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Welcome to the Michael teachings chat room!

If you're either here to chat or to attend our weekly Michael Students Night, scroll down to the link at the bottom of this page and join us now. If you're here for a channeled chat session, please read through the instructions below.


Always try to use your first and last name, if at all possible, since that may alleviate problems with the duplication of nicknames. IRC does not allow the duplication of nicknames. If you still find yourself getting disconnected from the room shortly after signing in, or your name is changed to Guest**** (number), then sign in again and add a number to your name to make it a unique identifier. Also, make sure that you have java enabled in your browser. Usually you can check that by clicking on "tools" in the top menu of your browser, and then scrolling down to "options" or something similar.

If you're using the java chat room, don't be confused by all of the choices after you enter. Simply type in a nickname as previously suggested, and click on the button that says "Connect." 


Channeled chat sessions are always fun and informative and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the evenings we've planned for you. If you'd like to socialize we suggest arriving a half hour early. You can also chit-chat after the session has concluded. Once the session commences, however, please remain silent unless Michael calls on you or asks you to respond to a question. It's always a good spiritual exercise to tune in to what is appropriate, and when, in light of what is happening in the whole. One "bull in a china shop" can deflate the group experience.

Depending on the channel, many sessions will begin with some silent meditation or energy work. A brief opening statement may or may not be made by the channel, and there could be a lecture given by Michael if it seems appropriate for the moment. Following that Michael will take some questions from those in attendance.


Prior to the start of the session, either Dave Gregg or a volunteer will create a list of those who want to ask questions. When Michael is ready for your question your name will be called from that list. Please don't post your question until you are asked to do so. Always wait until the channel has finished what they have to say to you (or another person) before jumping in with a response. The channel will indicate they are finished with an answer by typing "END."
One follow-up response will be allowed.

Regarding the questions, we're looking for a balance: not too wordy (no blow-by-blow narratives) but enough basic detail and background for clarity. If you're asking about a concept or situation with which others may be unfamiliar, give a thumbnail sketch of it. For example, if you're asking about the String Theory, say what it is. Please, no overleaf questions, and avoid multi-part questions that are really more than one question. And unless a new round has started, please don't ask more than one question per session.


If you join us after 6 p.m. Pacific, please enter quietly, without greetings. If you have to leave before we've completed, again, do so without good-byes. However, if at all possible, please stay until Michael has concluded--you'll get the most out of the session if you do. Energy work has an arc.

If you've experienced powerful energy work, there's a strong temptation to dissipate it afterwards--we're not used to holding a higher vibration for very long. You might find it more rewarding to remain in silence afterwards or at least to keep conversation contained. Your intuition will guide you. The room will be open afterwards as long as people wish to remain.


I've added a donation button to this page. 30% will go towards the labor and costs required in maintaining this site, and the rest will go to the channel whose session you are attending. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Channeling takes a great deal of energy, and while these channeled chat sessions are certainly a labor of love, when there is a balanced energy exchange the flow of blessings increase all around.

We're committed to offering the chats freely and realize that many people
cannot afford much. For those who can afford it, a $20 donation would be
much appreciated, or whatever you feel moved to offer. Note: If you would like to send a check via postal mail rather than Paypal,
send your check or money order (or Christmas card ;-p) to the address below:

David Gregg
5935 Havilland Lane
Riverside, CA 92504-1411


If you enjoy the FREE services you're receiving here, please consider making a donation to help this site. A percentage of it is used to offset the costs of hosting and maintenance,  but the rest goes to the Michael channels who offer our live events.  Thank you!






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