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The 5th Monad


We would like to begin by repeating what is already published: the fifth internal monad is indeed a sort of “going-within”, that is, a reflection on one’s life and one’s accomplishments, balancing this with what the fragment had aspired to accomplish during the lifetime. Often there is a reflection of agreements, karma, etc along with past-life associations and lessons that have come to bear during the present life.  This monad is a time for reflection, not action.  We repeat this. When fragments in this stage become agitated, often culminating in what is presently termed as Alzheimer’s Disease, it is because they have repeatedly attempted to thwart the natural flow and continue their lives of action rather than reflection. This is a dangerous mistake.  We see that in the present American culture, this is occurring with marked frequency. No longer do fragments remember how to reflect correctly.

This information will be broken into segments that are easily handled by the channel and by the person who has chosen to codify and publish it for wider usage.

The first section we will deal with will involve, as you suspected, the transition from 4th internal monad into the 5th.  This can be a particularly difficult and seemingly unwelcome transition, leading many fragments to try to postpone it in their attempt to seem “young”, as the current society seems to dictate.  For these fragments, the postponement can lead into difficulties including menopausal symptoms, “mid-life crises”, and health problems such as prostate problems, bone density loss and loss of mental capacity.  These are manifested as a result of the denial of what used to be a welcome and rewarding time in a human’s life.  Today, current culture dictates that this period be postponed as long as possible.  In addition, when the inevitable does occur, it generally requires that the fragment must then suffer numerous physical complaints and endure the entire transition alone, unwelcome, and afraid.

Part of our thrust here, then, in giving this information at this time, is to help Western human existence return to its roots in its abilities to embrace these necessary changes in the human condition.  Historically, fragments entering their “senior” years were revered and honored.  Their gifts were recognized and they were kept as important functioning members of their communities.  It is time now, then, to remember your social history and to give the power back to the elders of your society.

This shift in the power grid, if you will, will not be an easy one, but it is necessary in order for you to complete the 7th monad of the Earth People.  Be aware that this shift will not take place in its entirety during your present lifetimes, but that you will help to bring it about.  Be aware also that you will probably not even see recognizable changes during your lifetimes, but the balance of power will indeed be shifting on an energetic level and many of you are in a position to be able to see or sense this.  Know then, that your work (as a group) will be finished and you may then hand things over to the next wave coming directly after you.  Some of you are already handing over the reins of authority (on an energetic level) to your successors.  Know then, that this then is YOUR time to bask in the sunshine and to reap the rewards of your lifetime.  Do then take the position as elders of your community and create the honor from within yourselves.

Previously we have discussed briefly how a fragment is adversely affected by denying the natural pattern of becoming older.  We have mentioned that many so-called age-related diseases and syndromes are a direct result of the manifestation of the frustration a fragment experiences when it balks at flowing with the natural pattern of human existence on the planet that was established so long ago.  We have stated long before through other channels that in the beginning of human life on this planet, there was much experimentation with length of lives and social order.  It was soon established, however, that each fragment must endure the basic seven internal monads, which assist the fragment in assessing and absorbing the experiences of physical life.  It was also soon established that these monads were to take place in more or less regular intervals and in a sort of pattern that was most efficient in rendering the fragment capable of assimilating its experiences while on the physical plane.  Throughout human history, then, fragments have striven to explain or make sense of these patterns and attach some relevant meaning to them in a cultural way.  Thus, we have seen many cultures creating ceremonies and rituals to explain or mark these transitions.  Some examples are the Hebrew bris, coming-of-age ceremonies, betrothals, and funerals and wakes.  (Noticeably absent are any ceremonies marking the fifth internal monad.)

These ceremonies were important for several reasons. First, they helped the fragment assimilate itself into the tribe (or cultural group, if you will) in which it was associated.  Second, they drew attention in the form of energy from the group that internally assisted the fragment with this actual physical transition.  Third and most importantly, they helped the fragment actually overcome physical energy obstacles preventing the completion of the monad from taking place.  This is a frequent occurrence and commonly causes the fragment to experience distress during what was originally set up to be a time of joyful flow.

As we previously have stated, it is true that in current western culture, many so-called age-related diseases are in fact due not to the natural aging process but rather from the denial of this process. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, other forms of senility, strokes, heart disease and coronary disease, tumors, liver disease, all can be traced not to normal processes but instead to the stress and strain put on the body from the denial of the acceptance of one’s graceful maturing into the wisdom of age. In addition, current Western culture also leaves older citizens alone and without support or honor, denying them their birthright and rightful place as respected and honored elders of the society.

This dual denial has a twofold effect. Not only are the elders themselves denied the honor and respect they deserve, leaving them to wither away and manifest dread diseases if only to end the life and begin anew in the hopes that upon their return that things will have improved, but society itself is robbed of the richness and fullness of the energy cycle that is brought about when each member is allowed to fully flower into a complete human being. Generation after generation of incompleteness has brought to you a malaise that can ONLY be corrected by quickly correcting this problem.

At this time we have chosen many of you to begin to make these changes.  These changes will have a marked effect and will be generally noticeable in all areas of your society within a single generation.  This will include politics and government, the entertainment industry and the media, education institutions, and private industry. This sweeping sort of change does not come so quickly without a price, however, and it is time to speak to you about the difficulties and strife that will be seen until the shift is complete.

Some of you who have long held certain ideological beliefs regarding politics and government will have to open your eyes and make drastic shifts in your thoughts in order to accept these changes. You must now become open to the sorts of changes that often occur in third-world countries as they are newly forming their own ideology. You must be open to social demonstration and protest.  Think of what occurred in America during the 1960’s regarding civil rights.

We have been waiting for just the appropriate moment to disperse some of the following information. Energy levels and frequencies on the Earth are now at the proper levels for the fragments therein to properly assimilate this information.

We are aware that some of you have been resisting this information, and we understand why this is occurring. You, as personalities, are loathe to understand just what processes make you what you are; i.e., what makes you human.  Contained in the messages to follow will be the precise codes that you will need to unlock these mysteries and to assist some of you who have been seeking this information. Know now that science as you presently understand it will never be the same after this is absorbed.

Now is the time for you to come together as a people and prepare the Earth for her final days.  Be assured that we are not at this time prophesying that The End Is Near or any such nonsense; simply that you humans are reaching the final cycles of your existence as a people and it is necessary to make preparations for the demise of that star you know as the sun, and her planets.  You may make this as easy or as difficult on yourselves as you collectively wish. You may clean up the environment and return the Earth to her pristine beauty, or as near as you can come with the wear and tear from billions of humans treading not-so-lightly, or you may hasten her demise with your greediness for her resources. Each is a choice that will gather collective karma for you as a people, and now is the time for the decision to be made as to which course of action you will pursue.

We wish at this time to impress upon you that all choices are neither good nor bad, simply choices that will result in various outcomes, to be learned from or not, again as you choose.  You have learned this lesson individually, but now is the time to be aware that these lessons apply to you collectively as well.  Part of the lesson from navigating the fifth internal monad is to put this into effect in your everyday energy output, and to continuously assess how your individual efforts affect the group dynamic.

We bring you now to the heart of this message.  What must take place now will occur in three steps.  The first has to do with a new way of understanding the aging process and its ramifications.  The second deals with the aging process itself, that is, changes in human DNA structure in order to facilitate these changes.  The third is about the social processes necessary to bring about further changes in the cultural structure of both Western and Eastern society.

Previously, humans have aged both physically and mentally at more or less the same rate, arriving at an “elderly” age in both capacities at about the same time.  This system was devised so as to not stress any one factor too much and present further difficulties in the aging process.  As human development advanced, this aging process took longer and longer to occur, arriving at the present rate of one year of aging per every year of life, basically a one to one ratio.  At this rate, a human at the age of fifty has been aging also for fifty years.  This may seem an obvious result of natural forces to some, but it is true that human molecular structure will be changing in the near future so as to allow for a ratio of one-half year of aging for every year of life.  This does not enable one to then live for half-again as long, but instead to enjoy a different sort of quality of life in the years that one has. 

The next step then is to review the present system and to outline the changes that must take place.  As we have previously stated, the present system in Western culture (which has bled through into most of the rest of the Earth’s cultures as well) leaves aging humans wishing they were younger, taking sometimes drastic steps both medically and emotionally in order to do so, and ultimately becoming alone and unhappy.  You were not designed to live this way.  The first change that must take place within your social structure is to welcome and embrace the aging process.  Culturally, this will affect a broad spectrum, from the media to medicine to politics.  You may scoff now at the idea of this becoming a reality, given your current youth-based culture, but remember you have shifted from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian in your lifetime, from a young-soul world to a mature soul world, and further shifts are inevitable.  Do then assist these in becoming enabled by imagining them; simply doing so will instantly begin the necessary shift in energy.  Take a moment now to do so:  imagine if you will a fashion magazine, replete with photographs of people wearing the latest fashions.  These people all are also wearing the marks of a life well-lived.  Imagine now dramatic new developments in medicine, allowing one to escape from what was seemingly inevitable in the aging process.  Diseases such as arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and all coronary disease, are now non-existent.  There is no geriatrics specialty in medicine any more.  Imagine also sweeping reforms in funding for people of all ages. Programs are now in place to enhance the lives of all.  Older adults are no longer alone and unwanted; in fact they are welcomed as a necessary part of the social strata and are honored and revered as wise elders, instead of dying forgotten and unloved.

We would next like to outline the specific steps which must be taken to adjust successfully to these changes.  After having imagined them, you have now brought them into the consciousness of this planet.  Now you must adjust your own molecular structure in order to accommodate these changes.  Babies being born now have already made this shift.  Perform this exercise now and every day for at least a month:

Breathe deeply and relax. Picture a planet replete with all the flora and fauna which she once contained. Now embrace them as if they are your brothers and sisters. Next become one with a certain species for which you feel an attachment, for example, an antelope. Become the antelope, grazing with the herd.  Feel the portent of coming change, and embrace it as well.  You know that your species may die out due to atmospheric changes or other factors but this is inevitable and you embrace the change. You know that deep within, you will return to the Tao and all is well. Breathe in. Breathe out. Picture a forest and the trees therein. Become an ant walking up a tree branch into the sunlight. Know that if you walk too long in the sun you will perish, but you crave its warmth nonetheless.  Make your choice and abide by it.  Breathe in, breathe out. You now are the Earth, turning seemingly endlessly in space, spinning, spinning, ever slower, ever closer to the cooling Sun. Breathe in, breathe out. You are a mass of hydrogen gas forming and unforming, expanding and contracting. Breathe in, breathe out. That is all.


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