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How Michael 'Feels'


I was fascinated by comments I read at the Michael teachings discussion list about how Michael 'feels' to students and channels. It's clear that everyone's experience is unique and that you can't generalize too much. We're all different, and channeling is a complex, varied phenomenon.

I've heard about many different ways that channeling comes through the channel's body (such as different chakras being used) and also various kinds of agreements. One medium I knew worked through writing and forbade entities to come into any part of her body other than her right arm; once, when someone on the astral wanted to contact her, her arm started shaking before she figured out what was going on. I've heard of entities stepping down energies in a kind of relay to make it easier for the channel, such as a causal entity using an astral intermediary. Just about any configuration is possible.

When I started channeling, I diligently brought in Michael down through each chakra. Later, JP Van Hulle advised me that that wasn't a good idea, that it was too hard on my body, and suggested imagining them as a pitcher pouring in their energy above my head. Later, a healer friend suggested connecting with them at points twenty-five feet above and below me, creating an arc, which I did for a time. Most recently, someone suggested just using my third chakra to ground the energy better in my body, which I now do. Each induction method feels a bit different, but the key is the intention to bring them in; once they're in, it's the same. I always do some clearing beforehand, but don't take as much time with that as I used to.

A student mentioned sometimes feeling dizzy or light-headed from receiving Michael's energy. That happens a lot and suggests a need to work with grounding, which means planting your body into the earth. People who do that get immediate relief. The solid roles (especially warriors and kings) are not as comfortable with higher (faster) energies; we all need to balance higher energies with a good foundation of a healthy connection with our body, and allow our body to connect with nature.

When in the presence of someone channeling, you might also start channeling as well, so not everything you feel is necessarily coming through the channel. Many on the MT List who do not channel for others still have their own direct connection with Michael. Someone else channeling may awaken a sympathetic vibration in you.

Higher energies are, by definition, stimulating, because they speed up our own vibration. That can be either pleasant or unpleasant. For example, if one is strong and well-grounded, higher energies can be a rush. If one has opened to healing and there's a block in the way, the energies can push against it, which is uncomfortable until it clears; then, it's a release. If one isn't well-grounded or is too much in one's head, the higher energies can exaggerate that and make one feel top-heavy. Skillful energy work is supervised by your essence and modulated to your situation to give you the best possible, most balancing experience. Of course, what you feel is also partly a matter of how much higher energy is coming through in addition to the quality of it; at first, a little goes a long way.

Each of the seven planes of creation, by definition, vibrate at a faster speed than the previous one. The physical plane has the slowest, most dense vibration. The astral plane is next. The part of our soul that incarnates (I call it our "reincarnational self") is lower astral, so that energy is already comfortable and normal for us. Therefore, channeling our essence or a guide from the lower or middle astral usually feels good and comfortable, perhaps like accessing one of our higher centers in other ways.

All channeling occurs through our higher centers, but the human body is not accustomed to causal plane energy--it's faster than we're built for--so it can be overwhelming. For that reason, JP Van Hulle advised that no Michael channel should channel more than twelve hours a week, and even that would be way too much for me.

Energies from the high planes (mental, messianic, and buddhaic) are very rarified and abstract, and hard to translate into words, so most channeling is astral, followed by causal. No kind of channeling is "better" than another.

Michael is unique in that they are channeled by several people who share a common system, the Michael teachings; still, each channel accesses differently. Many agree to mostly channel intellectually, just bringing them in enough to get the words. In that case, one who is sensitive can still feel Michael's energy stamp, but it's not that intense. Some bring Michael into their whole body; working with healing energy usually requires Michael to use more of the channel's body

I didn't set out to channel Michael energetically as well as intellectually, but apparently, that's what I agreed to do. In my early years, most of my sessions were in person (today, most are over the phone). From the beginning, people reported various visual phenomena as well as sensations. Almost everyone in person reports seeing golden white light around me, and, in the concluding, mostly silent energy work, they see my face change repeatedly (I discuss all this at length in "The Journey of Your Soul.") Sensations often including tingling, waves of energy, and warmth. Sometimes the energy feels like an enfolding thick blanket, and sometimes, it feels like one is vastly expanded. There is no way I could do this on my own, and I don't think that anyone who experiences it doubts that it's anything other than Michael--it's unmistakable.

Still, it's human nature to discount things we have not ourselves experienced. Some people just aren't wired for perceiving energies, although practice can increase that sensitivity. Of the few people who have said they didn't feel much of anything during a session with me, almost all have been scholars, who tend to be more intellectually focused. However, some scholars have great gifts in perceiving energies, so, again, one can't generalize too much. Almost everyone reports feeling markedly better after a session, even if she didn't notice specific energetic changes along the way.

If there is a challenging issue you want to talk to Michael about, you want answers to intellectual questions. However, Einstein taught us that everything is, ultimately, energy, and there is an energy in any situation. Bringing the universal forces of love, truth and beauty to bear can help evolve it so that stuck energies release, more light comes into it, and things feel better. Michael always works in conjunction with a person's essence. There is never anything imposed; love can only be offered.

Sometimes, when more focus is needed on the energy work, the transmission of words can slow down temporarily. Some sessions are naturally more focused on intellectual matters, with less energy work; in those cases, the words tend to come faster. I have no control over this; it depends on what is needed, and is regulated by essence. In the case of groups, it is regulated by what the essences of all participants want to occur. In any case, it never hurts to approach a session with Michael as half meditation and half Q&A or lecture, so that you can receive all that is being offered.

A channel's way of channeling is suited for him and those who have agreements with him or are otherwise drawn to work with him. There are no better or worse ways of channeling, just different, appealing to different needs and styles. In all things, our intuition can guide us to what is right for us.


 SHEPHERD HOODWIN has been channeling since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching, where he teaches others to channel. He has conducted workshops on the Michael teachings throughout the United States. His other books include the hilarious Enlightenment for Nitwits, Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships, Meditations for Self-Discovery: Guided Journeys for Exploring Your Inner Self, Opening to Healing, Growing Through Joy, and Being in the World.

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