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CQY: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's website
JS: Josť Steven's website
MC: A Michael channel from her list mostly quoted from Yarbro group
MFM: Messages from Michael
MFTM: Michael for the Millennium
ML: Michael teachings list contributor from memory of Yarbro group
MP: Michael's People
SC: Sarah Chambers 1996-98
SH: Shepherd Hoodwin (full chart usually available)
TR: Original group unpublished transcripts 1973-1977



  • Amachi MC: 7th young slave
  • Doris Day SH: Server, discarnate Sage ET
  • Queen Elizabeth MC: mature server
  • Sally Field MC: server
  • John of God (Joao de Deus) SH: fourth-old server/artisan ET, 4/2/3 casting, 63/37, growth, realist, passion, intellectual/ moving part, stubbornness, mercurial/solar.
  • Al Gore, Jr. SH: 7th-mature server, "honorary scholar," double server
    secondary casting, 91/9, 30, Tipper is a task companion (sage), growth,
    idealist, aggression, intellectual/moving part, arrogance,
  • John Kerry MC: 7th young server. SH: "honorary scholar," 43/57, dominance, passion, idealist, moving /intellectual part, martyrdom, saturnian/martial.
  • Dalai Lama MC: 3rd-old server, acceptance, observation.
  • Ray Liotta MC: server
  • William Macy JS: server
  • Greg Marcks SH: 4th-young server, male scholar ET, sage/artisan casting, 47/53, 68, dominance, pragmatist, observation, intellectual/moving part, stubbornness, lunar/martial.
  • Queen Mother MC: server
  • Carol Moseley Braun MC: server
  • Vladimer Putin CQY: young server, perseverance.
  • Susan Sarandon MC: mature server
  • Wesley Snipes SH: 3rd-young server, sage male ET, warrior/artisan casting, 41/59, 72, freedom/adventure/power, growth, spiritualist, power,
    intellectual/moving part, stubbornness, saturnian/martial.
  • John Steinbeck CQY: old server
  • Mother Teresa MC: server.
  • Roger Zelazny CQY: old server


  • Anastasia of Siberia SH: 7th-old priest, no essence twin, artisan/warrior casting, priest entity (9/6), truth side, 51/49 mf, 49 freq, 15 previous cycles, needs: freedom, communion, exchange, knowledge position, acceptance, spiritualist, observation, moving center/emotional-part, saturnian/lunar, no chief obstacle.
  • Julie Andrews SH: 7th-old priest (manifesting 3rd old in 1993), female artisan ET, king/server/artisan casting (3/5), 35/65, 61 freq, 13 previous cycles, acceptance, spiritualist, passion sliding to reserve, moving/emotional part, martrydom, martial/jovial/solar bodytype.
  • Harold Arlen SH: 6th-young priest, artisan ET, scholar/artisan casting, 31/69, 72, growth, idealist, reserve, intellectual/moving part, arrogance, saturnian/venusian.
  • David Attenborough SH: first-old priest, scholar ET male, priest/king casting.
  • Elwood Babbitt SH: 3rd old priest
  • Joan Baez MC: mature priest
  • Brandon Bays SH: 4th-old priest, sage ET, king casting.
  • Hector Berlioz MFM: mid-cycle young priest
  • H.P. Blavatsky SH: 3rd old priest/scholar - warrior cast (3/7/2); cadre 2/entity 6; discrimination, spiritualist, observation, intellectual/moving, arrogance.
  • Jerry Brown MC: old priest
  • Ellen Bursten SH: 4th-mature priest, male scholar ET, server/sage casting, 55/45, 29, discrimination, realist, aggression, intellectual/emotional part, self-destruction, martial/venusian.
  • George Bush MC: 6th young priest
  • Prescott Bush SH: 3rd-young priest, scholar ET, sage/king casting, 70/30, 37 freq, 11 previous cycles, needs: freedom/expression/power, knowledge pos., dominance, realist, passion, intellectual/moving part, saturnian/lunar/mercurial.
  • Gerald Butler SH: 6th-mature priest, male scholar ET, priest and double artisan casting, martal/saturnian/lunar.
  • John Calvin MFM: 3rd young priest
  • Carolyn Cassady SH: 3rd mature priest, artisan ET, sage/artisan casting,
    41/59, 71, flow, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/emotional part,
    arrogance, mercurial/lunar.
  • Neal Cassady SH: 2nd mature priest, male sage ET, artisan/sage casting,
    51/49, 28, growth/reevaluation, spiritualist, caution/power,
    intellectual/moving pt., martyrdom, jovial/saturnian.
  • Edgar Cayce CQY: baby priest
  • Frederic Chopin MFM: mid-cycle young priest
  • Courteney Cox SH: 4th young priest/scholar ET, warrior casting. Flow, idealist, observation, emotional/moving, stubbornness, mercurial/saturnian. Needs: acceptance, adventure, expansion.
  • Oliver Cromwell MFM: 6th young priest
  • Aleister Crowley: 7th young priest
  • Patrick Dempsey SH: 3rd-mature priest, discarnate artisan ET, sage/warrior casting, 61/39, dominance, spiritualist, power, emotional/moving part, arrogance, saturnian/mercurial.
  • John DeRuiter ML: 7th young priest
  • Yogi Amrit Desai SH: 6th-mature priest, female sage ET, artisan/warrior
    casting, 63/37, acceptance, idealist, passion, intellectual/emotional part,
    arrogance, saturnian/jovial/mercurial.
  • Robert Duvall JS: mature priest
  • Bob Dylan JS: mature priest.
  • Sigmund Freud MP: mature priest
  • Jerry Garcia MC: old priest.
  • Marvin Gaye MC: mature priest
  • Richard Gere SH: third mature priest,  warrior ET,  king/artisan casting,
    growth, realist, power,  intellectual/moving pt., impatience,
  • Allen Ginsburg SH: 1st-old priest (manifesting 5th mature), discarnate sage ET, king/server casting, 38/62, 73 freq, 12 previous cycles, submission, idealist, caution, emotional/intellectual, greed, jovial/mercurial.
  • Francisco De Goya MFM: 6th mature priest
  • Alec Guinness ML: priest
  • Woody Harrelson MC: old priest
  • Henry lV: young priest
  • Jehovah SH: (An extraterrestrial, at the time of the giving of the Ten
    Commandments:) 4th-old priest, no ET, sage/scholar casting, sage entity,
    king TC, 49/51, 47, 23 previous cycles (higher than any earthling), growth, spiritualist, power, intellectual/moving part, no chief obstacle but "played with arrogance," body type and number of past lives not applicable!
  • John Paul II ML: mature priest
  • James Joyce CQY: mature priest
  • Judas TR: The man Judas at that time was a mid cycle mature priest in
    submission. this gave him little option to refuse the king [Jesus].
  • Carl Jung TR: 5th-old priest; MFM: 5th-old sage.
  • Danny Kaye MC: old priest
  • Jack Kevorkian SC: priest.
  • Martin Luther King ML: 6th mature priest, dominance, passion. JS: priest
  • JZ Knight SH: 3rd-mature priest, "honorary scholar," growth, realist,
    passion, intellectual/moving part, stubbornness, saturnian/venusian.
  • Elisabeth Kubler-Ross ML: old priest?
  • John Lennon MC: 2nd mature priest
  • Toby Maguire ML: I'm told he was a Priest. Young, I think. JS: mature server.
  • Katherine Mansfield SH: 5th level mature priest w/sage casting 5/2/3, discarnate king ET, cadre 5 entity 1 (love side), artisan task comp., m/f 42/58, freq 63, 12 prev cycles, needs of expression/expansion/adventure, flow, idealist, power, intellectual/moving, impatience, saturnian/mercurial. 
  • Richard Matheson MC: old priest
  • James McAvoy SH: 2nd-mature priest, discarnate scholar ET, double artisan casting, 48/52/ 47, 13 previous cycles, adventure/expression/power, knowledge, acceptance, spiritualist, passion, intellectual/moving part, arrogance, martial/saturnian.
  • Herman Melville SH: 3rd old priest (manifesting 4th mature), incarnate scholar ET, priest cast (6/7/1), cadre/entity 2/6, 68/32, 41, 9 previous cycles, expansion/security/acceptance, growth, pragmatist, aggression, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, saturnian/jovial.
  • Kent Nagano MC: old priest
  • Barack Obama SH: 6th mature king-cast priest, no ET. Dominance, idealist, observation, intellectual/moving, arrogance, saturnian/mercurial.
  • Suze Orman MC: young priest.
  • Haley Joel Osment JS: mature priest.
  • Plato MFM: young priest
  • Sarah Palin JS: 1st young king in greed; SH: 2nd-old manifesting 1st-mature priest, discarnate sage ET, warrior/scholar casting, beauty side, 49/51, 47 frequency, 10 previous cycles, adventure/expression/power, knowledge position, dominance, realist, passion, moving/intellectual part, arrogance, saturnian/mercurial. MC: Warrior
  • Jerry Pournelle CQY: young priest
  • Anne Rice CQY: mature priest
  • Jack the Ripper MFM: mid-cycle mature priest
  • Jane Roberts CQY: mature priest
  • Joan of Arc  MFM: Jeanne d'Arc was a young priest, at the sixth level in the passion mode with a goal of dominance, a flagrant idealist in the moving part of emotional center and with an overwhelming chief feature of martyrdom. TR: This lady was a mid-cycle mature warrior in dominance who deeply resented being female, and was willing to die for her individuality. She had a strong chief feature of haughtiness [arrogance]. Her mode was passion. She was a spiritualist.
  • Mickey Rourke MC: mature priest
  • Martin Sheen ML: 5th mature priest
  • Joseph Smith: early mature priest
  • Bruce Springsteen MC: priest
  • Rudolph Steiner MC: young priest
  • Sting MC: mature priest
  • Theodore Sturgeon CQY: old priest
  • Henry David Thoreau CQY: mature priest
  • Leo Tolstoy CQY: mature priest
  • Christopher Walken MC: 6th mature priest


  • Gillian Anderson MC: A young artisan playing a scholar in her X Files role.
  • Woody Allen CQY: mature artisan
  • Burt Bacharach MC: artisan
  • Kevin Bacon JS: mature artisan
  • Alec Baldwin MC: mature artisan
  • Christian Bale JS: mature artisan
  • Javier Bardem JS: old artisan
  • Kim Bassinger MC: young artisan
  • Carol Bayer Sager MC: artisan
  • Kate Beckinsdale JS: young artisan
  • Annette Benning JS: mature artisan
  • Jessica Biel JS: mature artisan
  • Juliette Binoche JS: a mature artisan
  • Cher Bono MC: young artisan
  • Botticelli MFM: 5th mature artisan
  • Marlon Brando CQY: young artisan MC: 6th mature warrior;
  • Matthew Broderick JS: mature artisan, cynic
  • Dean Cain SH: 5th mature artisan, sage ET, server casting, growth, idealist, power, moving/intellectual part, arrogance, venusian/saturnian/mercurial.
  • Helena Bonham Carter JS: mature artisan
  • Jimmy Carter MC: mature artisan
  • Ray Charles JS: mature artisan
  • Don Cheadle JS: mature artisan
  • Julie Christie JS: mature artisan
  • Eric Clapton MC: 6th mature artisan
  • Hillary Clinton MC: 7th young artisan, aggression, idealist, moving of
    intellectual, impatience, stubbornness. JS: Warrior. SH: scholar/artisan
    cast, power, spiritualist/stoic, self-destruction, venusian/martial/jovial,
    51/49, 27.
  • Kevin Costner MC: midcycle mature artisan, stoic, arrogance. JS: young
  • Russell Crowe MC: artisan, martial/jovial. JS: realist warrior.
  • Billy Crudup SH: 2nd-mature artisan, scholar ET, priest cast, flow,
    idealist, power, intellectual/moving part, impatience, martial/saturnian.
  • Penelope Cruz JS: artisan
  • e.e. cummings CQY: artisan
  • John Cussack JS: mature artisan
  • William Dafoe JS: mature artisan?
  • Matt Damon JS: mature artisan
  • Claire Danes JS: mature artisan
  • Robert DeNiro JS: mature artisan
  • Johnny Depp JS: mature stoic artisan. SH: 6th mature warrior/artisan w/artisan cast. growth, stoic, passion, emotional/moving, martyrdom, venusian/saturnian
  • Princess Diana SC: 2nd level mature artisan, sage ET, passion, acceptance, pragmatist, moving part/emotional, self-deprecation/stubborness. 1-5-1 (not cadre one)
  • Leonardo Di Caprio JS: mature artisan
  • Dodi AF SC: 2nd level old artisan, passion, acceptance, realist, moving
    part/emotional , impatience/ arrogance, 4-3-6, not in cadres 1-12.
  • Robert Downey, Jr. MC: 6th mature artisan, self-destruction.
  • Kirsten Dunst JS: mature artisan
  • Clint Eastwood MC: seventh mature artisan JS: warrior
  • Ralph Fiennes JS: artisan
  • Calista Flockhart MC: young artisan.
  • Jodie Foster MC: mature artisan. JS: scholar
  • Andy Garcia MC: mature artisan.
  • Jennifer Garner JS: mature artisan
  • Paul Gaugin MFM: 4th old artisan
  • Hugh Grant JS: young artisan
  • Ed Harris JS: late mature artisan; SH: 5th-mature discarnate priest ET,
    king/warrior casting, 61/39, 47, growth, spiritualist, power,
    intellectual/moving part, arrogance, saturnian/martial.
  • Prince Harry SC: mid-cycle mature artisan, 4-2-4, observation, stagnation, idealist, intellectual/emotional part, mercury/lunar.
  • Gregory Hines CQY: young artisan
  • Hugh Jackman JS: mature artisan
  • Scarlett Johannson JS: mature artisan SH: 3rd-old artisan, discarnate
    scholar ET, king/artisan casting, beauty side, 82/18, growth, spiritualist,
    aggression, emotional/moving part, stubbornness, saturnian/mercurial.
  • Ashley Judd JS: mature artisan
  • Nicole Kidman MC: artisan.
  • Kevin Kline JS: mature artisan
  • Lisa Kudrow SH: 2nd young artisan/"honorary sage." Acceptance, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, saturnian/martial. Needs: freedom, adventure, expression.
  • Jude Law JS: mature artisan
  • Matt LeBlanc: 2nd young artisan, server casting.
  • Daniel Day Lewis JS: mature artisan
  • John Malkovich JS: mature artisan in discrimination.
  • Richard Maltby jr SH: 7th mature artisan, female priest ET, double scholar casting, growth, idealist, caution, intellectual/moving, self-dep.
  • Michaelangelo MFM: 4th mature artisan
  • Joni Mitchell MC: (wasn't sure remembered correctly) 5th mature artisan.
  • Marilyn Monroe MC: mature artisan
  • Joe Montana MC: young artisan
  • Demi Moore MC: young artisan
  • Julianne Moore MC: mature artisan
  • Viggo Mortensen SH: 4th mature artisan/priest ET, king/server casting,
    growth, observation. JS: (old) sage in growth, a realist attitude, a mode of perseverance, and intellectually centered
  • Paul Newman CQY: mature artisan JS: warrior
  • Liam Neeson JS: mature artisan
  • Edward Norton JS: mature stoical artisan
  • Gary Oldman MC: 6th mature artisan.
  • Al Pacino MC: artisan.
  • Ellen Page JS: mature artisan
  • Sean Penn JS: mature artisan
  • Peter the Great CQY: 7th young king-cast artisan, acceptance, perseverance, idealist, moing/intellectual, impatience/self-destruction.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer MC: mature artisan
  • Joaquin Phoenix JS: artisan
  • Natalie Portman SH: artisan/scholar w/warrior casting. flow, spiritualist, passion, intellectual, impatience
  • Aidan Quinn SH: 5th-mature artisan, discarnate king ET, dominance,
    spiritualist, aggression, arrogance.
  • Brad Pitt MC: mid-cycle mature artisan, passion, submission,
    impatience/greed. SH: artisan/sage ET (no plans to meet), priest/server casting, beauty side, 61/39, 31 freq, 11 previous cycles, needs: power/adventure/acceptance, power pos., spiritualist, emotional/physical, saturnian/mercurial.
  • Robert Redford MC: mature artisan. JS: old warrior
  • Gary Renard SH: 3rd-young artisan, "honorary scholar," dominance,
    spiritualist, power, intellectual/moving part, stubbornness, lunar/martial.
  • Christina Ricci SH: 7th-young artisan/scholar ET, warrior/king cast, 63/37, 40, discrimination, power, skeptic, lunar/mercurial.
  • Julia Roberts JS: artisan
  • Jerome Robbins CQY: mature artisan
  • Tim Robbins JS: mature artisan
  • Richard Rodgers SH: 3rd-mature artisan, "honorary sage," artisan secondary casting, 47/53, 49, growth, skeptic, caution, intellectual/physical part, impatience, solar/mercurial.
  • Winona Ryder MC: young artisan
  • Vladimir Solovyov SH: 3rd-mature artisan, discarnate king ET, warrior/king casting, 41/59, 47 freq, 11 previous cycles, freedom/adventure/power, acceptance/discrimination, pragmatist, aggression, moving/intellectual part, arrogance, saturnian/mercurial.
  • Kevin Spacey JS: mature artisan
  • Meryl Streep MC: mature artisan
  • Charlize Theron JS: artisan
  • John Travolta MC: young artisan
  • Vincent Van Gogh MFM: mid-cycle mature artisan
  • Denzel Washington MC: young artisan
  • Naomi Watts JS: mature artisan
  • Rachel Weisz JS: mature artisan
  • Robin Williams MC: artisan, passion mode.
  • Kate Winslet JS: mature artisan SH: 3rd mature artisan/king w/priest cast. growth, cynic, reserve, emotional/moving, arrogance
  • Stevie Wonder MC: mature artisan, spiritualist.
  • Virginia Woolf SH: 4th mature artisan/king w/warrior cast. growth, spiritualist, passion, intellectual/physical, arrogance
  • Renee Zellweger MC: artisan



  • Bella Abzug SH: 4th-mature sage, warrior ET, triple warrior casting in a
    warrior entity, "honorary warrior," 81/19, 31 frequency, 12 previous cycles, dominance, realist, aggression, moving (or physical) center/intellectual part, greed, venusian/martial/jovial.
  • Jennifer Aniston SH: 3rd mature sage/"honorary king," dominance, realist, observation, moving/intellectual, martial/solar. Needs: expression, adventure, communion.
  • Daniel Baldwin SH: 7th-young sage, discarnate king ET, warrior/scholar
    casting, truth side, 49/51, 47, 13 previous cycles, flow, realist, passion,
    intellectual/moving part, impatience, saturnian/jovial.
  • Leonard Bernstein CQY: mature sage. SH: 7th mature sage/artisan ET, warrior casting. Dominance, idealist, passion, emotional/moving, venusian
  • Jack Black JS: mature sage
  • Tom Brokaw MC: mature sage
  • Lenny Bruce SH: 5th-mature sage (manifesting 2nd mature), discarnate warrior ET, double warrior casting, 65/35, 26 freq, 11 previous cycles, discrimination, skeptic, aggression, moving (not specified as to ordinality/cardinality)/intellectual, greed sliding to self-destruction/self-dep, mercurial/solar/venusian/jovial.
  • Kate Bush SH: 6th-young sage, discarnate king ET, king/scholar/king casting in king entity ("honorary king"), 48/52, 30, 13, flow, stoic, passion,
    intellectual/moving part, arrogance, martial/jovial.
  • Michael Caine JS: sage
  • Jim Carrey JS: young sage
  • Joanna Cassidy SH: 5th-young sage, female artisan ET, priest/artisan
    casting, 48/52, 47, dominance, pragmatist, passion, intellectual/moving,
    impatience, saturnian/venusian.
  • Miguel Cervantes CQY: old sage
  • Victoria Clark SH: 2nd-old sage, scholar male ET, priest/king casting, 68/32, 47 freq, 13 previous cycles, needs: acceptance/adventure/freedom, power pos., acceptance, pragmatist, observation, intellectual/emotional part, stubbornness, mercurial/saturnian.
  • Emperor Claudius CQY: 6th young sage
  • Bill Clinton SC: 7th young sage
  • George Clooney JS: old sage
  • Stephen Colbert CQY: mature sage, acceptance, cynic, observation, moving/intellectual, arrogance
  • Toni Collette JS: mature sage
  • Tom Cruise MC: 5th young sage
  • Jeff Daniels JS: mature sage
  • Ellen Degeneres MC: mature sage, self-deprecation. (artisan SH)
  • Marquis De Sade JS: mature sage
  • Cameron Diaz JS: mature sage
  • Vincent D'Onofrio SH: 6th-young sage, male scholar ET, double warrior
    casting, 41/59, 56, discrimination, spiritualist, aggression,
    intellectual/moving part, arrogance, venusian/saturnian/mercurial.
  • David Duchovny MC: mature sage
  • Alexander Dumas CQY: old sage
  • Isadora Duncan SH: 7th-mature sage, discarnate scholar ET, double artisan casting in king entity, 49/51, 38, 9 previous cycles, dominance,
    spiritualist, aggression, emotional center/moving part, arrogance,
  • John Edward SH: sage, king ET.
  • Duke Ellington SH: 6th-old sage, discarnate ET, artisan/server casting, "honorary" artisan, 45/55, 20 freq, 11 revious cycles, acceptance, spiritualist/stoic, passion, physical/intellectual part, arrogance/greed, saturnian/lunar.
  • Eminem ML: young sage
  • William Faulkner CQY: mature sage
  • Albert Finney JS: sage.
  • Brendan Frasier JS: mature sage
  • Morgan Freeman MC: mature sage. JS: old scholar
  • David Frost JS: mature sage, idealist, growth, perseverance, intellectual center, arrogance.
  • Dick Gephardt MC: sage
  • Janeane Garofalo MC: mature sage
  • George Gershwin SH: 7th old sage, king casting and essence twin ("honorary king"), 82 frequency, 42/58 male/female, 15 previous cycles, flow sliding to acceptance, passion, emotional /intellectual part, stubbornness, mercurial.
  • Mel Gibson JS: young sage
  • Crispin Glover MC: sage
  • Cuba Gooding, Jr. JS: mature sage
  • Gene Hackman MC: old sage
  • George Frederick Handel MFM: 4th level young sage
  • Tom Hanks MC: 7th young sage in dominance (?), power.
  • Ernest Hemingway MC: mature sage
  • Henry VIII MC: mature sage
  • Frank Herbert CQY: mature sage
  • Ian Holm CQY: old sage
  • Dustin Hoffman MC: 5th mature sage, growth or dominance, power.
  • Jeremy Irons CQY: mature sage.
  • Steve Irwin MC: young sage in passion.
  • Molly Ivins SH: 3rd-mature sage, sage ET, warrior/artisan casting, artisan task companion, 38/62, 40 frequency, 11 previous cycles,
    freedom/expansion/expression, love position, flow, realist, caution,
    intellectual/moving part, stubbornness, saturnian/jovial.
  • Michael Jackson MC: 5th mature sage (reincarnation of Mozart). SH: Looks like an artisan to me.
  • Samuel Jackson JS: sage
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson SC: fifth-level mature sage, power mode, growth, idealist, emotional part/intellectual, venus/mercury, arrogance, very strong secondary of impatience,  1/3/5, cadre four, greater cadre 43, node 129, sage ET who is alive and may very well choose to be Lyndon's mother in the next life, for this fragment will probably reincarnate during the first two decades of the new millennium. Lyndon's scholar task companion is the fragment who is his daughter Lynda. MC: warrior. SH: I agree.
  • Angelina Jolie MC: mature sage, self-destruction.
  • Stephen King MC: baby sage.
  • Keira Knightly SH: 7th-young sage, discarnate king ET, priest/artisan
    casting, beauty side, 61/39, flow, spiritualist, passion,
    intellectual/moving part, arrogance, martial/saturnian. JS: mature artisan.
  • Jay Leno MC: sage
  • Joseph Lieberman MC: sage.
  • John McCain SH: Sage
  • Shirley MacLaine MC: 5th mature sage, growth, spiritualist.
  • Madonna MC: young sage, dominance, power.
  • John McCain  SH: sage. JS: young warrior;
  • Vladimir Megre SH: 3rd mature sage, discarnate king ET, warrior/king casting, 41/59, 47 freq, 11 previous cycles, needs: adventure/security/expansion, knowledge pos., growth, idealist, passion, intellectual/moving, arrogance, saturnian/martial.
  • Michael Moore MC: sage/sage ET, 3rd mature, observation, dominance,
    realist, intellectual/moving part, arrogance /impatience, 4-3-5.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart MFM: 3rd mature sage
  • Eddie Murphy MC: sage
  • Bill Murray MC: old sage. JS: mature sage
  • Carolyn Myss SH: 2nd old manifesting 4th-mature sage, no ET, king/server casting, 35/65, dominance, power, spiritualist, moving/intellectual part, impatience, mercurial/saturnian.
  • Jack Nicholson MC: 5th mature sage, cynic, discrimination, aggression.
  • Sir Laurence Olivier: MC (MFM p. 148): 5th old sage, observation,
    acceptance,  idealist, emotional/ intellectual part,  self-deprecation.
  • Luciano Pavarotti CQY: mature sage
  • Matthew Perry SH: 3rd young sage-cast sage, no ET. Flow, spiritualist, observation, intellectual/moving, impatience, saturnian/martial. Needs: freedom, adventure, acceptance.
  • Elvis Presley MC: young sage
  • Christopher Reeve MC: 6th young sage. SH: I'd think artisan.
  • John Ritter MC: mature sage
  • J. K. Rowling MC: sage.
  • Carl Sagan CQY: sage
  • Ryan Seacrest MC: young sage
  • Peter Sellers ML: sage
  • Christian Slater MC: old sage
  • Will Smith JS: mature sage
  • Ringo Starr CQY: old sage
  • Vinnie Starr SH: 1st mature sage, king ET male, artisan casting.
  • Howard Stern CQY: young soul. SH: sage
  • Mark Twain ML: young sage. CQY: mature scholar. SH: 5th old sage
  • Orson Welles CQY: mature sage, power, growth.
  • Tom Wilkinson JS: sage
  • Marianne Williamson SH: 4th-old sage, female priest ET, 5/4/2 casting, 55/45, 42 frequency, 14 previous cycles, dominance, idealist, passion,
    intellectual/moving part, arrogance, mercurial/jovial/venusian. JS: priest.
  • Gahan Wilson CQY: mature sage
  • Lanford Wilson SH: 4th-mature sage, discarnate artisan ET, priest/artisan casting, growth, pragmatist, passion, emotional/moving part, arrogance, martial/saturnian.
  • Oprah Winfrey MC: late young sage, growth. SH: 2nd-mature sage, discarnate priest ET, priest/artisan casting ("honorary priest"), 47/53, 72 frequency, 12 previous cycles, communion/adventure/freedom, support position, growth, spiritualist, passion, moving center/emotional part, impatience, venusian/lunar.
  • Yahweh SH: (An extraterrestrial, at the time of the giving of the Ten
    Commandments:) 3rd-old sage, female priest ET, scholar/warrior casting in a scholar entity, priest TC, 31/69, 47, 11 previous cycles, growth, idealist, passion, intellectual/moving part, impatience, body type and number of past lives not applicable!
  • Catherine Zeta Jones MC: young sage  


  • Angela Bassett MC: young warrior
  • Joe Biden JS: 6th mature warrior
  • James Brolin MC: third mature warrior
  • Richard Cheney CQY: 6th level baby warrior. growth, idealist, observation, moving/emotional, stubbornness.
  • Daniel Craig JS: young warrior
  • Jamie Lee Curtis MC: warrior
  • Judy Dench JS: old warrior w/sage casting.
  • Harrison Ford MC: mid-cycle old king-cast warrior, impatience/arrogance,
    growth, passion, moving/intellectual part.
  • Bob Graham MC: warrior
  • Charles L. Grant CQY: old warrior
  • Salma Hayek JS: mature warrior
  • Adolf Hitler MC: young warrior, aggression, reincarnated two or three times since, and in one of the lives was stoned to death as a young Jewish girl.
  • Marilyn Horne CQY: late mature warrior
  • Holly Hunter JS: mature warrior
  • Jessica Lange CQY: old warrior
  • Christopher Lee CQY: mature warrior
  • Abraham Lincoln MFTM: scholar was incorrect, was fourth-cast, fourth-level mature warrior. SH: scholar
  • Jack London CQY: 1st level old warrior
  • Michael Moorcock CQY: old warrior
  • Sondra Ray SH: 4th-mature warrior.
  • King Richard lll MFM: 5th mature warrior
  • Kim Stanley Robinson CQY: mature warrior
  • Sam Shepard SH: 7th-mature warrior, "honorary artisan," secondary sage
    casting, 63/37, 61, growth, skeptic, observation, physical/moving part, greed, saturnian/martial.
  • Sylvester Stallone SH: warrior/priest ET male, artisan casting
  • Oliver Stone SH: 1st-old warrior, male sage ET, sage/priest casting
    ("honorary sage"), discarnate priest TC, 29/71, 75, 11, growth, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/moving part, impatience, mercurial/saturnian.
  • Igor Stravinsky MFM: 1st-old warrior, dominance, observation, idealist, intellectual/emotional part, impatience.
  • Barbra Streisand MC: third-mature warrior in arrogance
  • Harry Truman SC: warrior
  • Mario Van Peebles SH: 7th-old warrior, artisan ET, warrior casting, acceptance, idealist, aggression, intellectual center/emotional part, greed,
  • Maria von Trapp SH: 7th-young warrior, discarnate sage ET, king/scholar casting, 41/59, 47 freq, 12 previous cycles, needs: adventure/expression/acceptance, knowledge pos., discrimination, skeptic, aggression, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, martial/jovial.
  • George Washington ML: young warrior



  • Joan Allen JS: mature king
  • Susan B. Anthony CQY: 6th young king, dominancce, pragmatist, observation, intellectual/emotional, stubbornness.
  • Bela Bartok SH: king/artisan w/scholar cast - flow, realist, observation, intellectual/emotional, impatience, mercurial/solar
  • Ambrose Bierce CQY: 5th level mature king
  • Cate Blanchett JS: mature king w/artisan casting.
  • James Cameron SH: 6th-young king, discarnate scholar ET, double warrior casting, 58/42 male/female, 41 frequency, 12 previous cycles, freedom/adventure/power, power
    life quadrant position, reevaluation, cynic, aggression, intellectual/moving part, arrogance, martial/lunar, entity 10/2.
  • Stockard Channing ML: mid-cycle mature king
  • Jesus Christ TR: Pisces sun, Gemini moon, Leo ascendant, "This was an
    emotionally centered mercury-saturn."  MC: 7th old king, passion, acceptance, spiritualist.
  • Wesley Clark CQY: 5th mature king, growth, skeptic, caution, moving/intellectual, stubbornness/martyrdom.
  • Sean Connery MC: king
  • Jeffrey Dahmer SH: 3rd baby king, discarnate artisan ET, warrior casting.
  • Colin Davis MC: magnetic old king
  • James Garner MC: king.
  • Katherine Hepburn JS: mature king
  • Howard Hughes JS: young king
  • Thomas Jefferson MC: I think Sarah got young king.
  • Tommy Lee Jones MC: old king
  • Jerome Kern SH: 2nd mature king/artisan ET, Server cast, Acceptance, spiritualist, passion, emotional/moving, arrogance, mercurial/saturnian. Needs: freedom, power, communion.
  • Jack Kerouac SH: 3rd-old king, discarnate artisan ET, warrior/artisan
    casting, 47/53, flow sliding to discrimination, realist, caution, moving/emotional part, solar/saturnian/venusian.
  • Dennis Kucinich MC: king. SH: 4th-old king, scholar female ET, sage/artisan casting, truth side, 81/19, 14 previous cycles, adventure/acceptance/expression, discrimination, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/emotional part, impatience, martial/saturnian.
  • Lucy Lawless SH: 7th-young king, artisan male ET, sage/artisan casting, 30/70, growth, passion, skeptic, intellectual/physical part, impatience,
  • Li Hongzhi (Falun Gong) SH: 6th-old king, discarnate sage ET,
    scholar/warrior casting, arrogance
  • Niccolo Machiavelli SH: king, discarnate artisan ET, warrior/king casting,
    dominance, spiritualist, observation, intellectual/moving pt., arrogance/impatience,  saturnian/jovial, 2nd young.
  • John Merrick ("Elephant Man") ML: mature king.
  • Alice Miller CQY: old king
  • Robert Monroe SH: 6th-mature king, discarnate scholar ET, 3/4/2.
  • Thich Nat Hahn MC: 7th old king, possible IS
  • Christopher Plummer SH: 7th-mature on cusp of 1st-old king, scholar ET, dominance, pragmatist, observation.
  • Harold Prince SH: 4th old king/sage ET, warrior casting. Acceptance, idealist, power, intellectual/emotional, impatience, mercurial/martial. Needs: communion, adventure, power.
  • Wilhelm Reich SH: 7th-mature king, scholar ET, priest/scholar casting,
    41/59, 51, growth, pragmatist, passion sliding to reserve, moving (not sure
    if ordinal or cardinal)/emotional part, martyrdom/stubbornness.
  • Dakota Richards JS: king
  • Tom Everett Scott SH: 4th mature king/"honorary sage," discrimination,
    idealist, observation, intellectual/emotional part, saturnian/venusian/lunar.
  • Patrick Stewart MC: 5th-mature king, self-deprecation.
  • Melvin Van Peebles SH: 4th-mature king, warrior ET, sage casting, growth, idealist, power, intellectual/moving part, arrogance, martial/mercurial.
  • Herbert von Karajan MC: magnetic old king


  • Ben Affleck SH: 4th mature scholar/sage ET, king casting, acceptance, spiritualist, passion, intellectual/physical part, arrogance, martial/saturnian.
  • Jane Austen CQY: mature scholar
  • Johann Sebastian Bach MFM: 2nd level old scholar
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven MFM: 3rd old scholar
  • Candace Bergen MC: young scholar
  • Susan Boyle SH: 3rd mature scholar, discarnate sage ET, king/server casting, beauty side, 48/52, 66 freq, 11 previous cycles, needs: expansion/expression/acceptance, knowledge pos., flow, spiritualist, aggression, intellectual/emotional part, impatience, jovial/lunar.
  • Kenneth Branagh: mature scholar
  • Jeff Bridges CQY: old scholar. JS: mature sage
  • David Brinkley ML: young scholar
  • George W. Bush MC: 3rd young scholar, power, stagnation, cynic, arrogance/self destruction. JS: young warrior in dominance and perseverance.
  • Lord Byron CQY: mature scholar
  • Truman Capote CQY: mature scholar, passion, submission.
  • Orson Scott Card SH: 6th mature scholar/discarnate artisan ET, priest casting, stubbornness, skeptic, discrimination, caution, 85/15.
  • Deepak Chopra SH: 4th-old scholar, discarnate priest ET, server/king casting, love/truth side, discarnate artisan TC, 41/59, 47 freq, 14 previous cycles, needs: adventure,/communion/security, power pos., growth, spiritualist, power, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, jovial/venusian.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci MFM: 5th old scholar
  • Howard Dean MC: scholar SH: Looks like warrior to me.
  • Emily Dickinson SH: old 7, scholar w/king casting 7/5/6, artisan ET, cadre 6 entity 2, king task comp., m/f 49/51, freq 62, 15 prev. cycles, discrimination, pragmatist, observation, moving/intellectual,impatience, saturnian/martial. Needs: adventure, expansion, exchange.
  • John Edwards MC: scholar. SH: artisan ET, scholar/server casting, 63/37, flow, spiritualist, passion, moving/intellectual part, impatience, martial/solar.
  • Albert Einstein CQY: Mature scholar
  • Robert Frost CQY: old scholar
  • Ira Gershwin SH: scholar, sage ET, warrior/server casting, 60/40 male/female energy, 30 frequency, 2nd mature, 13 previous cycles, growth, perseverance, spiritualist, physical /intellectual part, martyrdom, lunar/mercurial/martial body type.
  • John Gielgud ML: old scholar?
  • Kathy Griffin SH: 5th-young scholar/discarnate warrior
    ET, warrior/sage casting, 72/28, 49, growth, spiritualist, passion, intellectual/moving,  impatience, mercurial/saturnian.
  • Matthew Fox (Theologian) SH: 7th-mature scholar, growth, passion, pragmatist, intellectual/moving, impatience/arrogance, server/priest casting.
  • Oscar Hammerstein II SH: 7th mature scholar, no ET, king/sage casting, growth, skeptic, caution, intellectual/physical part, saturnian/martial.
  • George Harrison MC: 7th mature spiritualist scholar.
  • Bret Harte CQY: 7th level young scholar
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne CQY: late young scholar
  • Joseph Haydn MP: old scholar
  • Anthony Hopkins MC/CQY: old scholar
  • Helen Hunt JS: mature scholar
  • Samuel Johnson SH: third old scholar, warrior casting, 82/18, discrimination, idealist, caution, intellectual/moving pt., stubbornness, jovial/martial.
  • Rudyard Kipling CQY: mature scholar
  • Somerset Maugham SH: 7th mature scholar (manifesting 5th), discarnate sage ET, king/server casting, 38/62, 73 freq, 12 previous cycles, submission, idealist, caution, emotional/intellectual, greed, jovial/mercurial.
  • Marilee Matlin JS: mature scholar
  • Anne McCaffrey CQY: mature scholar
  • Cormac McCarthy JS: scholar with cynic attitude
  • Paul McCartney CQY: mature scholar
  • Nick Nolte MC/"Camille": mid-cycle mature scholar in rejection, moving, perseverance.
  • Michelle Obama SH: 6th-young scholar, "honorary warrior" (double warrior casting), 71/29, 48, growth, cynic, caution, intellectual/emotional part, arrogance, jovial/solar.
  • Todd Palin SH: 6th young scholar, discarnate priest ET, sage/artisan casting, love side, 53/47, 39 frequency, 12 previous cycles, freedom/security/exchange, knowledge position, flow, idealist, passion, emotional/moving part, greed, saturnian/vensuian.
  • Edgar Allen Poe CQY: mature scholar
  • Keanu Reeves JS: 6th- or 7th-mature scholar, artisan ET, server casting, idealist, acceptance, observation sliding to power, moving/intellectual part, arrogance.
  • Fred Rogers CQY: mid-cycle mature scholar, double server casting, acceptance, perseverance, idealist, emotional/intellectual, self-dep, stubbornness.
  • Karl Rove SH: scholar, king ET, double warrior casting, growth, idealist, power, intellectual/moving pt., impatience,  jovial/mercurial, 2nd young.
  • David Schwimmer SH: 4th mature scholar/priest ET, king casting. Growth, pragmatist, power, intellectual/moving, impatience, saturnian/martial. Needs: freedom, acceptance, exchange.
  • William Shakespeare CQY: 5th mature scholar
  • Mary Shelly CQY: mature scholar
  • David Shire SH: 3rd-mature scholar, scholar ET, artisan/server casting, 33/67, 36 freq, 11 previous cycles, growth, stoic, passion, emotional/moving, stubbornness, venusian/lunar/martial.
  • Stephen Sondheim SH: 3rd old scholar, king/priest casting, 52/48, discrimination, idealist, reserve, intellectual/emotional part, arrogance, venusian/solar/ martial.
  • Mattie Stepanek SH: 7th old scholar, king ET, warrior casting, 49/51, growth, spiritualist, caution, intellectual/moving part, mercurial/lunar.
  • Jon Stewart CQY: 7th young scholar. acceptance, skeptic, power, impatience/stubbornness.
  • Hillary Swank JS: mature scholar
  • Tilda Swinton ML: mature scholar JS: artisan
  • Emma Thompson MC: mature scholar
  • Eckhart Tolle SH: 4th-old scholar, discarnate scholar ET, sage/server casting, 26/74, 38 freq, 17 previous cycles, needs: acceptance/adventure/freedom, flow, spiritualist, observation, intellectual/moving, arrogance, martial/lunar.
  • Mahendra Trivedi SH: 5th old scholar, no ET, king/server casting, 61/39, 47 freq, 13 previous cycles, growth, pragmatist, observation, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, martial/mercurial.
  • Walt Whitman CQY: mature scholar
  • Ken Wilbur ML: mature scholar, priest casting.
  • Prince William SC: 6th mature scholar, 7-7-3, passion, dominance, skeptic, moving part/ intellectual, stubbornness/impatience, mercury/saturn.
  • Woodrow Wilson MFM: mature scholar

Transcendental Soul

  • Gandhi MP: transcendental soul
  • Socrates MP: transcendental soul
  • Zarathustra MP: transcendental soul

Infinite Soul

  • Jesus Christ MC: 7th old king, passion, acceptance, spiritualist.
  • Sri Krisna MP: infinite soul
  • Lao-Tzu MP: infinite soul.
  • Siddharttha MP: infinite soul


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