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Opening Comments

<MICHAEL> WE are here. We welcome all of you to our circle tonight.

Although the days are lengthening for you in your part of the planet, it is still the darkness of winter and the torpor it tends to support. We suggest a program of light, light from artificial source, light from within yourselves, light around you to dispel the gloom of the season. Winter has a beauty of its own if you can stop to see it. And we do not mean postcard scenes of sleighs and pine trees amid hills of snow.

Sometime look at the bare branch of a tree against the leaden sky. Watch the clouds in a clear blue sky crystalline with sparkles of tiny snowflakes that will not survive their arrival onto the ground. Watch for changes in sunlight patterns as the earth turns, bringing your continent back into the warmer time. Winter does not have to be a time of depression and sorrow. If there are events that trigger these feelings, remember that the work of the physical plane is to experience ALL things human.

For some these past weeks have seen a death, for others the loss of a friendship, and for still others the daily-ness of dreary-ness. We remind you that you yourselves can call up the light of comfort from within. When the weather is miserable, cover your head and think about the sun. We are aware that this sounds like trying to make a silver lining out of black thread. Not so. Just as happiness is within each of you, so is your outlook during these last weeks of your winter season.

Poets make much of the renewal of spring each year. They paint with words the pictures of blossoms and sunlight and warm days. Now you also can be your own poet: using the same techniques you can manage one more day, and then one more week, and finally the last months of winter.

The sorrow some of you have endured in the losses of the past few weeks, the worries that will not be 'fixed' with thoughts of sunlight and springtime, the going out into the wind and snow every day, these are part of your work of the moment. We commend you for putting one step in front of another even when it doesn't seem as though you have made any progress. Both within and without, however, be assured that you have. No experience is without its mark and the collection of marks you have are all part of the evolution of your soul. We merely offer a bit of encouragement to tide you over until there is the lightening of the world ahead.

<NancyG> We will now take questions.
<DaveGregg> NotChaos, you're first...

Q & A

<notchaos> (Barbara H) Do my brother Galen and I have any agreements or karmic ribbons we are working on? (Nancy, you channeled my brother's chart)

<MICHAEL> The karma that was created between these two fragments amounts to three ribbons. Two of them have been burned. There does not seem to be any hurry to attend to the third one at this time.

There is an agreement to maintain a connection between the two in spite of considerable difference in outlook and lifestyle. This agreement does not run very deep and may in fact be accomplished with the minimum of contact.

<notchaos> Thank you.
<Visitor_39284> Brian, you're next...

<Brian_W> Hi Nancy and Michael. The past year has felt like much of a transition and / or transformational year for me in a variety of aspects of my life. Could you please comment on this in detail, if possible?

<MICHAEL> The fragment Brian is young in this lifetime, barely out of his 3rd internal monad. We would expect that there would be considerable change, 'transition' and 'transformation', given the completion of the 3rd.

Once the 3rd internal monad is completed there is a period of adjustment toward the experiences of adulthood. This period can be measured in years for some. For this fragment we believe that two years of change and adjustment is probably about right.

<Brian_W> Is it possible to find out if I completed it in the positive or negative pole?

<MICHAEL> We ask you this question: Do you believe that you have established yourself as a separate identity from your childhood? If you believe you have, than you have completed the 3rd internal monad in the positive pole. If you are still dependent on others for support and sustenance, then you have either not completed the monad or you have completed it in the negative pole. Which would you say is so?

<Brian_W> As of the past four months, I have been working towards doing things myself. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> I would like to inquire about the life of the fragment known as Cody Adams that ended in March of 2002 on his 80th day of life. What was the physical cause that led to his early exit? What was taking place at an Essence level that prompted such a quick departure. Can you tell me whether his Essence has reincarnated and if so, where?

<MICHAEL> We will answer these questions last to first. No this fragment has not reincarnated. Next: the experience of birth and early death was part of the plan for this fragment. Since these could be accomplished in a relatively short time, there was no need to prolong this visit to earth.

The physical cause could be described as asphyxiation, unable to breathe. This was singularly a propos for the fragment and was used for its exit.

<Bobby> Thank you
<Daveed> Rocky, you're next...

<rocky> i was wondering about someone i met a while ago named lizzete s.when i met them i had an intense feeling of recognition that i tried to laugh off at the time as i had no way to explain it. but then i came across the micheal teachings not so long ago that offered some insight into that strange feeling of recognition i felt. so i was wondering whether we actually had some sort of agreement shared, past life or karma?

<MICHAEL> The recognition that the fragment John experienced was based on a life shared some two hundred years ago. The woman was sister to the man and a close and protective relationship lasted through the lifetimes of both.

<rockyjohnwood> thnx
<DaveGregg> Angela, you're next...

<Angela> I would like to know about my guides, if any. Thanks

<MICHAEL> The fragment Angela has three guides, two female energies and one male. The male energy is young at heart and acts as a 'little brother'. The two female energies are more serious. One offers advice and serious consideration when there is a turning point. The other is consoling and comforting when things seem to go wrong. Altogether these three work very well in accord with their roles.

<Angela> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> My question is about my mother, again. I had few dreams about her lately. Most of the dreams were about going on a journey. I do miss her very much. How is she? And is she trying to contact me?

<MICHAEL> We offer sympathy to the fragment and suggest that these dreams are a reflection of the depth of feelings about the loss. They are not dreams in which the departed mother is trying to contact the daughter.

Dreams about journeys are a release from the longing that accompanies the feeling of being left behind when someone beloved dies. In this dream world taking a journey tends to suggest reuniting with the departed soul. There is nothing wrong in indulging in them, but one may remember their symbolism and not their objective.

From what we can observe, the female departed is actually very busy. The review of the life just past is finished and now there are things to learn and others to consult about the next life, although there does not seem to be any hurry about this. We would say that this fragment is quite comfortable in the life of the astral.

<yy2> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Kristen, you're next...

<kristen> What "roadblocks" am I experiencing now that are keeping me from having a smoother bridge of communication between my Earthly self and the Wise Souls of the Universe (including my daughter and Michael Entity)? and what can I do to overcome these roadblocks?

<MICHAEL> The connection between a fragment on the physical plane and those energies outside it is often tenuous at best. Often the effort that is made tends to become in itself the roadblock described. It can become a case of trying too hard.

One of the hardest things for humans to do is listen to the voices that attempt to connect with them. This includes their guides, guardians, angels, especially. From there the progression could be Essence and finally the Universe.

We suggest that attempts have been made to connect with you, but your ability to receive has been shaped by you to only get what you want to hear. This means that this is the primary 'roadblock'. The empty mind is required to receive information from extraterrestrial energies.

<kristen> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Pacific, you're next...

<pacificnorthwestgal> I hope to get clarity about an old love who is often on my mind lately (I sent photos to Nancy today). I'm apprehensive about this because Iím happily married and haven't seen or spoken with this man for 22 years. But when I wake up I feel like I've been talking with him and I can't shake his energy. Am I dreaming this up or is he trying to connect with me? Can you clarify what he wants?

<MICHAEL> In general, when a fragment feels that he or she has had a conversation with another during sleep, the conversation probably has happened. In this case we would say that the male fragment has found himself free and is returning to a friend/love from his past as a secure point in a suddenly insecure world.

We cannot tell whether this means that he has recently died or is only free of other relationships. If his attention is unacceptable, then tell him in words before going to sleep that you have good feelings about his from t he past but that you do not want to continue with him in the present. It may take a time or two to impress this on him, but eventually he will depart. IT is unlikely that he needs anything more that comfort at the moment, whether from the astral or on the physical plane.

<DaveGregg> TerriG, you're next...
<pacificnorthwestgal> Thank you so much.

<terri_g> Michael, were the painful events of this last week part of a karmic payback? and if so, is it over, or is there more to come?

<MICHAEL> What we see for the fragment Terri is a continuation of energy expended on agreements rather than karma. Since agreements can take up a whole lifetime, we suspect that the events described are far from over. They may take on a different coloration, but in all probability will continue.

<terri_g> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Jimmy, you're next...

<jimmyr57> Can you find any past lives? I see incomplete faces- almost like they know I'm trying to see them but they shy away. Why would they refuse to be seen?

<MICHAEL> The ability of souls on the astral to manifest themselves is limited. When there is a strong connection between them and a human here on the physical plane it becomes easier, but may still be less than satisfactory.

We would think that those who are attempting to contact the fragment James are finding it hard to materialize to the extent that he would be able to identify them because of an inherent denial within the man James that such a thing is possible. This may not even be present to the man James, who seems to want to 'see' the faces.

We suggest James try a series of meditations. For the firsts two or three times, the effort should be a quieting of the soul, an exclusion of distracting thoughts and sounds.

After a short series of meditations along these lines, the meditation could move into a place of remembrance of people and places past that are meaningful. Following this series, when the practice of meditation has become easier and more dependable, then James could begin to invite these shadows, one by one would be best, to manifest themselves to him.

This program might take several weeks, but we do not receive any sense that there is any hurry regarding this.

<jimmyr57> thnx
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> I am not sure if you will be able to get enough of a link through me but any help you can offer in this situation will be appreciated. A man who co-moderates with me on another forum has gone missing. His last message was December 11 saying he and his wife were going to visit Toronto and would be back in 2 days. We have heard nothing since.

The account has been inactive; there are no responses to email. This is unlike him and we are concerned. All I have is a first name, Taylor, born in the UK April 9, 1963 and currently residing in Massachusetts.

If you can get any sort of connection through me to him, I would like to know why he is not responding. I am worried that something has happened to him.

<MICHAEL> We do not receive any energy from this fragment. When this happens it is very likely that he has been in what you call a coma, a state of neither living or passing.

<Kathryn41> Alright. Thank you.

<MICHAEL> We do not perceive that he has in fact died, but he is not energetically alive, either. This has been the result of a failure of the circulatory system, what you call a stroke.

<Kathryn41> is there any evidence that he will recover that you can perceive?

<MICHAEL> There is shadow on this energy, in all probability a very strong energy is shielding him from us.

<Kathryn41> What would cause that?

<MICHAEL> With this shield in place, we are unable to offer any probabilities. We believe the shield has been established by a near relative.

<DaveGregg> Gerry, you're next...

<gerry> I would like to know if there are any unburned ribbons with my daughter, Lindsay. I have had a couple of dreams that seem to be past life dreams of her. In one I was her lover and killed her, in the other I was her father and lost her at the age of 5. We are close in this life.

<MICHAEL> There have been ribbons of karma between this mother and daughter, but there are none at present, having been burned in a previous life. These dreams are reenactments of actual events, but may be dispersed at will if the woman Gerry does not want them to continue.

Dreams such as these tend to happen when there is an opening that allows them houseroom.

<gerrypate> Thank you. I find them interesting, but haunting.

<MICHAEL> Perhaps there has been friction of a sort between the two fragments, or perhaps there is a need to revisit the events for some reason not clear to the dreamer. In either case, telling your higher self that you do not need to go over these events again will clear them from the memory computer. They serve no purpose and are best dealt with summarily.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...
<gerrypate> Thanks Nancy and Michael.

<Geraldine> I would like to add a followup question to Bobby's about Cody Adams. You said: "The physical cause could be described as asphyxiation, unable to breathe. This was singularly a propos for the fragment and was used for its exit." I would like to know why this was appropos and did this form an agreement with his parents for an early exit?

<MICHAEL> In saying that the form of exit was a propos, we merely describe the availability to the fragment. If there had been a piece of meat to choke on that could have served. Or at a later day, climbing up to an unguarded windowsill and falling three stories would also have served. It was a presentation that was possible and so was used.

<Bobby> We believe he died of SIDS.

<MICHAEL> The agreement with the parents before they all incarnated was that their child would not live beyond his first year. Remember that chronologically, the child and the parents made this agreement when all were on the astral. That means the parents had to be born, grow up, meet, and marry before the child could incarnate. But also remember that there is to time on the astral. Time is specific to the physical plane. Therefore they all converged, finally, and the agreement was fulfilled.

<Geraldine> How cut and dried -- was this Monadal or Karmic?

<MICHAEL> It was an agreement. Nothing more. Remember, for Essence there is no sentiment, no grief, no emotional imbalance over this death. The personalities of the parents are the ones who 'feel' it. Their agreement was made by their souls, not their current personalities. They will grieve, but their higher selves know the score.

<Geraldine> thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Denise, you're next...

<denise_kennedy> yes i do i want to ask of a previous life with my son who is now in spirit.

<MICHAEL> Which previous life does the fragment Denise wish to question?

<denise_kennedy> I've been told we have has many lifes as mother and son, so i guess one that was happy.

<MICHAEL> These two fragments have shared several lifetimes and many of them were indeed 'happy' ones. We will describe one in particular. In that lifetime the roles/genders were reversed. The son was the mother and the mother was the son.

This life was lived as a fishing family on the rocky shores of northern Scotland. The husband was drowned when the son/mother was a very young boy. There were two other children, babies really, left to the mother/son to raise. Her marriage to another fisherman was a blessing for this young family. The man was generous and an able provider, not fishing this time but a wainwright for the village.

The children grew up in relative comfort, the son/mother following in the footsteps of his step-father into the wood working business. There was always food on the table and peat in the hearth. Although the son/mother married when his time came, he brought his bride to the cheerful home that he knew and soon there were children of that coupling to look after. By standards of the Young soul age, nothing much happened during this lifetime for either of the two principles. But they evolved in love toward each other and toward their world and by the standards of the Tao were tremendously successful.

<denise_kennedy> thank you.

Closing Comments

<MICHAEL> We have offered here tonight some remedies against unwanted visitations during dream time and we hope they serve to lighten the shadows for those who have been enduring them. Light the candles, turn on the sconces, bring light into your days any way you can. As a symbol of life, light is second only to blood. Both are necessary for the pursuit of life.

As one of your poets has said, winter is now passed, the season is turning. Perhaps we are rushing things a bit, but it will not hurt to look ahead.

Go in peace.

<Kathryn41> thank you Michael, thank you Nancy
<yy2> Thank you, Michael. Thank you Nancy. Thank you Dave and Kathryn. Good night, all.
<Brian_W> Thank you Nancy and Michael
<DaveGregg> Thank you Michael and Nancy. :-)
<NancyAnn> We thank you all for coming!
<Michelle54321> Thank you for sharing with us here now.
<Elisa17> Thanks Nancy and thanks Michael

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