realize this may be part of the transition from a Young society culture to a Mature one, but what do you see as the probability of it being a swift change vs a long and painful road?

<MICHAEL> We know this channel does not like to address political questions, of which economics is a part, but we will say this: Although it seems that this is a new and violent degree of energy loose on the planet, we remind you that there have been such crises in the past and will no doubt be more in the future. Whether there will be an end to the current crisis in the near future, we cannot say.

Predicting tends to upset the choices that can be made and therefore we do not predict. We can say that there will be changes, as there are always changes, and some will affect global banking, intercontinental government, and the work of all concerned.

<MICHAEL> We will bring this session to an end with these words.

With this platform under you, you can stand with some confidence and face whatever comes your way that day. One day at a time is a very good dictum. As far as the evening may focus your hopes and keep your fears under control. Looking into the next year, decade, century is a philosophical exercise and one that has merit for its mental agility. IT would be a shame to let it hamper today's gifts, however. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy. A very interesting evening.
<Kathryn41> thank you Nancy and Michael
<aditi> Yes, thank you:)
<Brian_W> thank you Nancy and Michael
<Bobby> Nancy, thanks for staying plugged in for the extra questions :-)
<gary> thanks from me too
<Santi> Thank you Michael, Nancy and Dave
<SylviaD> Thank you Nancy and Michael. Always interesting.

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